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Since February 2013 we've run hundreds of offers, each featuring a talented tabletop roleplaying game designer or a fellowship of designers. Here are all the bundles we've run to date.

Moon Toad Cepheus Engine

The Cepheus Engine SFRPG adapts the rules from Mongoose Publishing's Traveller First Edition (2008), released under the Open Game License, to help you create an experience similar to the original 1977-81 Classic Traveller "little black books." UK designer and illustrator Ian Stead from Moon Toad Publishing has produced a popular edition of the Cepheus rules, followed by major rules expansions and a flotilla of fully illustrated, full-color starship guides. Populate your Cepheus or Traveller campaign with scout ships, Far Traders, transports, escorts, and planetary vehicles of every kind.

ProFantasy Megabundle

This new offer presented Windows mapmaking programs from ProFantasy Software Ltd., including Campaign Cartographer 3+, Dungeon Designer 3, City Designer 3, and Fractal Terrains 3, along with tutorials, tokens, symbol sets, and map tools.

Delta Green Fiction Library

This offer, compiled from four previous Bundles of Holding (2013-2019), gathered dozens of stories and full-length novels inspired by Arc Dream Publishing's roleplaying game of modern-day Cthulhu Mythos conspiracy-horror, Delta Green. These novels and short-story collections, drawn from four past Bundle of Holding offers (2013-2019), show the ways Delta Green operatives slip through the system, manipulating the federal bureaucracy while pushing the darkness back for another day – often at shattering personal cost.

Discworld Powered by GURPS

Steve Jackson Games published several versions of a Discworld game based on the comedic novels of Terry Pratchett. This new offer presented the 2016 Second Edition standalone Discworld Roleplaying Game Powered by GURPS, the Fourth Edition of the Generic Universal RolePlaying System, along with two GURPS 4E supplements that enhance the setting.

Chronicles of Darkness Dark Eras

This new offer presented dozens of historic settings for the Chronicles of Darkness from Onyx Path Publishing. We have shared the world with monsters for millennia. In the time of Alexander the God-King, mages fought their secret wars. In Elizabeth's London, vampires built their own empire brick by bloody brick. Before the founding of America, hunters fought enemies within and without. And in the Cold War, as the clock ticked towards Armageddon, we could have been damned by fallen angels. Dark Eras reveals the world throughout its long and storied past. Learn secret histories from the flame-lit Neolithic to the 1970s, from pharaonic Egypt to the Scandinavian witch trials, from Arthurian Britain to the Great War and beyond. Each setting features character creation rules and story hooks for two or three Chronicles of Darkness game lines, including Vampire: The Requiem, Mage: The Awakening, Hunter: The Vigil, Changeling: The Lost, and more.

KoDT Trouble 6

This all-new offer was our sixth collection presenting Jolly R. Blackburn's long-running comic about tabletop roleplaying, Knights of the Dinner Table from Kenzer & Company. This offer included the Bundle of Trouble compilations #51-60, collecting KoDT issues #179-218 (2011-2015): Knights of the Dinner Table Bundle of Trouble Vol. 51, V52, V53, V54, V55, V56, V57, V58, V59, and V60.


Ruins of Symbaroum 5E

Ruins of Symbaroum is the 2021 Free League Publishing adaptation for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition and compatible systems of Symbaroum, the 2016 FRPG set in the primeval Forest of Davokar. Free League funded the Ruins of Symbaroum supplements and adventures in a big April 2021 Kickstarter campaign. Building on the 5E Open Game License rules, Ruins adds new Origins, Backgrounds, classes, and Approaches (subclasses); optional rules for Troupe Play, Advanced Traps, Pitched Battles, Ceremonial Magic, and more; and 5E conversions of the amazing Davokar bestiary. (These Ruins 5E supplements and adventures require the Fifth Edition OGL rules or compatible rulebooks. If you want the original 2016 standalone Symbaroum RPG, check our Symbaroum Starter Pack in the Bundle Store.)

Goodman d20 Monster Guides

This all-new offer presented 13 big d20 System monster sourcebooks from Goodman Games. Published in 2006-2009 for D&D 3.x, these inventive and detailed treatises describe, in 32 to 128 pages each, adversaries both major (beholders, liches, rakshasas) and minor (velociraptors, wererats). As d20 System supplements, these Guides work as-is with Pathfinder 1E, and gamemasters of Fifth Edition and compatible "ampersand fantasy" systems can easily adapt the extensive discussions of monster physiology, social structure, culture, tactics, and campaign use.

Far Horizons Short Games

This all-new offer presented ninety-two small RPGs from the creator-led Far Horizons Co-op collective of indie RPG designers. Each volume gathers an eclectic mix of ready-to-play standalone RPGs. Each game runs between 10 and 64 pages. Some are solo journaling games, others one-shots; still others support large groups and long campaigns. This offer included Far Horizons Anthology Collection 2 Volume 1 and Collection 2 V2, along with all eight volumes of its precursor series The San Jenaro Games Digest Quarterly, published between Summer 2019 and Winter 2021: Volume 1, V2, V3, V4, V5, V6, V7, and V8.

A Magical Society

Gathered from four previous Bundle offers (2014-2019), these system-neutral historical sourcebooks and "Aggressive Ecologies" from Expeditious Retreat Press, full of ready-to-run systems, generators, gameable nuts-and-bolts details about the High Middle Ages, let you create terrain, cultures, kingdoms, landholdings, economies, and trade routes that help make every fantasy campaign setting more authentic and believable.


Chivalry and Rising Sun

This new offer presented Chivalry and Sorcery Fifth Edition from Brittannia Game Designs, along with the new 2021 version of its Land of the Rising Sun campaign setting.

Birthday 2024

To mark the eleventh anniversary of the debut of the Bundle of Holding (February 20, 2013), we once more assembled a collection of top-quality free or pay-what-you-want RPGs and audaciously asked customers to pay money for them. Why? It was a charity offer benefiting the Diana Jones Award Emerging Designer Program. The global Emerging Designer Program focuses on creators from marginalized communities. This year's charity offer gathered 16 pay-what-you-want One-Page RPGs by designer Grant Howitt (Spire), including the famous Honey Heist and Crash Pandas.

Sig and Spark

This new offer presented the indie RPGs Sig: Manual of the Primes and Spark by designer Jason Pitre at Genesis of Legend. Inspired by AD&D Planescape, Neil Gaiman's American Gods, and other otherworldly settings, Sig is a colorful, cosmopolitan city at the nexus of the Eternal Planes of Existence. It's the battlefield where the political factions fight for territory, and a rough home for cutters hungry for coin and glory. Whether you're a clever spy, renegade sorcerer, or reckless smuggler, in Sig you're going to get rich or die trying.

KNOCK! Magazine

KNOCK! is the Merry Mushmen's magazine for old-school fantasy games. Dubbed "an Adventure Gaming Bric-à-Brac and a Compendium of Miscellanea for Old School RPGs," KNOCK! showcases breathtaking layouts, dazzling color, and a barrage of articles, essays, tables, rules, maps, monster stats, and adventures that range from weird to – well, no, they're all uniformly weird. Every overstuffed 200+-page issue features the most audacious designers in the Old School Revival.


Good Society

Good Society, the Jane Austen-inspired roleplaying game from Storybrewers Roleplaying, is a collaborative Regency RPG that captures the heart, and the countenance, of Jane Austen's novels, as well as shows like Bridgerton, Downtown Abbey, and Upstairs, Downstairs. Create your own Regency character, from a wealthy heir who falls in love with the aloof new arrival, to a charming socialite bent on ruining a rival's reputation. On the surface Good Society is about balls, estates, sly glances, and turns about the garden. Yet players must navigate powerful undercurrents of social ambition, family obligation, and breathtaking, heart-stopping longing. Good Society gives you the power to change the story in your favor: taking control of influential connections; creating rumors and scandal; and orchestrating balls, carriage accidents, and even marriages. Exploit your advantages, connections, and family influence to achieve your secret desire, while jealously guarding your good name.

FYI, there's also a Good Society LARP, which wasn't part of this offer.

Axes and Anvils

Axes and Anvils: A Game of Dwarves is a dwarf-clan FRPG from Andrew Shields at Shields Up! Publishing. In the Kingdom of Stoneshadow, your Fellowship of experienced warriors undertakes missions to help your clan. Axes and Anvils character creation is fast and easy, the setting is strong in flavor and atmosphere, and the clan framework easily supports both one-evening adventures and years-long sandbox campaigns in the open-table "West Marches" style. If you like kickass warriors, player-driven action, and battles against undead warbands in the Shadowmines, Axes and Anvils is your Dynastic Prestige toolkit for crafting mithril-grade adventures.

Relics: A Game of Angels

The modern urban-fantasy RPG Relics from Tin Star Games casts you as a fallen angel, trapped on Earth now that the gates to Heaven have closed forever. Powerful celestial items are scattered through human history, and the cold war between light and dark has turned into a mad arms race. Control the Relics and you control the world – but first, you must find them.

The Sprawl

The Sprawl, an Apocalypse Engine cyberpunk SFRPG from Ardens Ludere, is a game of mission-based action in a gritty neon-and-chrome future right out of William Gibson. You are deniable, disposable assets of vast multinational corporations, performing tasks those multinationals can't do – or can't be seen to do. The tools in The Sprawl rulebook and its supplements let you run fast-playing, fiction-first cyberpunk missions in your own Sprawl at the nexus of bleeding-edge technology and fragile humanity. Or use these full-featured rules as a drop-in replacement in games like Shadowrun or Cyberpunk Red.

The Midderlands

The Midderlands is a grim, green, grime-smeared old-school campaign setting from MonkeyBlood Design. The Midderlands is a green-hued, dark-fantasy, late-Middle Ages, early-Renaissance land based on writer-artist-cartographer Glynn Seal's home in the United Kingdom, the Midlands. This atmospheric (not to say fetid) sandbox setting adapts easily to any OSR retroclone.



This all-new offer presented the Gauntlet Publishing Trophy RPGs of psychological horror and tragic ends. In Trophy Dark and its standalone companion game Trophy Gold your obsessed treasure-hunters explore ancient forests and ruins that don't want you there. Through desperation and sacrifice, you may reach your goal, face the monstrous entities that guard it, and – maybe – escape alive. But unless you gain enough treasure to pay your debts, you'll face certain death back home. The Trophy games combine fast and flexible push-your-luck rules, player-driven gameplay, and jaw-clenching suspense.

Kobold Guides

This new offer gathered the Kobold Press volumes of essays on games and gamemastering. In these nine .PDF ebooks, dozens of experienced designers have contributed more than 200 practical, thought-provoking essays on worldbuilding, magic systems, combat, and crafting compelling stories. Use the advice in these authoritative essays to think about games like the professionals do. (Six of these titles originally appeared in our Worldbuilder's Toolkit offer series, 2013-2021.)

Numenera Horizons

This new companion to our September 2021 Numenera Discovery Bundle added recent supplements and adventures for Numenera, the Monte Cook Games science-fantasy RPG of discovery and destiny in the Ninth World a billion years away. (Four of the 12 supplements in this bundle previously appeared in our July 2017 Numenera Ninth World Bundle.)

Dragonbane and Year Zero

This new offer presented English-language tabletop roleplaying games from Free League Publishing, including Dragonbane (the 2023 version of the venerable Scandinavian FRPG Drakar och Demoner), along with five Free League RPGs – Twilight: 2000, Vaesen, Forbidden Lands, Coriolis, and Mutant: Year Zero – that use the Year Zero Engine rules system also seen in ALIEN, Blade Runner, The Walking Dead, and Tales From the Loop. Year Zero plays fast, giving you meaningful and decisive results in one die roll. Well suited for harsh, survival-focused settings, Year Zero games are often deadly, and player characters are rarely safe from danger no matter how experienced they are. The YZE system is player-focused, story-driven, and adaptable.

Mongoose Traveller Mercenaries

This all-new companion to our May 2021 Mongoose Traveller 2E Bundle added the three-book Mercenary Second Edition boxed set (2021) (funded in a February 2021 Kickstarter campaign) and its support line with additional tickets, equipment, adventures, and an entire theater of operations, the Solomani Front.

Dungeon Fantasy Powered by GURPS

Dungeon Fantasy is a ready-to-play standalone RPG based on GURPS, the Generic Universal RolePlaying System from Steve Jackson Games. Design and fine-tune your fantasy characters, monsters, treasures, and traps to work exactly the way you like. Funded in a big September 2016 Kickstarter campaign, Dungeon Fantasy harnesses the customizing power of GURPS to give you fully-realized characters and fantastic adventures.

Blades in the Dark 2

This new sequel to our December 2020 Blades in the Dark offer featured the rulebook and play aids for Blades in the Dark from One Seven Design Studio, along with many recent Forged in the Dark standalone games based on the Blades System Reference Document.


Bluebeard's Bride

Bluebeard's Bride is an RPG of fairy-tale gothic horror from Magpie Games based on the classic fairy tale. Magpie's Bluebeard's Bride RPG differs from the story in that a group of players collectively play the eponymous Bride. Using an adaptation of the Apocalypse Engine rules system, each player takes the role of a distinct part of the Bride's mind – a Sister – who guides the Bride through Bluebeard's house, armed with a set of keys. The players decide the Bride's actions, pushing the Bride deeper into mystery. They learn about Bluebeard's former wives and the many terrible things that can hide behind a locked door.

Shadowrun 3E

This new Megabundle delivered a giant data-drop for the 1998 Third Edition of Shadowrun, the cyberpunk-fantasy RPG from Catalyst Game Labs. Shadowrun Third Edition is widely admired as the last version of the original rules before the 2005 Fourth Edition took the game in new directions. This offer included the 3E rulebook plus two dozen supplements, play aids, and adventures – everything you need for a complete campaign in the Awakened world of 2060.

Cornucopia 2023

This eleventh annual offering of top-quality RPGs featured one of the Cornucopia series' strongest lineups ever.

Sine Nomine corebooks

This new offer assembled (from seven previous offers) standalone RPG rulebooks by acclaimed designer Kevin Crawford of Sine Nomine Publishing. Sine Nomine RPGs present a huge array of system-independent sandbox gaming tools. Easily generate kingdoms and AIs, planets and pantheons, cults and factions, monsters and mechs, dungeons and starships, and tons more.

All these rulebooks except Cities Without Number had appeared in one or another of seven previous Bundle offers: Stars Without Number (Oct 2013), Fantasy Frontiers (July 2015), Nerves 3 (Oct 2015), Bundle for Two 1 (Feb 2017), More SWN (March 2019), Cornucopia 2022 (Nov 2022), or Non-OGL Fantasy (Jan 2023).

Mongoose Ultimate d20

In 2002-2005 Mongoose Publishing compiled 14 "Supplementary Rulebook" collections of third-party d20 System open content published under the Open Game License. Grouped by subject, these Ultimate volumes ranged in size from 48pp to 256pp and gathered material from dozens of sources such as Alderac, Fantasy Flight, Green Ronin, Monte Cook, Mystic Eye, and Mongoose's own Quintessential series. This all-new offer presented nine Ultimate compilations.

Torg Cosms 2

This all-new companion to our September 2019 Torg Eternity Essentials added the complete Cyberpapacy and Orrorsh setting lines crowdfunded in the November 2019 Cyberpapacy campaign and the January 2021 Orrorsh campaign.

