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About the Bundle of Holding

Launched in 2013, the Bundle of Holding has presented hundreds of bargain-priced, time-limited offers of tabletop roleplaying game .PDF rulebooks and RPG-related ebooks. More than 300 RPG publishers have contributed offers, including Catalyst Game Labs, Onyx Path, Pelgrane Press, Modiphius, Cubicle 7, Pinnacle, Palladium, Green Ronin, Steve Jackson Games, Evil Hat, Atlas Games, Monte Cook, Hero Games, Arc Dream, Atomic Overmind, Kenzer, and many more. The Bundle of Holding has sold more than 575,000 bundles to some 105,000 customers.

Ten percent of the revenue from each Bundle of Holding offer (after payment gateway fees) is donated to a charity. Since its founding, the Bundle of Holding has made donations totalling more than US$1.3 million dollars to more than three dozen recognized institutions including Direct Relief, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Human Rights Watch, Rainforest Trust, Ocean Conservancy, and many more.

Nearly 35,000 gamers get notified of each new offer through the free (and spam-free) Bundle of Holding mailing list. Follow the Bundle of Holding on Reddit and Facebook, and check the official blog, Beyond the Bundle.

Contact the Bundle of Holding at webmaster (at) bundleofholding (dot) com, or email bundleofholding (at) Gmail.

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