The stars have gone out

Our Fading Suns 4E offer has ended

Our Fading Suns 4E Bundle offer ended on July 27, 2022 at 11:00PM EDT (GMT -04:00).

This all-new offer presented the Fourth Edition (2021) of Fading Suns, the space fantasy RPG from Ulisses Spiele. Fading Suns has starships, blasters, powered armor, alien races, and weird science -- but also heroic knights, noble lords, high priests and headstrong merchants -- quests, artifacts, and inscrutable mysteries. And there is horror: monsters and maddening, terrifying metaphysical truths. It's a medieval passion play, where Humanity's greatest civilization has fallen, bringing a Dark Age to the Known Worlds. The Universal Church of the Celestial Sun (modeled on the historical Byzantine Orthodox Church) pursues cosmic intrigues against the Noble Houses and the Reeves Guild. But even as the stars fade to cinders and the sinful await Final Judgment, a leader has arisen. Emperor Alexius has sworn to unite the worlds again under one banner -- to ignite hope once more.

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