City of Mist Unveiled

This new companion to our August 2021 City of Mist Essentials added recent sourcebooks and adventures for the City of Mist comic-book epic-myth neo-noir detective RPG from Son of Oak Studio about ordinary people with legendary powers in a mystery-shrouded metropolis.


In Nibiru, the Araukana Media SFRPG of lost memories on a continent-sized space station, your amnesic Vagabonds venture from the Core Sectors of the Antumbra to explore the vast high-gravity frontiers of the outer disc. In that Skyless World you'll recover your past, gain new abilities through Revelations, and carve a new life. The game's rules foster creative writing; players produce bite-sized bits of character background to advance the story. For fans of 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Martian, Ringworld, The Expanse, and Rendezvous With Rama, this monstrous ancient machine makes a compelling backdrop for narratives of loss and recovery, of captivating mystery, and of the tremendous varieties of human experience.


DCC Funnels

In a Dungeon Crawl Classics "funnel" adventure, your players send a dozen-plus hapless normal, un-heroic characters into a deadly environment where they rapidly die horrible and/or hilarious deaths. The resourceful survivors get promoted to 1st level, choose a character class, and become new PCs in a DCC RPG campaign. This all-new offer, with zero-level modules from both DCC RPG publisher Goodman Games and many third-party publishers, showed why funnel adventures are a much-loved hallmark of Dungeon Crawl Classics.

The Arkham Gazette

The Arkham Gazette is a Miskatonic Country magazine from Sentinel Hill Press supporting Chaosium's Call of Cthulhu. Since 2013 each big issue of The Arkham Gazette has covered one area in depth of the New England region formerly called "Lovecraft Country" (not to be confused with the unrelated 2020 HBO Max TV series Lovecraft Country). From crumbling, whisper-haunted Arkham to decaying Innsmouth to the fog-draped village of Kingsport, The Arkham Gazette is your guide to local sites of interest, curiosities, odd citizens, peculiar histories, and books of forbidden lore. Each issue includes a full-length scenario for Call of Cthulhu Sixth or Seventh Edition, high-quality handouts, and a full bibliography of relevant published scenarios.

Palladium Apocalypse

This new offer presented standalone horror RPGs of dark ruined futures from Palladium Books. Whether you play genetically engineered rebels hunted by the insane Artificial Intelligence N.E.X.U.S. in Splicers, the human resistance fighting alien Bug invaders in Systems Failure, or the hapless survivors of the zombie apocalypse where the Dead Reign, all the standalone RPGs and supplements in this bargain-priced collection work well with every game based on Palladium's Megaversal rules system.

Kult Secrets and Whispers

Kult: Divinity Lost is the 2018 Helmgast edition of the acclaimed RPG of contemporary horror. If you had already torn aside the veil of Illusion with the rulebooks and early supplements in our October 2020 Kult: Divinity Lost Bundle, your journey beyond Elysium continued with this new companion offer of recent supplements and scenarios funded in the June 2020 Kult: Divinity Lost Horror Guide & Scenario Collection Kickstarter campaign.

The Arcane Library

This all-new offer presented bloodcurdling D& D Fifth Edition adventures from The Arcane Library. Each of these short, easy-to-run modules fills one short play session (3-5 hours) and includes full-color maps suitable for online virtual tabletop (VTT) play. Designer Kelsey Dionne wrote the highest-rated Dungeon Masters Guild adventure ever, Secrets of Skyhorn Lighthouse. In early 2023 she raised US$1.3M on Kickstarter for her old-school standalone FRPG Shadowdark.

Best Left Buried

Best Left Buried is the rules-light fantasy horror RPG from SoulMuppet Publishing where the monsters are scary and the players are scared. Players take the role of Cryptdiggers, professional dungeon-divers who venture underground in search of riches. Cryptdiggers brave dark tunnels, solve cryptic puzzles, and face terrifying monsters. Characters who survive might be permanently changed by their experience. They are often broken, beaten, and diminished – as ruined as the crypts themselves.

Scarred Lands 5E

This new offer presented the version of the Scarred Lands post-apocalyptic fantasy setting from Onyx Path Publishing for D&D Fifth Edition and compatible systems. The world of Scarn, battered and broken in a war of gods and titans, was the first campaign setting ever released under the d20 System License. Introduced in 2000 as part of White Wolf Game Studio's Sword & Sorcery brand, the Scarred Lands line grew to nearly three dozen titles by 2004. In 2016 a successful Kickstarter campaign resurrected the Scarred Lands setting under the 5E Open Game License.


Novel Writing Game Tools 2023

This was our second annual offer of roleplaying ebooks and creativity aids intended to inspire writers as they prepared for the 2023 National Novel-Writing Month event. Each year on November 1, hundreds of thousands of people around the world begin to write, determined to end the month with 50,000 words of a new novel. They enter the month as teachers, mechanics, stay-at-home parents, or gamers; they emerge as novelists. These solo journaling and group story-making games help build the foundation for your novel by first creating a setting, characters, and plotline.

Flying Circus

Flying Circus is the aviation-fantasy RPG from Newstand Press. In Flying Circus you're a fantasy adventurer, but instead of a sword and spells, you have an overworked biplane with rusty machine-guns – and you might still have to fight a dragon. Above the sprawling industrial-fantasy land of Himmelgard, daring pilots – heroes, knights errant, and scoundrels for hire – protect small rural communities beset by monsters, bandits, and tyrants. Flying Circus optimizes the Apocalypse Engine system to support highly detailed aircraft construction rules and an authentic (and authentically dangerous) flight experience that will charm fans of anime classics like Porco Rosso and Laputa.


The Mistborn Adventure Game from Crafty Games is based on the bestselling Mistborn fantasy novels by Brandon Sanderson. Explore the world of Scadrial under the Final Empire and beyond, and learn the magical secrets of Allomancy, Feruchemy, and Hemalurgy. Your brave (or foolhardy) heroes may be former slave skaa, disenfranchised nobility, or travelers from the far-off Terris mountains. They may wield magic or have the clout to summon armies, stymie lords, or rouse the masses. Their common cause drives them to change the world.

KoDT Trouble 5

This all-new Quick Deal was our fifth collection of Jolly R. Blackburn's long-running comic about tabletop roleplaying, Knights of the Dinner Table from Kenzer & Company. In every issue of KoDT, the players in B. A. Felton's HackMaster campaign find so many devious new ways to torment their Gamemaster, you'll say "They're just like my players!"

This all-new offer included KoDT Bundle of Trouble Volume 41, V42, V43, V44, V45, V46, V47, V48, V49, and V50.

Delta Green Asset Packs

Operatives in the conspiracy called Delta Green use their positions in government and private law enforcement to battle the perils of the Cthulhu Mythos. They examine classified dossiers, confidential memos, police and autopsy reports, alien blueprints, and transcripts of disturbing interviews with disturbed people. These Asset Packs present high-res logos and graphics that let any Delta Green Handler (gamemaster) craft convincing prop documents. Each Asset Pack includes 15-30 corporate or government logos and document stamps ("Classified," "Confidential," etc.) in .PNG format. Each image is presented in both "clean" and "dirty" (faded, discolored) versions, so you can make handouts that plausibly came from a long-abandoned warehouse at the Hanford nuclear site or a bombed-out Jamaican drug lab. Each Pack includes brush sets with all the images in Photoshop and Procreate formats.

  • Classified Pack 1: Document stamps for Approved, Confidential, Declassified, Evidence, Insane KIA, MIA, Microfiled, Top Secret, etc.
  • Known Vectors: Fictitious DG entities such as the Benthic Company, Breckenridge Corporation, Center for the Missing Child, Club Apocalypse, March Technologies, M-EPIC, Phenomen-X, the PX Penumbra, Red Hook Social Club, and logos and symbols for Delta Green itself.
  • Law Enforcement Pack 1: Logos for the ATF, Border Protection, DEA, Department of Justice, FBI, Immigration, Naval Criminal Investigative Service, Treasury, US Marshals, US Postal Inspectors, the Secret Service, and the New York City police department. Includes .SVG versions.
  • Private Sector Pack: Logos for Blackwater, Boeing, Booz Allen Hamilton, CACI, Constellis, DynCorp, G4S1, GardaWorld, Lockheed Martin, MITRE, Pinkertons, RAND Corporation, and Wackenhut. Includes .SVG versions.
  • Public Interest Pack 1: Logos for AmeriCorps, the IRS, NIH, Nuclear Security, the Tennessee Valley Authority, and many US cabinet departments. Includes .SVG versions.

Delta Green RPG Megabundle

Arc Dream Publishing's RPG of modern-day Cthulhu Mythos conspiracy-horror, Delta Green, is a compelling mix of conspiracies, UFOs, intelligence tactics, and Lovecraftian terror, renowned for its scope, depth, authentic tradecraft, and imagination. This new offer presented a giant black-ops cache of rulebooks and supplements – five pulled from two previous DG RPG offers, alongside seven major recent releases.


The Nightmares Underneath

The Nightmares Underneath is a standalone old-school horror-fantasy RPG by Johnstone Metzger (Class Warfare, Adventures on Dungeon Planet, Wizard-Spawned Insanities) from Chthonstone Games. The physical world faces invasion by deadly "incursions" from the Realm of Nightmares that manifest as dungeons. To destroy the incursion, your fantasy adventurers must risk nightmarish curses, face the dungeon's monsters, and loot its treasures. Use your loot to improve your home community, making it more prosperous and helpful for your expeditions into the ruins from the Age of Chaos, where you may find items of great magical power to banish the nightmares.

Johnstone Metzger has a long-running "Monthly Monsters" Patreon campaign.


Everywhen is the rules-lite universal system from 13th Planet Games based on Simon Washbourne's cult-classic sword-and-sorcery FRPG Barbarians of Lemuria. Adapting the fast, fun BoL 2d6-based system and character Careers, Everywhen adds rules for vehicles, chases, investigations, social conflicts, psionics, and mass battles suitable for campaigns in any era or background. Play every kind of character from ancient Mesopotamians to Shaolin monks, 16th-Century vampire hunters to WWII commandos, and Miami vice cops to space truckers, all using the eminently hackable Everywhen, called "the AK-47 of indie games."

Historica Arcanum

Historica Arcanum is a series of alternate-history Fifth Edition fantasy campaign settings from Turkish publisher Metis Creative. The Historica Arcanum timeline spans many centuries. In the alternate 13th Century of Empires of the Silk Road, magic is dangerous, unstable, and tightly controlled. North of the Silk Road, the Khanate of the Eternal Blue Sky is rising; to the west, impoverished Crusader Kings covet the Road's treasures; between them, in the Sultanate of Persia, the warlock Hasan Sabbah and his Hashashin Order pit kingdoms against one another in a deadly game. Then jump forward to the alternate 19th-Century Istanbul (not Constantinople!) of The City of Crescent. In this capital of the crumbling Ottoman Empire, rooftop chases atop coffee parlors lead adventurers to bustling bazaars, through mighty palaces, and down to deadly catacombs. In magical counterparts to real landmarks, you'll solve mysteries, intrigue among factions, fight legendary monsters, and shape the arcane history of the Historica Arcanum universe.

Hyperborea 3E

The 2022 Third Edition of Hyperborea from North Wind Adventures is a vividly dangerous, edge-of-the-world setting inspired by the weird sword-and-sorcery fiction of Clark Ashton Smith, Robert E. Howard, Michael Moorcock, and many others. The isolated Land Beyond the North Wind is a flat hexagonal realm hemmed in by the mystical boreas. In the unchanging scarlet radiance of a bloated, dying sun, roiling seas spill eternal over the world's rim. In this land of perpetual decay, heroic cataphracts, pyromancers, runegravers, purloiners, legerdemainists, and sublunary Gnoph-Yikks delve dungeons and ruins, explore frontiers, and plunder gold and treasure.

dicegeeks Eras

Matt Davids at dicegeeks has busily populated entire books of percentile tables designed to spark creative ideas and help desperate gamemasters whose players suddenly decide to investigate some random name dropped in passing. The tables in this offer enhance RPGs set in many historical and future eras. Each book includes more than two dozen tables that work with any roleplaying game set in that time. The historical books also include lots of authentic period info like book titles, famous people, slang terms, and other details that enliven your roleplaying sessions with the roll of a few dice.


Blue Rose Aldean Adventures

This new companion to our March 2020 Blue Rose Bundle added recent campaigns and adventures for the Green Ronin AGE RPG of romantic fantasy in the land of Aldea.

Hydra Cooperative

Hydra Cooperative is a creator-owned consortium of old-school designers who pooled their resources to publish inventive and strikingly packaged titles. (Gotta love a title like What Ho, Frog Demons.) This Quick Deal collected many Hydra rulebooks and modules that had appeared separately in one or another of five previous offers from 2015-2020.

Track current Hydra developments at Chris Kutalik's Hill Cantons blog and Trey Causey's blog, From the Sorcerer's Skull.

Legendary Beginnings 5E

The Legendary Beginnings line of all-ages D&D Fifth Edition adventures from Legendary Games presents exciting scenarios especially designed for those new to roleplaying or on the younger side. These adventures can be played with the full D&D 5E rules or the simplified Starter Set. Whether your players are your own kids, neighbors, youth groups, scout troops, or just friends who've never rolled polyhedral dice, these adventures make their introduction to roleplaying a Legendary Beginning.

Root: The Roleplaying Game

Based on the bestselling Root board game, Root: The Roleplaying Game from Magpie Games adapts the Apocalypse Engine rules to let you create stories of animal courage a la Redwall, Watership Down, and Mouse Guard.


Worldographer is an easy-to-use program from Inkwell Ideas that lets you quickly craft maps of worlds, kingdoms, cities, villages, and dungeons for tabletop FRPGs. Whether you run Windows, Mac OSX, or Linux, Worldographer lets you make colorful TSR-style hexmaps and square-grid battlemats step-by-step in minutes. The program can also autogenerate a map – anything from a wayside inn to a complete campaign world – and can annotate your map with details and special features, all fully editable. This all-new offer presented license keys for the Pro Version of Worldographer and its two expansions, along with many Inkwell Icon Sets compatible with Worldographer or any mapmaking program. The basic version of Worldographer is a free download from the Inkwell Ideas website, with no purchase required and no time limit. These links go to the Icon Sets on DriveThruRPG.


Dork Tower

Dork Tower is the fan-favorite webcomic by John Kovalic (Munchkin) about five gamers and the worlds they create, the games they play, the tech they abuse and misuse, and the conventions they road-trip to – a comic for everybody, geeks or otherwise. Dork Tower started in 1997 in Shadis and (later) Dragon magazines, then moved to comics and the web. The big collections in this new offer from Dork Storm Press have together sold more than half a million copies. In chronological order, more or less:

Warlock! and Warpstar!

This new offer presented two old-school RPGs from from Fire Ruby Designs inspired by the early days of British roleplaying – the dark yet wondrous spirit of early Games Workshop and the Fighting Fantasy gamebooks. The fantasy game Warlock! and its standalone compatible space-opera companion Warpstar! both feature career-based characters, concise rules, and a unified 1d20+skill mechanic that adapts easily to published grim-and-perilous adventures and helps you create your own new stories.

BattleTech Shrapnel

The Official BattleTech Magazine from Catalyst Game Labs, Shrapnel, gives you technical readouts, equipment, unit digests, playable scenarios, background articles, and more – the edge BattleTech board game players and roleplayers need to triumph in BattleMech combat on the war-torn battlefields of the 31st Century. This offer included BattleTech: Shrapnel Issue #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, and #10.

The Dark Eye Megabundle

This big offer featured the English-language edition from Ulisses Spiele of the leading German RPG of heroic fantasy, The Dark Eye. In continuous publication since 1984, The Dark Eye is Germany's premier FRPG. As a virtuous knight, elven ranger, or erudite mage, you'll rebuild the war-weary Middenrealm, marvel at the Lands of the Tulamydes, discover lost ruins in steaming jungle, or drive back the evil of the Shadowlands. Rescue innocent victims from cults of the Nameless One – navigate labyrinthine intrigues at the Court of the Empress – or defend border cities from the Orc Storm.

Brinkwood: The Blood of Tyrants

Brinkwood: The Blood of Tyrants is a Forged in the Dark castlepunk FRPG from Far Horizons Co-op of rebellion against world-dominating vampires. Drink the rich!

Steamforged Epic Encounters

Grab a truly epic encounter for your next FRPG session! Made for new and experienced players, every Epic Encounters set from Steamforged Games features a ready-to-play, all-in-one, 5E-compatible battle module that drops easily into any ongoing campaign. Each 25-35pp Epic Encounter includes a full-color adventure book with complete descriptions and stats, two large full-color maps, and advice on adjusting the challenge level for your characters.


A Dead Man's Guide to Dragongrin is a dark-fantasy 5E campaign setting from Absolute Tabletop. Evil reigns in the realm of Dragongrin, where once-free lands kneel to the Dismembered Lord and his tyrannical Lords of Ash. Only a few embattled heroes still oppose his dominion. With A Dead Man's Guide to Dragongrin, a comprehensive campaign setting guide and worldbuilding toolkit, you can forge your legend.

Lex Arcana

Lex Arcana is the historical-fantasy RPG from Acheron Games of a magical Roman Empire that never fell. Travel the known world to study arcane lore, uncover conspiracies, and battle dangerous supernatural creatures. It's Cthulhu Invictus meets The X-Files – the HBO Max Rome series meets The Witcher. Dive into the mysteries and dangers of ancient Rome. The Emperor commands!


Sorcery & Super Science

Sorcery & Super Science is a gonzo-apocalypse SFRPG from Expeditious Retreat Press. After a worldwide catastrophe, the Moon's in pieces and even time is broken. It is a dangerous new world, where advanced technology exists alongside mystic artifacts – where super-scientists use their knowledge to create tools for trade, health, and combat – where mutants pit their powers against Winged Carnivorous Mastodons and other terrors of the wilds. Flex your mutated muscles, whisper the words of long-dead sorcerers, or repair the technology of a world long gone. Get your Thundaar on, because the world under the shattered moon is yours to explore.

Lankhmar Thieves

This new companion to our April 2021 DCC Lankhmar Bundle added Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG adventures in the licensed DCC Lankhmar setting from Goodman Games based on the Fritz Leiber stories of Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser.

Freeport Pathfinder

This all-new offer presented the Pathfinder First Edition version of the venerable rum-soaked pirate stronghold, Freeport, The City of Adventure from Green Ronin Publishing. Funded in a February 2013 Kickstarter campaign, the Pathfinder 1E version of Freeport became the largest and best-supported vision of the city. (We featured the original d20 System version in our June 2015 Freeport Bundle).

Girl Genius 2

This new companion to our October 2020 Girl Genius Bundle added the seven graphic albums that compose Volume 2 of the Studio Foglio gaslight-fantasy webcomic Girl Genius.

Dungeon Age Adventures

The old-school fantasy modules in the Dungeon Age series by writer and game designer Joseph R. Lewis are set on Joseph's ancient world of Harth, inspired by classic fantasy authors like Jack Vance, Michael Moorcock, and Fritz Leiber. Presented in dual versions for D&D Fifth Edition and for old-school retroclones such as Old-School Essentials, these ready-to-run Dungeon Age scenarios fit easily into any ongoing fantasy campaign.

Arc Dream Mythos

This offer showcased Cthulhoid scenarios and magazines from Arc Dream Publishing. Best known for its Delta Green RPG line, Arc Dream has also published the extraordinary Dreamlands campaign The Sense of the Sleight-of-Hand Man and many issues of The Unspeakable Oath, a digest of arcane lore supporting Chaosium's Call of Cthulhu and other Mythos RPGs. Each issue of the Oath presents Arcane Artifacts, Mysterious Manuscripts, Tales of Terror, Messages in a Bottle, Unconventional Firearms, and full-length scenarios. Contributors include some of the hobby's best and most knowledgeable Lovecraftian gaming writers.

Honor + Intrigue

Honor + Intrigue from Basic Action Games is set in the Baroque Era of the 17th Century, when highwaymen menace the coach-roads, musketeers protect the king, and buccaneers cross swords on the high seas. Amid tangled webs of intrigue friends become betrayers – enemies make fleeting allies – rival nobles who smile cordially at court plot in secret – and high-flying heroes laugh at danger, swing into action, and meet foes with flashing steel and a sharp tongue. Based on the simple and fast-playing Barbarians of Lemuria system, Honor + Intrigue is a standalone game with rules for dueling (in many unique fencing styles), social combat, black powder weapons, alchemy, sorcery, and Fortune points that help you beat overwhelming odds. You can swing from a tapestry, crash through the window, lunge at your enemy, and parry his attack all in a single turn!

Iron Kingdoms: Requiem

This all-new offer presented the 2021 D&D Fifth Edition version of Iron Kingdoms: Full Metal Fantasy from Privateer Press. (We presented the original standalone Iron Kingdoms in the September 2016 Iron Kingdoms Bundle.) Armed with the arcane technology of mechanika and accompanied by mighty steamjacks, you explore the soot-covered cities of the Iron Kingdoms in a steam-powered world fueled by magic and contested with gunfire and steel.

Grim Noir RPG

This all-new offer featured Grim Noir RPG, the GUMSHOE film-noir RPG from Finnish company Northern Realms of occult mysteries. In a City of dark alleys and glamorous restaurants, a labyrinth of dreams and schemes, Heaven and Hell have struck a Pact, an armistice, that prohibits them from waging war on Earth. Instead, they gather souls using proxies, "Reapers." You're a Reaper, a detective investigating dangerous cases with a supernatural twist that makes them too dangerous for the City's police. Pursuing the trail, you and your fellow Reapers uncover corruption, coercion, and vice – powers of Heaven and Hell tempt you, mislead you, cheat you – you face impossible choices. The City's elite may wind up gruesomely destroying themselves, and possibly you as well.

FASA Traveller

This all-new offer presented the early 1980s Classic Traveller supplements published by FASA Corporation. Later known for BattleTech and Shadowrun, FASA started as a Traveller licensee, publishing starship deck plans and adventures, many by the prolific designer J. Andrew Keith and his brother William. Still admired today, these modules represent old-school Traveller design at its best.


Solidarity Bundle

These RPGs about modern life, cryptography fantasy, and dystopian futures – all drawn from one or another of five previous Bundle of Holding offers – examined corporate accountability and citizen empowerment in the context of an incident where a Hasbro executive dispatched private security to a YouTuber's home to seize his purchases.

GameMaster's Apprentice

This all-new offer presented the complete GameMaster's Apprentice line of idea-generator cards by Nathan Rockwood at Larcenous Designs. For GMs, solo gamers, or writers – for any creator seeking inspiration – the thousands of snippets in these 120-card GameMaster's Apprentice decks suggest story seeds, encounters, characters, and randomizers at the flip of a card.

Airship Daedalus

Airship Daedalus is the deco-punk RPG from Deep7 Press of 1920s pulp adventure a la Indiana Jones, The Rocketeer, Sky Captain, and The Mummy. In an alternate Modern Age that never was, operatives of AEGIS need hardboiled courage against overwhelming odds as they fight to free the world from the secret cult of the Silver Star. Chart a course for two-fisted excitement as a pilot, explorer, soldier, scientist, pirate, entertainer, occultist, masked avenger, and more. Discover lost cities, battle ancient horrors, and thwart the machinations of secret societies bent on world domination.

Tiny Dungeons Megabundle

This big new offer gathered many RPGs from Gallant Knight Games that use the streamlined, minimalist TinyD6 rules. These Tiny games play fast, have characters you can describe on an index card, and cover a huge range of genres: fantasy, space opera, superheroes, mecha, post-apocalypse, Wild West, pirates, zombie and Mythos horror, and, ummm, fishing. Can't forget fishing. (YouTuber Dave Thaumavore has a good Tiny Dungeon rules summary.) And you can mash them all together, to play supers and imperious magicians fighting kaiju in an apocalyptic alien zombie-haunted Weird-West wasteland. While on a fishing trip.

Mongoose d20 Classic Play

This all-new offer featured Classic Play and other lines of FRPG supplements produced by Mongoose Publishing from 2001 through 2006 for the d20 System. Each 256-page Classic Play compendium details one particular element of fantasy gaming, drawing on dozens of sources released under the Open Game License. These vintage d20 System sourcebooks give you rules, ideas, and insights to enliven Dungeons & Dragons 3.x, Pathfinder, or any fantasy game.


The pop-culture horror RPG SHIVER from Parable Games lets you bring your favorite horror films, TV shows, and books to life. Always wanted a sequel? Thought the ending was bad? Rewrite the stories, relive the tales you love, and create your own cult classics. With simple, fast-playing rules, SHIVER is perfect for one-shots, breaks from your regular game, or even for creating an entire media franchise at your gaming table.

SHIVER uses special symbolic dice. The Parable Games webstore sells a 14-die Archetype Dice Pack, or use the free online SHIVER dice roller.

More Mörk Borg

This all-new offer featured English-language third-party supplements and adventures for the heavy-metal artpunk FRPG of miserable heretics in a bleak and doomed world, Mörk Borg from Free League Publishing. All these titles require the Mörk Bork core rulebook.


Clement Sector

Clement Sector is the 24th-Century space opera setting from Independence Games that uses the Cepheus Engine based on the First Edition of Mongoose Traveller. Set in a distant space sector left stranded after a wormhole collapse, these sourcebooks adapt easily to Traveller or any proto-Traveller campaign.

Heroic Maps Future

These full-color digital battlemaps from Heroic Maps work with any tabletop SFRPG. Since 2013 Joseph and Sarah Bilton have produced battlemaps and tiles featuring castles and villages, dungeons and crypts, starships and space stations. This new offer headed to the stars with science-fictional settings including spacecraft and space station deck plans, an asteroid base for smugglers, and lots of planetside structures.

Lampblack & Brimstone

This offer gathered many short supplements (almost all from previous offers) published by Jason Lutes at Lampblack & Brimstone. Though designed for the Apocalypse Engine FRPG Dungeon World, these attractive and inventive supplements – the popular Perilous Wilds, Servants of the Cinder Queen, and many more – introduce fun techniques of worldbuilding, overland travel, and dungeon creation that help any fantasy campaign.

Goodman 4E

This all-new offer presented supplements and adventures published by Goodman Games in 2008-2010 for the Fourth Edition (2007-2013) of Dungeons & Dragons from Wizards of the Coast. Goodman's modules, character sourcebooks, and bestiaries showcase the appeal of a system that still attracts enthusiasts on Reddit, Discord, and on virtual tabletops.

KoDT Trouble 4

This was our fourth offer of Jolly R. Blackburn's long-running comic about tabletop roleplaying, Knights of the Dinner Table from Kenzer & Company. This all-new offer included Knights of the Dinner Table Bundle of Trouble V31, V32, V33, V34, V35, V36, V37, V38, V39, and V40.

Rogue Genius Pathfinder

Ron Lundeen at Run Amok Games kindly contributed this all-new collection of Pathfinder Second Edition adventures to help publisher Owen K.C. Stephens at Rogue Genius Games after Owen suffered a pulmonary embolism and other health issues.

Mystical Throne Gaming Guides

The Tabletop Gaming Guide rules-free historical sourcebooks from Mystical Throne Entertainment are short (55-100pp), lively treatises that cover one historical era's context, notable locales, everyday life, historical figures (with roleplaying details like appearance and mannerisms), law enforcement and military organizations, and ways to use the material in your games. Each sourcebook ends with short adventure ideas and a timeline. Use these books to lay the groundwork for your historical or alternate-history adventures, and as guides for creating characters of the time.

GURPS 4E Supers

This all-new collection presented the current versions of Supers, Powers, and many Powers expansions for GURPS Fourth Edition.

GURPS Combat Action

Paired with the 4E Supers offer, this all-new bundle, full of fighting vigor, presented flying-fist, rapid-fire supplements for the Fourth Edition of GURPS, the Generic Universal RolePlaying System from Steve Jackson Games.

War of the Burning Sky

War of the Burning Sky is EN Publishing's monumental 12-part, 761-page adventure saga for D&D Fifth Edition about the aftermath of a great war. After would-be conquerers bring the world to the brink of annihilation, your heroes lead armies into battle, influence great events, and ultimately decide who will rule: perhaps an ally, or themselves, or mere anarchy. On an epic path from 3rd to 20th level, they can lead the world into a golden age, or let it be scorched under a rain of fire.


Arcana of the Ancients

Arcana of the Ancients adapts the Numenera setting from Monte Cook Games for D&D Fifth Edition. Add mysterious technology and weird science-fantasy atmosphere to your existing fantasy campaign – explore incomprehensible ruins and face bizarre creatures of the Ninth World in search of the ancient devices called numenera – or build your own far-future campaign world from the ground up.

The One Ring Starter

The One Ring™ Second Edition lets you adventure across Eriador in JRR Tolkien's Middle-earth. This new offer from Sophisticated Games and Free League Publishing presented The One Ring Starter Set. Explore the Shire as the hobbits whose children will go on to do extraordinary things, such as Drogo Baggins, Rory Brandybuck, and Esmeralda Took. Using streamlined rules, ready-made characters, and a tight focus, The One Ring Starter Set makes it easy for new (and maybe younger) players to take their first steps into Middle-earth.

Delver Lost Tomes

This new offer gathered a dragon hoard of dungeon maps and random tables from The Tabletop Engineer for the Old-School Essentials tabletop fantasy roleplaying game and other Old School Revival RPGs. Use these play aids before or during your game sessions to generate quick side quests, nonplayer character hirelings, magical treasures, and spur-of-the-moment colorful details about any sword, skeleton, trap, tome, brazier, blessing, scroll, song, map, Wanted poster, or owlbear that suddenly appears on the scene.

Worlds of 2d20

This big offer presented 2d20 System RPGs from Modiphius Entertainment.

Purple Sorcerer DCC

Purple Sorcerer Games is one of the oldest third-party publishers supporting the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG from Goodman Games. Purple Sorcerer produces free online DCC generators and that indispensable DCC utility, the Crawler's Companion. Purple Sorcerer's DCC scenarios feature colorful funnels with gaudy vistas, melodramatic characters, and deadly perils.


Hero Plus

The Hero Plus line for the HERO System rules from Hero Games presents short, no-frills adventures designed to fill one game session. Whether set in the 1930s metropolis of the Midnight Brigade, on the Sunless Ocean of Inner-Earth, or way out in the pirate-infested spacelanes of Solar Smith, Hero Plus Adventures are written simply so you can run them easily and with minimal prep. Each Plus release supports either Fifth or Sixth Edition HERO System (not both, usually).

Advanced Adventures Megabundle

This new offer presented 43 short, ready-to-play modules in the long-running Advanced Adventures line from Expeditious Retreat Press. These Old School Revival dungeon crawls were written for the open-license OSRIC system (the "Old School Reference & Index Compilation," a free AD&D 1E retroclone) but adapt easily to any old-school fantasy RPG.

Alternatives to D&D

For gamers who have been playing Hasbro's Dungeons & Dragons and are looking for something different, this offer gathered top-quality FRPGs from many publishers. Whether full-featured rules tomes like Dungeon Crawl Classics, HackMaster, and Shadow of the Demon Lord, tactical action games like Fragged Kingdom, or old-school minimalists like Tiny Dungeon and Five Torches Deep, these fine FRPGs (all drawn from previous Bundle of Holding offers) can handle the monsters, magic, and heroic adventure you expect.

Beowulf 5E

Beowulf: Age of Heroes is the mythic lone-hero 5E campaign setting from third-party publisher Handiwork Games. One of the oldest recorded stories in Western Europe, the epic poem Beowulf is a tale of a hero against a monster – and the monster's mother – and a dragon. Beowulf: Age of Heroes introduces a new Hero class and creative rules for Followers, portents, voyages, and your Hero's wyrd (fate or destiny). Beowulf adventures work great for a gamemaster and just one Hero player (plus nonplayer Followers), so it's easy to start a game and easy to keep the campaign going. Discover a fierce medieval land of wild seas and savage monsters, of meadhalls and legendary heirloom swords. Gain Followers, take Inspiration from unique Portents, and use specially crafted tokens to guide your voyage along the Whale Road. Embrace your wyrd, and sail on to glory. (Note: Beowulf: Age of Heroes requires the Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition rulebooks.)

Dungeons on Demand

Dan Coleman's Dungeons on Demand are instant 5E dungeons you can drop into your campaign. Each dungeon is designed for four- or five-player parties of specified levels and can be played through in one or two sessions. This offer presented a complete sequence of 21 modules that can take player characters from level 1 to 20.

Non-OGL Fantasy

This new offer gathered top-quality fantasy RPGs that aren't based on the Open Game License (OGL) derived from Dungeons & Dragons.


QAGS is the "Quick Ass Game System" for simple, fast-playing RPG adventures in any genre. QAGS ("kwags") can run anything from historical swashbuckling to far-future space opera. Define your characters with six Words (Body, Brain, Nerve, Job, Gimmick, and Weakness), Skills, a Tag Line, and Dumb Facts. A single roll of a 20-sided die decides the success of any action. Use your Yum Yums (edible candy experience points) to re-roll failures, dodge damage, or even take control of the game. As simple or complex as you want, QAGS is great for new players and for seasoned gamers who like improv, weird settings – and snacks.

Wicked Ones

Choose the greater of two evils with Wicked Ones from Bandit Camp. This Forged in the Dark RPG casts you as fantasy monsters building a dungeon, launching raids on the surface to gather a hoard, and pursuing nefarious master plans. There's pillaging, rituals, concoctions, contraptions, discoveries deep underground, dungeon rooms, traps, creatures, minions, and more. Unfortunately your vile deeds lure increasingly greedy and powerful adventurers into your dungeon. Can you stave off the inevitable onslaught of heroism?


13th Age Megabundle

This new offer combined two past offers and added recent supplements to present almost the entire line to date for 13th Age, the bestselling RPG of freewheeling fantasy adventure in the Dragon Empire from Pelgrane Press. 13th Age combines the best parts of traditional d20 RPGs with story-focused rules that let you run the kind of game you want. 13A gives you unique characters who, through their icon relationships, are immediately embedded in the setting in important ways – customizable monsters – and escalation dice for exciting, fast-moving battles.

The Fantasy Trip

The Fantasy Trip, the vintage 1980s FRPG from Steve Jackson Games, was the first roleplaying game designed by Steve Jackson (GURPS, Car Wars, Ogre, Illuminati, Munchkin). The early game company Metagaming originally published TFT, but when Metagaming went out of business around 1982, support ceased. TFT was off the market for more than 35 years. In 2017 Steve Jackson regained rights to his work and set about creating a new edition. The July 2018 Kickstarter campaign raised more than US$300K. The Legacy Edition, released later that year, has helped TFT find a new audience.

Rifts Land and Sea

This new companion to our Rifts Core Megabundle added World and Dimension Books that guide you on adventures across the continents and deep into the ocean depths.


This all-new companion to our December 2020 Spire Bundle presented Heart: The City Beneath, a standalone fantasy-punk RPG from Rowan, Rook, & Decard about thrilling and desperate dungeon-crawls in the unreal world below the towering mile-tall drow city of a thousand gods, Spire. As a Deadwalker, tech-armored Vermissian Knight, Junk Mage, Deep Apiarist, or other obsessed character, you delve into the outlawed cathedrals, predatory buildings, and twisted night forests of a nightmare undercity that will give you everything you've ever dreamed of – or kill you in the process.


Tales From the Magician's Skull

Tales From the Magician's Skull from Goodman Publications is a fantasy fiction magazine that overflows with thrilling new adventures in the spirit of the fabled pulps. Many tales include location maps, and each issue has an appendix that gives Dungeon Crawl Classics game statistics for elements from the stories – creatures, magic items, and more.

Shadowrun 1E/2E Megabundle

This all-new offer presented the First (1989) and Second (1992) Editions of the cyberpunk-fantasy SFRPG Shadowrun from Catalyst Game Labs. Originally published by FASA Corporation, these are the early rulebooks, supplements, and sourcebooks that made Shadowrun a smash hit from the start.

Cornucopia 2022

This was our tenth annual offer, keyed to the American Thanksgiving holiday, of top-quality small-press RPGs.

Engine GM Guides

These treatises on gamemastering from Engine Publishing help improve your skill in running tabletop roleplaying games. Written by the experienced GMs at the widely read gamemastering blog Gnome Stew and by many of the field's leading RPG designers, Engine's system-neutral guides show how to prepare and run a game session, conjure interesting characters and storylines, manage an ongoing campaign, and (ahem) improvise when your players gleefully destroy your sessions, characters, storylines, and campaign.

Level Up!

Level Up!, the standalone Advanced 5E FRPG from EN Publishing, is a complete, independent rules set backwards-compatible with Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition. For those who like 5E but want an extra layer of crunch, Level Up enhances the game with deeper, more flexible options: diverse heritages, a reworked ranger class, a new warlord class, martial maneuvers, strongholds, a complete exploration system, thematic journey rules, new combat conditions, distinctive weapons and armor, crafting of magic items, monster templates, and improved Challenge Ratings for adversaries. All the A5E titles also work as supplements to the Fifth Edition books you already have. If you just want the monsters, or the class overhauls, or the exploration rules, you can drop the A5E creations smoothly into your ongoing campaign. EN Publishing offers lots of free A5E downloads and many free online aids at a5E.tools.

Mongoose Traveller Explorations

This all-new offer featured the 2022 Update corebook and recent sourcebooks for the Second Edition Traveller SFRPG line from Mongoose Publishing.

Traveller Great Rift

This all-new offer presented The Great Rift setting guide and Deepnight Revelation campaign for Mongoose Traveller, along with many adventures that fill out a decades-long trip across very deep space. Send your player characters on a trek to strange new worlds where no Traveller has gone before.


Weird Frontiers

The Lovecraftian Weird-West RPG Weird Frontiers from Stiff Whiskers Press is set in an alternate 1865 when a cabal of Nyarlathotep cultists awakened long-dormant Elder Gods. Like a creature fighting a sickness, Earth responded by activating long-dormant ley lines brimming with arcane energies, "kissing" common folks with extraordinary supernatural abilities. You are one such trailhand, fighting an ever-growing evil in a wounded country still recovering from the bloodiest war in American history. You can turn tail or take the fight to the night, and you ain't about to be called yeller! Saddle your horses and clean those irons, trailhand, 'cause there's something slithering across the dark frontier and it's dead set on making vittles out of you and your ragtag posse.

GURPS 4E Horror

This new companion to our June 2022 GURPS 4E Essentials Bundle added Fourth Edition sourcebooks dripping with zombie gore, monster ichor, and general horrifying-ness.

Monster of the Week

Monster of the Week is the Apocalypse Engine creature-hunting RPG from Evil Hat Productions. Mostly, when someone finds out monsters are real, that's just before they die. But some people are mean, smart, crazy, and/or hurt enough to go and hunt down more monsters. That's you – someone on a crusade against evil critters. Monster of the Week casts you as one of 12 Hunter characters (Chosen, Crooked, Divine, Expert, Flake, Initiate, Monstrous, Mundane, Professional, Spell-Slinger, Spooky, and Wronged). Hunt high-school beasties a la Buffy the Vampire Slayer, travel the country to bring down unnatural creatures like the Winchester brothers of Supernatural, or head up government investigations like Mulder and Scully.

DCC Horror

Though many Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG modules from Goodman Games present sword-and-sorcery scenarios of gold and glory, in 2015 Goodman branched out (oozed out?) to produce annual horror scenarios – often tied to Halloween – that throw standard DCC fantasy characters into nightmarish pocket dimensions, Cthulhoid laboratories, Frankensteinian towers, abomination-haunted coffin ships, and cursed wedding receptions. Slip any of these scenarios (for character levels 0-6) into your regular campaign as a trick, and with the right attitude everyone will eat them up like a treat.

Monsters and Other Childish Things

Monsters and Other Childish Things is the distressingly funny RPG from Arc Dream Publishing about kids and the other-dimensional horrors who love them. Using a modified version of the One-Roll Engine, MOTC can handle the lightest and darkest themes of childhood. Of 63,514 entries in the authoritative RPG.net Game Index, Monsters and Other Childish Things ranks #16.

Novel Writing Game Tools

This all-new offer helped writers prepare for November's annual National Novel-Writing Month event with roleplaying ebooks and creativity aids that inspire aspiring novelists. Each year on November 1, hundreds of thousands of people around the world begin to write, determined to end the month with 50,000 words of a new novel. They enter the month as teachers, mechanics, stay-at-home parents, or gamers; they emerge as novelists. It's a fun, free, seat-of-your-pants approach to creative writing. In 2021 427,000 writers participated. These solo journaling, group story-making, and mapmaking games help lay the foundation for your novel by first creating a setting, characters, and timeline.



Psi-punk is the psionic-cyberpunk SFRPG from Accessible Games. Based on the Fudge universal system, Psi-punk takes you to the North American Union of 2096, where ghosts, psiborgs, technomancers, and soul jackers walk among us. To compete, you'll build your ideal body, implant a few high-tech devices, sign up with a megacorp or government, and discover what it means to be more than human.

Fudge-based RPGs use Fudge Dice, available from Evil Hat Productions (as "Fate Dice"), at hobby gaming stores, or from Amazon (affiliate link).

Infinity Factions

This new companion to our December 2019 Infinity Bundle added recent sourcebooks for Infinity, the Modiphius Entertainment 2d20 SFRPG of adventure in the Human Sphere and beyond.

KoDT Trouble 3

This all-new Quick Deal was our third collection of Jolly R. Blackburn's long-running comic about tabletop roleplaying, Knights of the Dinner Table from Kenzer & Company. In every issue of KoDT, the players in B. A. Felton's HackMaster campaign find so many devious new ways to torment their Gamemaster, you'll say "They're just like my players!"

This new offer included KoDT Bundle of Trouble Volume 21, V22, V23, V24, V25, V26, V27, V28, V29, and V30.

Apocalypse Engine 5

This was our fifth all-new offer of indie RPGs Powered by the Apocalypse – that is, based on Vincent and Meguey Baker's landmark indie RPG Apocalypse World.

Troika Worlds

This new offer featured recent acid-fantasy adventures for Troika!, the psychedelic fantasia on the 1980s Fighting Fantasy gamebooks. You are a Wizarding Nautiloid, cryptozoologist, venomist, Misstep Monastic, Octopod Headfoot, or maybe a Charonite Guilder or Washed-Up Blacksash, dimension-hopping in your golden barge among the crystal spheres strung like pearls across the hump-backed sky. Trip the light fantastic with this new assortment of visionary adventures fueled by hallucinatory creativity.


MageGate Treasures

This all-new Quick Deal provided a rich hoard of more than 1,200 magical devices in the 250 Best Magic Items series from MageGate Games for Fifth Edition D&D.


True20 is the streamlined d20-based RPG system from Green Ronin Publishing. Using modifications derived from the First Editions of Green Ronin's Mutants & Masterminds (2002) and Blue Rose (2005), True20 introduces new character, combat, and experience systems that simplify the d20 System that powers D&D 3.x and Pathfinder. True20 holds respect as one of the most interesting variants to emerge from the d20 System boom.


This Quick Deal presented Warbirds, the Outrider Studios pulp-action RPG of fighter pilots chasing fame. In bygone days pilots were lauded as heroes of the sky. They braved new frontiers, fought wars on unproven battlefields, and returned home as legends. Warbirds recaptures the adventure, the romance, and the celebrity of that era. As an elite group of fighter pilots, your party will fly and fight for the freedoms of Azure – the only world you have left – while enjoying, or enduring, the fame, fortune and adulation of its citizens. Warbirds is a game about sacrifice and stardom. Why do you fly?

DCC Chaos Rising

This all-new offer, a companion to the original April 2021 Dungeon Crawl Classics Bundle, added recent modules and sourcebooks for the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG from Goodman Games.

Never Going Home

This all-new offer presented Never Going Home, the Wet Ink Games World War Occult RPG set in the horror-haunted trenches of World War I. In Never Going Home the 1916 Battle of the Somme tore open the Veil between Earth and the occult world beyond. Now, as part of a Unit of soldiers in the trenches, surrounded by the horrors of combat, you witness Corruption leaking into the world. The Whispers tempt you, promising power to save your friends. Will you give up some of your Humanity to live another day?

Indie Treasure Trove 2022

This all-new offer gathered a wide range of top-quality small-press RPGs.

  • Dueling Fops of Vindamere by Greg Stolze (Crankshaft Constellation): Boast, show off, wager, conspire, fight, elope, wed, rise in society, and boast some more in a scandal-plagued city. Cool your ardor, swain!
  • .dungeon by Batts: This tabletop RPG casts you as Players in an online fantasy game. Wait, what?
  • Girl Underground by Lauren McManamon and Jesse Ross (Hedgemaze Press): A low-prep Apocalypse Engine RPG of a young girl and her Companions travelling a semi-sinister Wonderland.
  • Hunt the Wicked by Ben Dutter (Sigil Stone Publishing): Galactic bounty hunters keep the peace to protect humanity from extinction.
  • Mage to Order by Joie Martin (Drowning Moon Studios): The Municipal Order of Technomantic Engineers keeps the lights on in the magitech city of Thelema.
  • Over Arms by Cory Burns (Rookie Jet Studio): Awaken your psychic Anima and learn to understand its abilities and purpose in this rules-light RPG based on Japanese manga and videogames.
  • Save the Universe by Don Bisdorf: Create a galactic menace and the heroes that defeat it in this simple, story-focused space opera.
  • The Spider and the City by Thomas Manuel: A solitaire journaling game of a criminal mastermind in a city wracked by rebellion.
  • The Well by Peter Schaefer (Shoeless Pete Games): In this "dungeon climb" you head upward through a miles-deep shaft to fight undead and loot abandoned tunnels.
  • Wicked & Graceful by Rose Bailey (Fantasy Heartbreaker): In the waning days of the Atlantean Empire, you work (or not) to avert the coming Fall. The prequel to Bright & Terrible.


This all-new offer presented the 2014 Fifth Edition of Traveller, which updated earlier editions with tons of new, player-requested features.

Legacy New Worlds

Legacy New Worlds

This new companion to our September 2019 Legacy Bundle added recent supplements for Legacy: Life Among the Ruins, the (post-) Apocalypse Engine RPG of building a new world from UFO Press.

Lightspress Toolkits

This all-new offer presented system-neutral RPG treatises and gamemastering advice from Berin Kinsman at Lightspress Media. In each of these eight slim "lo-fi" .PDF ebooks, Berin offers the wisdom of his long experience running many kinds of games. Take inspiration from these short guides to better imagine, develop, and run your own game sessions.

BattleTech Total War

This all-new collection gathered the core rulebooks for the BattleTech board game from Catalyst Game Labs, along with Mechwarrior: Destiny, the 2020 edition of the MechWarrior RPG. Destiny adapts the easy-to-learn Cue System (Shadowrun: Anarchy) for story-first MechWarrior adventures. The RPG integrates smoothly with the board game rules in this offer's comprehensive BattleTech corebooks, including Total Warfare and its three Operations expansions. Climb into your armored 'Mech and join battles across the vast interstellar empires of the 31st Century.


Halls of Arden Vul

The Halls of Arden Vul is a vast megadungeon from Expeditious Retreat Press for old-school D&D, AD&D, and OSR retroclones. Originally published in five volumes in 2020 – the hardcover set runs US$275 – the 1,100-page Arden Vul is one of the largest megadungeons published for old-school gaming, with more than 2,000 keyed encounter areas spread across ten main levels and 15 sub-levels. The scale of the Halls and the variety of experiences ensure no two groups encounter the Halls in the same way. In fact, the same player group might run several different parties through the Halls and never see a given area twice – even the entrances.

This all-new offer presented .PDF ebooks of The Halls of Arden Vul Complete, the pay-what-you-want Maps of Arden Vul, and The VTT Maps of Arden Vul for virtual tabletops.

Legendary Epic Monsters

This all-new offer featured high-level rules, scenarios, and bestiaries for D&D Fifth Edition from Legendary Games.

Encyclopedia Arcane

This all-new offer presented the Encyclopedia Arcane line of FRPG supplements produced by Mongoose Publishing from 2001 through 2004 for the d20 System. Each 64-page installment in the Arcane series (and its companions, Encyclopedia Divine and Encyclopedia Psionica) explores one kind of power in depth, presenting new prestige classes, feats, spells, and magic items. These colorful and imaginative books provide tons of useful information that enhance the quality of magic in any fantasy game.

Eclipse Phase 2E

This all-new offer presented the 2019 Second Edition of Eclipse Phase, the SFRPG of transhuman survival from Posthuman Studios. After losing Earth in a war with AIs, transhumanity disperses throughout the Solar System and beyond, struggling to survive. In a typical Eclipse Phase game, characters belong to Firewall, a secret cross-faction organization that protects transhumanity from biowar plagues, self-replicating nanoswarms, nuclear proliferation, terrorists with WMDs, net-breaking computer attacks, rogue AIs, alien encounters, and anything else that could drive an already decimated transhumanity to extinction. Agents may even step through a Pandora Gate, a wormhole to distant stars and the alien secrets beyond. Funded in an April 2017 Kickstarter campaign, Eclipse Phase Second Edition improves the game with faster character creation, streamlined "resleeving" (body switching), new skill and gear systems, updated combat and hacking rules, and four sample teams. Most First Edition source material is compatible with the 2019 Second Edition.

Castle Oldskull

This collection featured the voluminous nuts-and-bolts old-sku-- er, Old School fantasy RPG supplements by designer-novelist Kent David Kelly in the Castle Oldskull line from Wonderland Imprints.

Publisher Wonderland Imprints also sells an Excel spreadsheet plug-in, Oldskull Dungeon Tools.

Fading Suns 4E

This all-new offer presented the Fourth Edition (2021) of Fading Suns, the space fantasy RPG from Ulisses Spiele. Fading Suns has starships, blasters, powered armor, alien races, and weird science -- but also heroic knights, noble lords, high priests and headstrong merchants -- quests, artifacts, and inscrutable mysteries. And there is horror: monsters and maddening, terrifying metaphysical truths. It's a medieval passion play, where Humanity's greatest civilization has fallen, bringing a Dark Age to the Known Worlds. The Universal Church of the Celestial Sun (modeled on the historical Byzantine Orthodox Church) pursues cosmic intrigues against the Noble Houses and the Reeves Guild. But even as the stars fade to cinders and the sinful await Final Judgment, a leader has arisen. Emperor Alexius has sworn to unite the worlds again under one banner -- to ignite hope once more.

Amazing Adventures 5E

The Amazing Adventures first edition rulebook (2018) (part of our May 2016 Pulp Adventure Bundle) focused on 1930s action using the SIEGE Engine, the basis of Castles & Crusades from Troll Lord Games. This all-new offer's 2020 edition, completely compatible with D&D Fifth Edition, lets you run anything from 1930s pulp adventure to modern urban fantasy, cyberpunk corporate raiding to space opera. This 5E rulebook is a toolkit to build any style of play you like.


GURPS 4E Space

This new companion to our GURPS 4E Essentials offer added GURPS Fourth Edition supplements and sourcebooks that open the high frontier and unleash the indomitable powers of the mind.

GURPS 4E Fantasy

These supplements for GURPS Fourth Edition, the Generic Universal RolePlaying System from Steve Jackson Games, added the major Fourth Edition magic rules expansions, the Banestorm worldbook, and many Thaumatology sourcebooks.

GURPS 4E Essentials

With GURPS, the Generic Universal RolePlaying System from Steve Jackson Games, you can be anyone you want: an elf fighting for the forces of good, a spy on a deep-cover mission, a futuristic swashbuckler carving up foes with a force sword, or literally anything else. For more than three decades GURPS has been supported with hundreds of supplements and sourcebooks. This all-new offer (the first of three, followed quickly by GURPS Fantasy and GURPS Space bundles) presented all the important rules and supplements you need to get started with the Fourth Edition (2004) of one of the longest-lasting and best-supported universal systems in the hobby.

Red Markets

The Red Markets RPG of cutthroat economic horror from Hebanon Games takes place during an unevenly distributed zombie apocalypse, where the world is divided: infected and clean, living and dead, haves and have-nots. The mercenary entrepreneurs called "Takers" live on the wrong side of that divide -- the Loss, where even the apocalypse offers no escape from the everyday grind. You and your crew hustle, scheme, and fight to profit from humanity's imminent extinction. If actual monsters don't consume you, debt will, and the cycle of poverty is harder to escape than hordes of undead.

Heroic Maps

Since 2013 Joseph and Sarah Bilton at Heroic Maps have produced full color digital battlemaps and tiles featuring castles and villages, dungeons and crypts, temples and caverns. Funded by a strong Patreon campaign, Heroic has published hundreds of unique landscapes, of which this all-new collection presented a wide-ranging sample.

  • Heroic Maps GM Starter Pack
  • Under Caves and Under Caves - Chambers
  • The Discover: Villages series, depicting the same rural hamlet in four seasons: Villages - Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter
  • Villages - Interiors, a companion set for the Discover maps
  • The complete nine-set Hellscapes collection depicting the Nine Levels of Hell, starting with Hellscapes - Level 1: A ravaged and war-torn land, cut in half by the Styx
  • Level 2: A flat featureless plain winds its way past stagnant rivers to the walls of the City of Iron
  • Level 3: A desolate swamp, with stinking marshes and oozing mud as far as the eye can see
  • Level 4: A plane of fire and ash, with pits of fire hot enough to burn devils
  • Level 5: A frozen ocean, cold enough to freeze your soul
  • Level 6: A corrupted and perilous place, full of rotting bones, pits of tar, and harsh coppery scents
  • Level 7: A devastated ruined city, filled with decay and despair
  • Level 8: A frozen wasteland, permanent blizzards and perilous ice
  • Level 9: A barren red wasteland, cut by impossibly deep chasms

Sea of Thieves

This all-new offer presented the piratical tabletop RPG from Mongoose Publishing based on Sea of Thieves, the 2018 Rare Limited video game for Xbox Game Pass and Windows 10. Set sail from Cannon Cove and the Shores of Plenty for the Ancient Isles, the Devil's Roar, and the Shroud beyond. Race other pirates to buried treasure -- fight Skeleton Captains on tropical islands -- tackle Voyages for the Gold Hoarders, Order of Souls, and Merchant Alliance -- brave Megalodons and Krakens from the depths. Seek the glory and freedom of the pirate life.

This Quick Deal presented both the complete Sea of Thieves core rulebook and the A Tale of Two Captains rules expansion, which includes two Voyages also released separately: Hunting the White Lady and Juliana's Heart.

Fat Goblin Planners and Guides

This new offer presented RPG campaign aids from Fat Goblin Games. Create, organize, and amplify your play sessions with these system-free digital journals, map sheets, and record books that help you develop settings, adversaries, scenarios, and even star systems.

Pip System

The genre-bending introductory Pip System from Third Eye Games is suitable for groups of all ages. Everyone can enjoy a Pip game, regardless of age or RPG experience. On the Pip framework you can build any kind of RPG. The quarterly Pip System Primer magazine has presented resources that support Pip fantasy, noir, animal adventures, dystopian worlds, time jumpers, ghost hunting, and urban fantasy, among other genres.

Mutant Year Zero 2

This new companion to our July 2018 Mutant Year Zero Bundle added recent supplements and adventures for Mutant: Year Zero - Roleplaying at the End of Days from Free League Publishing.

Stellagama Cepheus

Stellagama Publishing produces These Stars Are Ours and other SFRPGs based on the Cepheus Engine, the leading retro-clone of Traveller. In the 23rd Century the United Terran Republic has finally gained its freedom from the gray aliens of the mighty Reticulan Empire. Explorers, star traders, and soldiers head out into the cosmos for adventure. This all-new offer included rulebooks, supplements, and adventures -- everything you need for your own campaign of high-action space opera.


Gamelords Traveller

This all-new offer presented vintage 1980s Classic Traveller supplements from two of Traveller's earliest third-party publishers: Gamelords Ltd and Marischal Adventures. These primordial indies published many sourcebooks and scenarios by two of Traveller's most prolific designers: J. Andrew Keith and William H. Keith. Though later known for Traveller landmarks like Murder on Arcturus Station, Nomads of the World Ocean, the Alien Modules, and much more, the prolific Keith brothers started by self-publishing their own short "Folio" mini-scenarios (1981-82), followed by ten impressive booklets through Gamelords (1982-84). These titles date from the time publishers printed their books on dot-matrix printers, yet this timeless material can still freshen any space-opera roleplaying campaign.

This bundle also included eight of the Keiths' early Marischal Folio mini-scenarios and nine titles that lay neglected until 2000, when Traveller fan Paul Sanders founded a company called Cargonauts specifically to publish them. The "Lost Supplements" sold out their 500-copy run almost immediately. They're not available on DriveThruRPG, but you can purchase them on a physical "Apocrypha 3" CD-ROM from Traveller designer Marc W. Miller at Far Future Enterprises.

Fifty-Dungeon Megabundle

This new offer gathered more than four dozen FRPG modules in the original d20 System Dungeon Crawl Classics line from Goodman Games. From 2003 to 2007 Dungeon Crawl Classics captured the Old School Revival spirit in dozens of scenarios published for Dungeons & Dragons 3.x and its successors under the Open Game License.

Neon City Overdrive

Neon City Overdrive is the fast-playing cyberpunk SFRPG from Peril Planet. Lightweight, quick-playing, and amazingly adaptive -- it's based on FU: Freeform Universal RPG, with elements inspired by Fate and Blades in the Dark -- Neon City Overdrive smoothly handles gritty near-future action. Whether your Trademark is Arcology Brat, Gene Farmed, Metroplexer, Joyrider, or Gutter Scum, you can be a Codeslinger, Jammer, Infiltrator, Grifter, or even a Paladin, with any kind of Skins, Cyberware, Edges, and gear you can think up. What matters is your Drive: why you keep hitting the streets, throwing yourself into danger, and pushing through the hard stuff.

Ptolus Cypher

This new offer presented the 2021 versions of Monte Cook's famous City by the Spire, Ptolus. In the shadow of an impossibly tall stone column, the sprawling city of Ptolus sits atop ancient dungeons that draw adventurers ("delvers") from across the land. Originally published to critical acclaim in 2006 for D&D 3.x (we presented that one in September 2014 and again in May 2016), Ptolus thrives again in new versions funded in a spectacular February 2020 Kickstarter campaign. As before, the Ptolus core campaign setting book is lavishly produced, with abundant maps and illustrations, multiple indices, heavy cross-referencing, hyperlinking and bookmarking, and quick-access summaries. With this single book, and the play aids in this bargain-priced offer, you can take starting player characters all the way to epic play -- twice over.

Cypher System 10A

This new Megabundle marked the tenth anniversary of the founding of Monte Cook Games with a giant offer of games based on the Cypher System game engine.

The Hero's Journey

The Hero's Journey from Barrel Rider Games takes its inspiration from timeless folklore. Designed by James M. Spahn (White Star), The Hero's Journey arose from the Old School Revival tradition (based on Swords & Wizardry) and, now enhanced in its 2019 Second Edition, incorporates modern design elements that help create wondrous tales of danger and magic, faerie and friendship.

Sixth World Stories 2

This all-new Quick Deal presented 11 ebooks of recent Shadowrun fiction -- seven novels and four novellas written by many of the Catalyst line's leading authors.

Shadowrun Power Plays

This new offer, a companion to Shadowrun Sixth World Essentials, added recent sourcebooks and campaign adventures that push the Awakened World in new directions, drive nation-states to near-collapse, and change the very nature of magic in 2081.

Shadowrun Sixth World Essentials

This new offer presented the 2019 Sixth World edition of Shadowrun from Catalyst Game Labs. This Essentials offer included the corebook and major combat, magic, and rigger supplements -- everything you need to start exploring the Awakened World of 2080.


dicegeeks Random Tables

Longtime gamemaster Matt Davids runs a podcast (supported by a Patreon campaign), posts interviews with RPG creators, maintains a reference list of RPG System Reference Documents, and designed a post-apocalyptic game, Anarchy, based on the OpenD6 System. For several years Matt has busily populated entire books of percentile tables designed to spark creative ideas and help desperate gamemasters whose players suddenly decide to investigate some random name dropped in passing. This new Quick Deal gathered many of Matt's bestselling collections from dicegeeks.


Arkadia is a 5E fantasy campaign setting from Arcana Games inspired by mythic Greece. Strongly funded in an August 2018 Kickstarter campaign, Arkadia reimagines the glories of ancient Athens, Troy, and Sparta for Fifth Edition D&D. Play a Scyllaean elf, volcano dwarf, satyr, siren, gorgon, harpy, or centaur -- become a gladiator, Amazon, hoplite warrior, seer of Fate, scion of a demigod, or servant of a dead Titan -- venture across Hyperium, Kryta, and Illyria to fight hydras, krakens, cyclopes, undead pharaohs, and sphynxes -- gain treasures like orichalcum weapons, ambrosia, Nemean pelts, Hyperion's javelin, and the Armor of the Colossus. Don a heroic panoply of bronze, take a trident or sarisa, board your trireme, and set forth on the path of heroes.


This all-new offer politely presented HOSTILE, the SFRPG of deep-space horror from Zozer Games. Based on the Cepheus Engine rules (the leading retro-clone of Classic Traveller), HOSTILE is a gritty retro-future setting inspired by movies like Outland, Blade Runner, and Alien -- a universe of harsh planets and toxic atmospheres -- claustrophobic space freighters and brutal industrial colonies -- ancient horrors entombed on icy moons -- killer ETs, perfectly evolved to survive at any cost. Whether you're a combat-weary veteran or a miner on a grungy corporate star tug in the Extraction Zones, HOSTILE pits you against deadly hazards in an unforgiving void where no one can hear you scream.

Greg Stolze

Best known for his contributions to many RPGs (Delta Green, Unknown Armies, Godlike, A Dirty World, Wild Talents, Better Angels, Reign), Greg Stolze has also written stories for White Wolf, Pelgrane Press, Evil Hat Productions, Ghostwoods Books, and, above all, as a pioneer of crowdfunded self-publishing. This offer presented six of Greg's novels and three story collections. You can also find plenty of Greg's stories as free downloads on his Fiction Library page.

Old-School Essentials Treasures

This new offer gathered third-party supplements and scenarios for third-party supplements and scenarios for Necrotic Gnome's Old-School Essentials, published under Necrotic's royalty-free Third-Party License.

This new offer gathered third-party supplements and scenarios for third-party supplements and scenarios for Necrotic Gnome's Old-School Essentials, published under Necrotic's royalty-free Third-Party License.


This all-new Quick Deal presented Etherscope, the alt-history Victorian cyberpunk RPG from Goodman Games. Ninety years after British engineers discovered Etherspace, punk Scope riders have jumped from the rails of Prime Reality into this new frontier. Fight evil industrialists and Etherspace demons -- raid Lemurian ruins from before the Earth-Wrack -- or join the Revolution against corrupt rulers in the Great Metropolis. Jack in and scope up with this original 2005 Open Game License take on the d20 Modern rules.

Sly Flourish

Since 2009 the Lazy DM, Mike Shea, has published books, articles, and videos that help gamemasters run great RPG sessions. With the core doctrine of "prepare what matters to our game," the Sly Flourish books detail eight steps to help DMs quickly conjure exactly what they need at the table, with a focus on staying flexible and being able to improvise as the story expands. And the Fantastic Adventures series takes that wisdom from the table to the page, with scenarios, lairs, and locations you can easily drop into any fantasy campaign. This new offer presented the Lazy Dungeon Master and Fantastic Adventures lines.

Conan Careers

This new companion to our July 2019 Conan Essentials added recent sourcebooks for Robert E. Howard's Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of, the 2d20-based sword-and-sorcery FRPG from Modiphius Entertainment.


Part-Time Gods

Inspired by American Gods, The Almighty Johnsons, Thor comics, and the Percy Jackson novel series, among other divine deliverances, Part-Time Gods lets you create your own modern-day gods and tell dramatic stories about the people, groups, and places that keep them tied to their humanity. Keeping a job is hard when unstoppable Outsider monsters are hunting you -- rival gods attack your Territory in complete disregard for your sister's wedding -- somebody asks you to dive headfirst into a hidden portal to lost worlds with untold dangers in a quest for a mythic artifact, but you still haven't made this month's rent. These are the times you're glad you have a pantheon of friends.


Tianxia: Blood, Silk & Jade from Vigilance Press casts you as one of the wuxia, the kung-fu masters of the fantastical empire of Shenzhou. Wandering the Jade Road and Silk River in the wild and dangerous border provinces, you use your Chi powers to cultivate fighting techniques and stunts that bring to life the epic dramas of Chinese film and literature.


Bulldogs! is the Galileo Games high-action space opera Fate Core RPG that kicks ass. Indentured to TransGalaxy PGC, you and your fellow hapless scoundrels deliver high-risk cargo across the Frontier Zone, from the Devalkamanchan Republic to the pleasure satellite of Apollonia. Can you avoid border crossings, weapons regulations, the Fallon Syndicate, and Squishy's Scrap Yard long enough reach the end of your contract, or will you be another casualty of the space-lanes?


Equinox is a fantasy setting from Vagrant Workshop of magic and mysticism in a war-ravaged dark future. Equinox conjures a Sol System thousands of years from now, long after humanity "managed to tame the Mayan-predicted mystic cycles that brought magic to their homeworld and colonies." In the Great Netherwar, demons from beyond the Veil attacked and destroyed Earth. Now, a century later, humanity has constructed the great Gateway Station, a giant ring structure that tames the shattered remains of Earth. The Earth Belt is a portal to astral space and the far-flung worlds of the Consortium. Beyond the Belt, Sol is a lawless place, a hive of misfits, lowlifes, refugees, pirates, and mystics. You are one of these restless outcast "Vagrants" who seek freedom in the void.

Night Shade Best SF

This all-new fiction offer presented The Best Science Fiction of the Year series and other anthologies edited by Neil Clarke for Night Shade Books.

Masks: A New Generation

Masks: A New Generation adapts the Apocalypse Engine rules for stories about young superheroes -- their battles, interpersonal drama, youthful angst, and dazzling bravery -- in the vein of Young Justice and Teen Titans. Your team of young supers must forge your own path amid the pressures of a world telling you what to do and who to be, and kick some butt along the way. This new offer presented the complete Masks: A New Generation core rulebook (previously in our September 2017 Apocalypse Engine 2), plus the Masks Phone Edition, along with all three Masks supplements: Unbound, Halcyon City Herald Collection, and Secrets of AEGIS.


Torg Eternity Cosms

This new companion to our September 2019 Torg Eternity Essentials added lots of material for three "cosms" (parallel realities) -- the Living Land, Nile Empire, and Aysle settings publisher Ulisses Spiele funded in three Kickstarter campaigns. Each of Ulisses Spiele's cosm crowdfunding campaigns funded an identical slate of support titles for that cosm: a sourcebook, a long campaign adventure, a Delphi Missions collection of short adventures, a GM Screen and collection of player character Archetypes, two full-color map packs, and a GM Pack with Threat Cards for the Drama Deck, artwork, "Threat Blips" (virtual tabletop tokens), and a bookmark.

Fiasco 2020

This all-new offer presented the 2020 card-based version of Fiasco, Jason Morningstar's cinematic game of powerful ambition and poor impulse control from Bully Pulpit Games. Funded in a big August 2019 Kickstarter campaign, the new Fiasco plays more smoothly and intuitively than ever, so your hapless characters' stupid plans collide with reality faster and harder.

The Elephant & Macaw Banner

This all-new offer presented The Elephant & Macaw Banner RPG of adventure in a fantastic 16th-Century Brazil from Porcupine Publishing. Set in early colonial Brazil in 1576, Christopher Kastensmidt's Elephant & Macaw Banner fiction series (2015-2018) chronicles the adventures of the Dutchman Gerard van Oost and the Yoruba Oludara in well-researched novelettes based on Brazilian history and folklore. In this licensed EAMB RPG your characters -- adventurers from any of a dozen indigenous cultures, as well as recent arrivals from Europe and Africa -- explore the Royal Captaincy of Rio de Janeiro and protect its many peoples from threats both human and supernatural. This distinct and flavorful South American fantasy world has muskets, magic, and many, many monsters. It's a Brazilian Witcher.

Birthday 2022

To mark the ninth anniversary of the debut of the Bundle of Holding (February 20, 2013), we once more assembled a collection of top-quality free RPGs and audaciously asked customers to pay money for them. Why? It was a charity offer benefiting the The DOTS RPG Project, which makes tabletop RPGs accessible to visually impaired players and other people with disabilities. This year's Birthday entries were top-quality open-source renditions of classic RPG systems like D&D, Traveller, Marvel Super Heroes, the original West End Games Star Wars RPG, and Call of Cthulhu.

Bundle for Two 3

This all-new offer presented our third collection of two-player RPGs. Games in our previous two-player offers were often intimate duets ideal for a loving Valentine experience with your significant other. This time we had -- let's see -- Dirty Pair planetary mayhem, detective vs. murderer, city and dungeon generators, British folk horror, and, uhhh, necromancy. And -- and! -- games about repressed romantic attraction. Try them for an unusual date night.

  • Beak, Feather, & Bone, Ex Novo, and Ex Umbra, map-based tools for building ready-to-play cities and dungeons
  • Dead Friend: A Game of Necromancy
  • Double or Nothing, about a pair of agents who get involved in ridiculous over-the-top disasters and shoot, kick, and flirt their way out -- with (ahem) collateral damage along the way
  • English Eerie, a game of English folk horror in the mode of M.R. James and Algernon Blackwood
  • One More Thing, about a quirky TV detective and a murderer in a contest of wits a la Columbo
  • Prism, about relationships and conflict resolution set in an aquatic word with its own deities, ethical cultures, and unique families
  • Star Crossed, Bully Pulpit's game of forbidden love that uses a tumbling-block tower to build repressed attraction
  • Codex - Love 2, the May 2018 issue (#20) of Gauntlet Publishing's Codex magazine, the second issue based around the theme "Love"

Baker Street

This new offer presented the Victorian investigative RPG Baker Street: Roleplaying in the World of Sherlock Holmes from Fearlight Games. Sherlock Holmes is missing and presumed dead. In the Great Detective's absence, the stoic Dr. Watson asks intrepid investigators to take his cases. Foggy streets and crime most foul await.

Suspense Radio

This was our second offer of MP3 audio files of vintage Old-Time Radio (OTR) crime dramas from the Golden Age of Radio, 1939-51. These dozens of half-hour episodes, all remastered and re-engineered by publisher Nathan and Evan to sound crisp and new, are sold through DriveThruRPG's sister site, DriveThruFiction. This time we presented 40 episodes from the popular 1940s and 1950s radio series Suspense, Crime Classics, The Weird Circle, Escape!, Night Beat, and Dangerous Assignment.

You can hear thousands of complete low-fidelity episodes from hundreds of OTR series at the Internet Archive and on fan sites like Old Time Radio Downloads and Old Radio World.

Palladium Fantasy 2E

This new companion to our August 2017 Palladium FRPG 1E Bundle presented the 1996 Second Edition of The Palladium Fantasy Role-Playing Game, Kevin Siembieda's venerable FRPG from Palladium Books.

Mörk Borg Compatible

This new offer featured English-language third-party supplements and adventures for the heavy-metal artpunk FRPG of miserable heretics in a bleak and doomed world, Mörk Borg from Free League Publishing. All these titles require the Mörk Bork core rulebook.

Sigil Stone OSR

This new collection featured Five Torches Deep and Vagabonds of Dyfed -- two FRPGs from Sigil Stone Publishing that combine Old School Revival ideals with the best of modern D&D Fifth Edition-compatible and Apocalypse Engine rules.


Champions 5E Megabundle

Our two December 2021 companions to the giant HERO System 5E Megabundle added almost the entire Champions Fifth Edition product line. Together the three Megabundles gathered 82 titles -- 14,573 pages! -- supporting the 2004 Fifth Revised Edition ("FRED") of the all-encompassing HERO System from Hero Games.

The amazing Champions 5E Megabundle gathered all the super powers, gadgets, and character books you need for slam-bang four-color superhero action -- 4,400 pages of indomitable Champions 5E campaign material, including the 215-page Champions 5E genre book, UNTIL Superpowers Database I and II, Gadgets and Gear, Champions Battlegrounds, Everyman, Teen Champions, eight villain books -- Book of the Destroyer, Book of the Machine, Conquerors Killers & Crooks, Cops Crews and Cabals, Evil Unleashed, Villains Vandals and Vermin, Villainy Amok, and VIPER: Coils of the Serpent -- and eight Ultimate character archetype supplements: Brick, Energy Projector, Martial Artist 5E, Mentalist 5E, Metamorph, Mystic, Speedster, and Vehicle.

Champions 5E Universe Megabundle

The Champions 5E Universe Mega collection ranged across the flavorful and intriguing Champions Universe setting and into its far future. It had nearly 3,400 pages of galaxy-spanning 5E material, including both Champions Universe guides, Millennium City, Champions Worldwide, Champions of the North 5E, UNTIL: Defenders of Freedom, and Stronghold 5E (plus The Stronghold Files); the Dark Champions 5E line (the corebook plus Hudson City, its Map, the Predators enemies book, and Dark Champions: The Animated Series); four sourcebooks of mystic superhero magic (The Mystic World, Arcane Adversaries, Demon: Servants of Darkness, and the Mystic Menaces Fun Pack); the city guide Vibora Bay; Galactic Champions; Hidden Lands; and Monster Island.

HERO 5E Megabundle

This new offer presented a colossal array of rulebooks and supplements that use the 2004 Fifth Revised Edition ("FRED") of the all-encompassing HERO System from Hero Games. We presented HERO 5E in seven previous offers but never managed to encompass the whole voluminous line. This new Megabundle filled the gaps, adding the Star and Pulp Hero 5E lines, Ninja and Post-Apocalyptic Hero, and a few key supplements we never found room for -- all told, 6,800 pages of HERO material. Of 35 titles in this offer, 16 were new to the Bundle of Holding.

Forged in the Dark

This new offer presented standalone indie RPGs that use the Forged in the Dark rules introduced in John Harper's Blades in the Dark.


Indie Cornucopia 9

This was our ninth annual offer, keyed to the American Thanksgiving holiday, of top-quality small-press RPGs.


This all-new offer presented Liminal, Paul Mitchener's modern fantasy RPG set on the borders of the everyday and magical worlds in the United Kingdom.

Wyrd Breach

This big new offer featured Through the Breach, the beautiful Wyrd Games Lovecraftian-Wild West-steampunk RPG based on the Malifaux miniatures game.

Worldbuilder's Toolkit 8

This was the eighth all-new installment in our series of gamemastering ebooks and world creation tools -- the Bundle site's most successful sequence of offers.

Traveller Imperium Tour

This new offer presented Traveller First Edition rulebooks plus many sourcebooks and adventures that tour the 11,000 worlds and the 1,100-year history of Traveller's sprawling galactic empire, the Third Imperium.


Shotguns & Sorcery

Shotguns & Sorcery is a fantasy-noir setting created by novelist and game designer Matt Forbeck. Dragon City is a sprawling mountain city ruled by a monstrous Dragon Emperor who protects the people from ravenous hordes of zombies outside its walls.

Bundle of Tentacles 6

This was our sixth all-new offer of standalone RPGs and scenarios for Call of Cthulhu, Trail of Cthulhu, and other RPGs inspired by the Cthulhu Mythos. The lineup included several titles from Australian publisher Cthulhu Reborn. For more than a decade Dean Engelhardt at Cthulhu Reborn has produced high-quality free scenarios, prop and handout packs, and graphics templates. In August 2020 Cthulhu Reborn published its standalone Lovecraftian survival-horror RPG Apocthulhu, followed in December by a System Reference Document (based on the SRDs for Mongoose's Legend and Arc Dream's Delta Green RPG) that opens the familiar percentile-based ruleset under the OGL.

0one Horror Maps

This all-new offer presented blueprints and floorplans of terrifying locations from 0one Games.

The Cthulhu Hack

This all-new offer presented The Cthulhu Hack from Just Crunch Games. This simple and accessible standalone investigative RPG, based on David Black's minimalist fantasy game The Black Hack, pits ordinary people against the sanity-shattering horrors of the Cthulhu Mythos. With simple mechanics and just two basic resources -- Flashlights and Smokes -- The Cthulhu Hack elegantly supports published scenarios and campaigns for any Cthulhoid RPG. Learn the whole system in 20 minutes, teach it to your players in five minutes more, and in another five their characters will be ready for a slow spiral into self-destruction.


5E Platinum Showcase

This all-new offer gathered bestselling indie supplements for D&D Fifth Edition. Almost all these top-quality third-party supplements achieved DriveThruRPG's "Platinum" sales rank or higher -- that is, of the tens of thousands of products DriveThru sells, these titles ranked in the top 1.44%.

Mutant Crawl Classics

This all-new offer presented the post-apocalyptic RPG of technology and triumph in a devastated future, Mutant Crawl Classics from Goodman Games. Whether you're a mutant, a seeker, a robot-killer, or a stoic shaman guarding forgotten ancient sciences, there are treasures to be won in the taboo lands and the ruins of the Ancients. Based on Goodman's Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG, Mutant Crawl Classics is a standalone game in the tradition of Gamma World and Metamorphosis Alpha.

Mutants Power-Up

This small but mighty new offer, a sidekick to our revived January 2019 Mutants & Masterminds 3E Earth-Prime Bundle, added three recent M&M supplements from Green Ronin Publishing: the M&M 3E Deluxe Gamemaster's Guide, the Superteam Handbook, and the Time Traveler's Codex (plus the free Codex overflow booklet All Time, No Space).

Numenera Discovery

This new offer presented the updated and expanded 2018 version of Numenera, the science-fantasy RPG from Monte Cook Games of wonder and weirdness in the far future. The Numenera Discovery corebook and its companion rulebook Numenera Destiny were both funded in a spectacular US$845K September 2017 Kickstarter campaign.


City of Mist

City of Mist is a comic-book epic-myth neo-noir detective RPG from Son of Oak Game Studio about ordinary people with legendary powers in a mystery-shrouded metropolis. Using a skillfully enhanced Apocalypse Engine, City of Mist combines the super-detective mood of Daredevil and Jessica Jones with mythic themes out of the Fables comics and Neil Gaiman's American Gods.

Shadowrun Sixth World Stories

This all-new offer presented the 2019 Sixth Edition rulebook, the 2020 Beginner Box, and recent fiction for Shadowrun, Sixth World Edition, the cyberpunk-fantasy RPG from Catalyst Game Labs.

Metamorphosis Alpha 1E

This all-new offer from Goodman Games featured the 1976 First Edition of Metamorphosis Alpha, the vintage SFRPG of mutants and monstrosities in gonzo post-apocalypse adventures on a colossal generation starship.

Doctor Who 12 Doctors

This offer, a follow-up to our December 2018 Doctor Who RPG Bundle, presented a dozen Doctor Sourcebooks for Cubicle 7 Entertainment's official Doctor Who: The Roleplaying Game. This all-new companion (hah!) included The First Doctor Sourcebook, as well as the Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth Doctor Sourcebooks.




This all-new offer featured Warlock!, the old-school FRPG from Fire Ruby Designs inspired by the early days of British roleplaying. Ready your warhammer for rules-lite adventure in the dark yet wondrous spirit of early Games Workshop and the Fighting Fantasy gamebooks. Designed by Greg Saunders (Golgotha, Summerland, Exilium), Warlock! offers career-based characters, concise rules, and a unified 1d20+skill mechanic that adapts easily to published grim-and-perilous adventures and helps you create your own new stories.

Fate Worlds and Toolkits

This giant offer gathered all the Fate rulebooks and Toolkits, Fate of Cthulhu and other standalone RPGs, and 45 wide-ranging Worlds of Adventure from Evil Hat Productions.

Fragged Aeternum

This new companion to our January 2019 Fragged Bundle added recent settings and adventures for Fragged Empire, the tactical RPG of exploration and rebuilding in "post-post-apocalyptic" adventures.

Zobeck 5E

This all-new offer presented sourcebooks and adventures set in the Free City of Zobeck from Kobold Press for D&D Fifth Edition. (We presented the 2012 Pathfinder version of two of these books in our July 2013 Bundle of Zobeck. These are the conversions for D&D 5E.)


The Yellow King RPG

This new offer presented the surreal supernatural game from Pelgrane Press, The Yellow King Roleplaying Game. Designed by Robin D. Laws (Cthulhu Confidential, The Esoterrorists), the brain-bending YKRPG uses the fast-playing "Quickshock" GUMSHOE system. Investigate the malign influence of Carcosa in mysteries of reality-changing horror across four different timelines inspired by the famous horror stories of Robert W. Chambers collected in The King in Yellow.

Tunnels & Trolls 2

This new offer presented nearly two dozen solitaire and gamemastered adventures for the venerable FRPG Tunnels & Trolls.

Black Scrolls Map-Tiles

This all-new offer presented beautiful full-color digital battlemat tiles for any medieval FRPG. Created by Hungarian graphic artist Antal Kéninger of Black Scrolls Games and funded in a November 2017 Kickstarter campaign, the mix-and-match tiles in the Cities of the Black Scrolls series depict medieval city and village buildings, castle and fortress walls, inns and arenas, cathedral aisles and dungeon crypts. Print these modular .PDFs and assemble them into gorgeous battle sites for your game table, or import the digital .JPG and .PNG images into your favorite virtual tabletop.

Dark Places & Demogorgons

Dark Places & Demogorgons is the 2017 tabletop horror roleplaying game of 1980s monster-of-the-week weirdness a la The Goonies, E.T., Weird Science, and Buffy. Amid sinister events in tiny Jeffersontown, Kentucky, your intrepid teen investigators -- nerds, jocks, geeks, goths, punks, hoods, and the occasional teen wolf -- face supernatural perils, meddlesome adults, clueless cops, and the horrifying ordeals of adolescence. Demogorgons uses the Survive This! rules system, a fast-playing fusion of Old School Revival spirit with modern rules inspired by D&D Fifth Edition. This all-new offer presented most of the DP&D game line along with its companion Survive RPG of gritty street-level superheroics, Vigilante City.

(Runehammer Games has adapted Vigilante City for its Index Card RPG system, and we presented that version in our March 2021 Index Card RPG Bundle. This Dark Places offer presented the original Survive This version.)


Mongoose Traveller 2E

This was one of two all-new offers that presented the 2020 Second Edition Traveller game line from Mongoose Publishing. This offer had the Traveller 2E Starter Set and key supplements -- everything you need to play any science fiction RPG campaign, from desperate battles across the stars against evil empires, through free traders operating on both sides of the law, to mercenary companies desperate to find their next ticket.

Traveller Pirates of Drinax

This all-new offer presented one of the most acclaimed campaigns in Traveller history: The Pirates of Drinax. In the Trojan Reach star sector, the backwater world of Drinax once ruled an empire. Now King Oleb XVI enlists you as privateers to prey on 'illegal' trade in his vanished kingdom, to fund his ambitions to restore Drinax to glory. Will you help, and if so, how? All paths are open in this massive ten-part epic by Gareth Hanrahan (Eyes of the Stone Thief, The Dracula Dossier, The Darkening of Mirkwood). All these supplements and adventures require the Mongoose Publishing Traveller 2E core rulebook or the Traveller Second Edition Starter Set.

Mythras Settings

This new offer presented recent campaign worlds and supplements for Mythras, the RuneQuest-based FRPG by The Design Mechanism.

BattleTech: A Time of War

This new offer presented the 2013 BattleTech: A Time of War roleplaying rules from Catalyst Game Labs. Choose your life in the stellar empires of the far future -- pilot, spy, mercenary, merchant, scientist, scout, renegade -- and join the centuries-spanning conflicts of the Clans, Inner Sphere, and Periphery. With the AToW rulebook and its Companion expansion, you'll explore the rich BattleTech setting and, if you also enjoy the BT board games, lend new dimension to your tactical encounters. How will you become a legend?

Legendary Planet

The Legendary Planet Adventure Path, a spectacular eight-part sword-and-planet fantasy campaign from Legendary Games, takes your characters through alien gateways across the multiverse to exotic worlds, and from 1st to 20th level and beyond. From the backwoods of a fantasy world to the farthest reaches of the cosmos -- from grungy desert planets to waterworlds -- from fascist dieselpunk asteroid mines to a Dyson sphere a hundred million miles across -- sword-swingers and spell-slingers work with scoundrels and seekers to unravel cryptic alliances bent on universal domination, or annihilation. This all-new offer provided the complete Legendary Planet line in dual versions for both D&D Fifth Edition and Pathfinder First Edition. This list starts with links to the 5E versions on DriveThruRPG:

And here are links to the Pathfinder versions of the same books:


Dusk City Outlaws

Dusk City Outlaws is a fantasy heist RPG from Scratchpad Publishing about criminal cartel capers in the sprawling metropolis of New Dunhaven. Inspired by books, TV shows, and movies like The Lies of Locke Lamora, Leverage, and Ocean's Eleven, Dusk City Outlaws casts players as a crew of thieves, con artists, and assassins, drawn from the eight colorful cartels that rule the city's criminal underworld. The players take a Job, devise a plan, do the legwork, pull off the Job, and then survive long enough to get paid. The streamlined DCO rules use a sleek narrative dice system that makes the game easy to start playing on a moment's notice.

Dungeon Crawl Classics

This all-new offer presented the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG from Goodman Games. Not exactly a retro-clone but suffused with old-timey brio, DCC RPG glories in its own loopy and lurid, giddy and gaudy aesthetic. In all its heady adventures it's easy to stay focused on DCC RPG's goal: "Adventure as 1974 intended you to."

DCC Lankhmar

Lankhmar: the City of Seven-Score Thousand Smokes and twice as many thieves, including Fritz Leiber's most famous creations, Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser. This all-new offer presented the Dungeon Crawl Classics Lankhmar setting from Goodman Games.

Mike Resnick novels

This all-new fiction offer presented a dozen space opera and steampunk fantasy ebook novels by Mike Resnick published by Pyr Books. Mike Resnick (1942-2020) wrote more than 70 wide-ranging science fiction novels and hundreds of short stories that won many awards.

See Amazon's Mike Resnick page for many more novels by this prolific writer. (Note: These are Amazon affiliate links to the Kindle editions. If you purchase these ebooks through Amazon, the Bundle of Holding receives a small cut of the payment at no extra cost to you.)

Chivalry and Sorcery

This all-new offer presented the venerable Chivalry and Sorcery in its new Fifth Edition from Brittannia Game Designs. Long respected for historical accuracy -- even in its depiction of arcane magick -- C&S authentically conjures the glories of Europe's Middle Ages: courtly grandeur, tournaments and jousts, fantastic beasts of myth and folklore, and diverse visitors and cultural influences from faraway lands. The 2020 Fifth Edition refines and streamlines the rules to embody a complete experience of every major period of Europe's Middle Ages. (This C&S rules set is its own Fifth Edition, not a supplement for D&D Fifth Edition.)


Coriolis-Loop 2

This new companion to our November 2018 Coriolis & Tales From the Loop Bundle added recent supplements and scenarios for the Coriolis - The Third Horizon and Tales From the Loop RPGs from Free League Publishing.


This all-new offer presented the Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea sword-and-sorcery FRPG from North Wind Adventures.

Hardboiled Radio

This was our first offer of MP3 audio files of vintage Old-Time Radio (OTR) crime dramas from the Golden Age of Radio, 1939-51. These dozens of half-hour episodes, all remastered and re-engineered by publisher Nathan and Evan to sound crisp and new, are sold through DriveThruRPG's sister site, DriveThruFiction.

You can hear thousands of complete low-fidelity episodes from hundreds of OTR series at the Internet Archive and on fan sites like Old Time Radio Downloads and Old Radio World.


This was our third offer featuring RPGs of mystery and detection that use the GUMSHOE system designed by Robin D. Laws and published by Pelgrane Press. This new offer presented recent standalone games such as the entire TimeWatch product line and Kenneth Hite's The Fall of Delta Green.

Index Card RPG

Index Card RPG is a light but complete D20 roll-over rules system from Runehammer Games with simple character creation, fast-playing combat, and all the timers, targets, monsters, and miniatures you need to play right away. ICRPG is a toolset of do-it-yourself techniques to streamline any game. It's a mentality, a philosophy. Watch Dave Thaumavore's video reviews of much of the Index Card line, and check Die Heart's big list of Index Card RPG resources.


HERO System 6E and Champions 6E

These two giant offers featured the 2009 Sixth Edition of the HERO System from Hero Games. The matchless flexibility of the HERO System lets you create any character, super power, spell, equipment, vehicle, or headquarters you can imagine, and the 6E version is the most detailed and comprehensive ever.

The HERO System sprang from Champions, and The Super Roleplaying Game has always been its flagship. The Sixth Edition Champions line updates decades of published supplements and sourcebooks, and adds new material adapted from the Champions Online MMO.

Birthday 2021

To mark the eighth anniversary of the debut of the Bundle of Holding (February 20, 2013), we once more assembled a collection of top-quality free RPGs and audaciously asked customers to pay money for them. Why? It was a charity offer benefiting the the RPG Creators Relief Fund. The RCRF is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity founded to provide financial assistance to tabletop roleplaying creators suffering hardship due to medical emergencies, natural disasters, and other catastrophic situations.

Old School Cool

This all-new collection featured stylish and inventive new takes on the Old School Revival spirit of roleplaying's earliest days.

Atomic Robo

This new offer presented the Eisner Award-nominated Atomic Robo comic series from Tesladyne LLC, plus the 2014 Fate-based Atomic Robo RPG from Evil Hat Productions. In 1923 Nikola Tesla unveils an immortal robot with automatic intelligence: Atomic Robo! Granted full American citizenship in 1938 after a secret military operation, Robo founds Tesladyne, a two-fisted think tank that explores the fringes of scientific inquiry. After decades of high-octane, full-contact hypothesis testing at the edge of human knowledge, Robo and the Action Scientists of Tesladyne are the go-to defense force against the unexplained: giant monsters, walking pyramids, underground cities, trans-dimensional vampires, and one particularly annoying dinosaur. Atomic Robo reads like the Ghostbusters, Indiana Jones, Buckaroo Banzai, and Rocketeer movies crammed into a robot who wears pants. Jump in anywhere – each graphic album is a self-contained story, so you can read them in any order.

Most of these albums are available through Amazon (affiliate links below).


Palladium Mutants and Ninjas

This new offer presented the After the Bomb® and Ninjas & Superspies™ RPG lines from Palladium Books. Many of these books were written by the late Erick Wucjik (Amber Diceless Roleplaying), and they remain some of the finest works Palladium has published.

Forbidden Lands

Forbidden Lands from Free League Publishing (Alien, Vaesen, Coriolis) is an open-world survival FRPG built on the "Year Zero" rules engine (Mutant: Year Zero, Tales From the Loop). You're not heroes sent on missions dictated by others -- instead, you are raiders and rogues bent on making your own mark on a cursed world. The game plays as an Old School hexcrawl. Scattered all across the map are adventure sites, exciting location-based scenarios characters can interact with in many different ways. You can visit all sites independently and in any order. By building the campaign incrementally using the modular adventure sites, the Gamemaster need never lead the characters by the nose, and can always make sure they don't miss the story. You'll discover lost tombs, fight terrible monsters, wander the wild lands and -- if you live long enough -- build your own stronghold.

Glen Cook

You may best know fantasy and sf novelist Glen Cook for his Chronicles of the Black Company, dark military fantasies about an elite medieval mercenary unit. But aside from the Black Company and his other popular sequence, the Garrett P.I. hardboiled detective fantasies, Cook has written dozens of other fantasies and space operas in four different series or as free-standing narratives. This all-new offer of ebook novels presented Cook's entire nine-book Dread Empire series (1979-2012) as well as his Darkwar and Starfishers trilogies and five standalone novels published by Night Shade Books. (Amazon affiliate links below.)


This all-new offer presented Troika! from Melsonian Arts Council. You are a wizard, a warrior, or maybe a macrame owl, dimension-hopping in your golden barge among the crystal spheres strung like pearls across the hump-backed sky. The simple Troika! rules, inspired by the 1980s Fighting Fantasy gamebooks, let beginners and jaded roleplayers alike go wild in crazed cross-planar pursuits. Whether you're pruning a Floral God, infiltrating the Palace of Tigers, or helping His Moist Magnificence, the slug monarch King Juniper Jupiter Lexx-Hafwall IV, Troika! lets you trip the light fantastic, or maybe just trip out, in visionary adventures fueled by hallucinatory creativity.

Jackie's Dreaming

This all-new offer presented White Wolf's Changeling: The Dreaming Storyteller game in its lavish 2017 20th Anniversary Edition from Onyx Path Publishing. Changeling is a modern-day fantasy roleplaying game of fae wonder and imagination, of keeping beautiful dreams alive in the Gothic-Punk World of Darkness. Many of Changeling's dreams were first imagined by the late Jackie Cassada, a prolific writer for multiple White Wolf game lines in collaboration with her partner of 57 years, Nicky Rea. In December 2020 Jackie died of COVID-19. Nicky faced enormous medical bills, so Onyx Path kindly contributed this Changeling 20A benefit. All money from this offer (after payment gateway fees) went to help Nicky through a tough time.

John Carter of Mars

This all-new offer presented the licensed John Carter of Mars RPG line from Modiphius Entertainment based on the Martian planetary romances of Edgar Rice Burroughs. Explore the wonders of Barsoom as pilots, warriors, scientists, or one of the terrifying green Tharks. Experience a dying world of dry ocean beds where giant four-armed barbarians rule, of crumbling cities home to an advanced but decaying civilization, of strange beasts and savage combat, where love, honor, and loyalty become the stuff of adventure.


Blades in the Dark

This new offer presented Blades in the Dark from One Seven Design Studio, along with five standalone Forged in the Dark spinoff games based on the Forged System Reference Document. Strongly funded in a March 2015 Kickstarter campaign, Blades is one of the most acclaimed and influential RPGs of the past decade. In the night-shrouded city of Doskvol, your crew of scoundrels pulls heists and settles scores to rise through the underworld hierarchy. There are chases, bloody skirmishes, occult mysteries, dangerous bargains, and riches to be had -- if you're bold enough to seize them. Blades designer John Harper (Agon, Lady Blackbird) fine-tunes the Apocalypse Engine system, adding rules for clocks, stress, and Devil's Bargains that ensure fast play and suspenseful choices.

The Expanse RPG and Modern AGE

This all-new offer presented two contemporary and science fiction RPGs that use the Adventure Game Engine (AGE) from Green Ronin Publishing: Modern AGE, for high-power action from the Industrial Revolution onward (2018), and The Expanse Roleplaying Game (2019), based on James S. A. Corey's mega-popular The Expanse science fiction novels of diplomacy, discovery, and danger in the future Solar System.

Savage Rifts

We presented Rifts® for Savage Worlds, the Pinnacle Entertainment adaptation for the fast-furious-fun Savage Worlds Adventure Edition (SWADE) rules of Kevin Siembieda's Rifts® RPG from Palladium Books. Funded in a spectacular April 2016 Kickstarter campaign, Savage Rifts® enlists you in the Tomorrow Legion for a campaign of railgun-shredding, mega-powered magic-flinging adventure across a future Earth shattered by otherworldly invasions.

Savage Explorer Essentials

Pinnacle Entertainment published Savage Worlds Explorer's Edition (SWEX) in 2007. The Bundle of Holding has presented many SWEX campaign settings, including Deadlands Reloaded, Rippers, East Texas University, The Last Parsec, Solomon Kane, Weird War I and II, Flash Gordon, and more. This offer gathered all the SWEX rules companions for fantasy, horror, science fiction, and superheroics, along with some of the earliest and best-loved settings like 50 Fathoms.


This new offer presented Spire, the urban industrial fantasy-punk RPG co-designed by Grant Howitt (Goblin Quest, Honey Heist, Crash Pandas). In a mile-tall city of a thousand gods, you're a dark elf who has joined the Ministry resistance movement to overthrow your cruel high-elf overlords. Subvert, intrigue, and fight your way from the subterranean levels of Derelictus and Red Row up to the frozen reaches of Amaranth and New Heaven, in a superbly imaginative weird-fantasy setting funded in a July 2017 Kickstarter campaign.


Indie Cornucopia 8

In time for the American Thanksgiving holiday, we launched our all-new eighth annual collection of top-quality small-press RPGs.

Symbaroum Settings

This new companion to our August 2018 Symbaroum Bundle added recent sourcebooks and adventures for Symbaroum, the dark fantasy RPG from Free League Publishing. Most of these extended explorations of the primeval dark forest of Davokar were funded in Kickstarter campaigns in March 2017 (Karvosti), October 2017 (Monster Codex), April 2018 (Yndaros), and March 2019 (Symbar). These location sourcebooks continue the epic Throne of Thorns campaign begun in the rulebook and the early supplement Thistle Hold.

Starfinder Empires

This new offer presented third-party supplements compatible with Paizo Publishing's Starfinder space-fantasy RPG. Starfinder launches the Pathfinder rules system into a high-energy universe of futuristic fantasy adventure. Paizo's corebook takes a straight-faced approach closer to Star Frontiers than Gamma World, with envoy characters, mechanics, technomancers, solarians -- humans, androids, reptilians, ratfolk, bugfolk -- system-spanning megacorporations, space stations five miles wide, Death's Head Necrogliders, and entire worlds run by Cthulhoid cults. These third-party supplements from Rogue Genius Games, Legendary Games, and Fat Goblin Games expand the game in all directions, with guides to stellar piracy, robot companions, owning your own star system, celebrity careers, gigantic mantis shrimp, and mutated weregorilla criminal mastermind Tarq Grazza.

Worldbuilder's Toolkit 7

This all-new offer was the seventh in our annual (well, mostly) series of gamemastering texts.


Kult: Divinity Lost

This all-new offer presented the entire product line to date from the 2018 Helmgast edition of the acclaimed RPG of contemporary Gnostic horror, Kult. The world around us is a lie, and humanity is trapped in Illusion. By discovering the truth about our prison, our captors, our hidden past, and our Shadow selves, player characters hope to awaken from their induced sleep and take control of a stolen destiny. Funded in a February 2016 Kickstarter campaign, the new Kult: Divinity Lost updates the original 1991 Kult to the present with an entirely new rules set Powered by the Apocalypse. But just as before, death in Kult is only the beginning. Escape your nightmares, strike bargains with demons, and try to stay alive in a world full of pain.

Demon Lord Legacies

This all-new companion to our May 2017 Shadow of the Demon Lord offer added dozens of recent supplements for Shadow of the Demon Lord, the dark fantasy RPG from Schwalb Entertainment of grim heroism against a cosmic destroyer.

Girl Genius

We presented the first 13 graphic albums collecting the popular Studio Foglio gaslight-fantasy webcomic Girl Genius, along with other effervescences from Phil Foglio (What's New with Phil & Dixie?, MythAdventures, and many more). Girl Genius is an ongoing "gaslamp fantasy" webcomic by Phil and Kaja Foglio. In an alternate Europe in the throes of Industrial Revolution, the monstrously inventive mad scientists called Sparks develop new and interesting ways to smash each other's castles. Agatha Heterodyne, a hapless student at Transylvania Polygnostic University, discovers her own Spark. As she obsessively pursues her monstrous heritage and birthright, all Europa watches carefully, for fear Agatha may become a monster herself.


HERO System magazines

This Hero Magazines Bundle marked the debut in .PDF of two long-running hobby periodicals devoted to Champions, The Super Roleplaying Game and the universal HERO System rules set from Hero Games. This offer presented new, previously unpublished .PDF image scans of Adventurers Club magazine (27 issues, 1983-1995) and hundreds of articles from the APAzine Haymaker (1992-2014). Along with Digital Hero (also included in this offer), these magazines supported five different editions of Champions and the HERO System across 25 years. For customers who didn't have them all to hand, this offer added every Champions rulebook from 1E (1981) through the Fifth Revised Edition ("FRED," 2005). This whole Heroic mountain comprised almost exactly 8,000 pages.

TinyD6 Worlds

This all-new companion to our July 2019 Tiny Dungeon offer added recent standalone rulebooks and supplements that use the easy and streamlined TinyD6 rules from Gallant Knight Games.

Epic Isometric

This all-new offer presented digital map and art packs for virtual tabletop RPGs from the Epic Isometric line created by Australian artist Alex Drummond and published by WarDrumRPG. Hand-drawn in a consistent three-quarter perspective, these graphics files are transparent monochrome .PNGs compatible with all photo-editing programs and virtual tabletops like Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, MapTool, Astral, Foundry VTT, and others. Color these images or import them as-is to your preferred platform, and use them to create your own adventures.


This new offer featured the rules-light game engine Fudge and many of the RPGs that use it. Fudge, the precursor of Fate, is a customizable toolkit that supports every setting you can imagine. Its word-based trait scale and simple action resolution make it ideal for novices and flexible enough to satisfy experienced roleplayers. Just Fudge It!

Fudge RPGs use Fudge Dice, available from Grey Ghost Press, from Evil Hat Productions (as "Fate Dice"), at hobby gaming stores, or from Amazon (affiliate link).


WFRP 1E Sorcery

This new companion to our December 2018 WFRP 1E Bundle added more supplements from the 1990s Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay First Edition line, including Realms of Sorcery and the Doomstones campaign (1990).

Goodman 5E Fantasy

This all-new offer presented the complete Fifth Edition Fantasy line of Dungeons & Dragons 5E adventures from Goodman Games. Written for character levels from 1 to 12 and playable in one or a few sessions, these 17 standalone modules fit easily into any ongoing campaign using the world's most popular roleplaying game. Each scenario includes new races, backgrounds, monsters, spells, and magical items.

Cthulhu Invictus

During the late Age of the Antonines (AD 145), as the Roman Empire reached its peak, dark forces were at work. Ancient wizards sought ways to cheat death, explorers stumbled on the remnants of alien civilizations, and foul cults practiced unholy rites. But there was hope. From the benches of the Senate to the arches of the Colosseum, from Rome's steamy bathhouses to legionary camps in border provinces, some heroes and heroines were willing to risk their lives to protect humanity. With torch, sword, and mystic arts they battled to preserve the Empire for one more day. Cthulhu Invictus, a setting for Call of Cthulhu set in ancient Rome, started as a humble Chaosium monograph (2004), then grew to an official CoC setting (2009). In February 2017 designer Oscar Rios Kickstarted an updated Cthulhu Invictus for the CoC Seventh Edition rules. The greatly expanded Invictus 7E sourcebook won the 2019 Silver ENnie for Best Supplement.

This all-new offer presented most of the Invictus line, including the complete 197-page Cthulhu Invictus setting book for Call of Cthulhu 7E; the scenario collections De Horrore Cosmico and Fronti Nulla Fides ("no faith in appearances"); Heroes and Heroines of the Shadow War, a big book of pregenerated ready-to-play investigators from all classes and backgrounds in ancient Rome; and two fiction anthologies, plus extra material originally created for the Invictus Kickstarter campaign. These titles aren't available in .PDF on DriveThruRPG, but you can purchase them from the Golden Goblin Press online store.

Note: You'll need the free Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition Quick-Start Rules or the CoC 7E Keeper's Rulebook from Chaosium, Inc. to use this Cthulhu Invictus material.

Space: 1889 Odysseys

This all-new companion to our March 2017 Space: 1889 Clockwork Bundle added the original 1990s GDW Space: 1889 line, together with recent sourcebooks and adventures for the Clockwork Publishing version based on the Ubiquity rules system.


Old School Gold

This all-new collection presented top-selling rulebooks, campaign settings, and scenarios that build on the Old School Revival spirit of tabletop roleplaying's earliest days.

The Savage World of Flash Gordon

This offer presented The Savage World of Flash Gordon Roleplaying Game™, the campaign setting of raygun-and-rocketship pulp action using the fast-furious-fun Savage Worlds rules from Pinnacle Entertainment. The rogue planet of Mongo suffers under the sadistic tyrant Ming the Merciless. But revolutionaries -- hawkmen of Sky City, ice giants of Naquk, water-breathing Coralians -- defy his reign of terror. At their side fights heroic Earthman Flash Gordon.

And as we often do with these Savage Worlds offers, we included the Savage Worlds Deluxe Explorer's Edition rulebook required for play.

Shadowrun 5E Lethal Streets

This all-new companion to our February 2019 Shadowrun 5E Essentials Bundle added a wide selection of rules expansions and setting sourcebooks for the 2013 Fifth Edition of Shadowrun from Catalyst Game Labs.


Invisible Sun

Invisible Sun is Monte Cook's surreal modern-fantasy RPG from Monte Cook Games. Leave this world of Shadow to become a vislae (a student of magic), walking the Path of Suns to discover the deepest secrets of reality itself. Funded in a spectacular August 2016 Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, Invisible Sun debuted as an unprecedented physical Black Cube (retail price US$250) packed with rulebooks, game components, and play aids. This offer presented the follow-up Digital Black Cube (retail $99) along with much of the Invisible Sun support line.

  • The immense Invisible Sun Digital Black Cube with .PDFs of all the written components of the Black Cube: four corebooks, seven print-and-cut decks of cards, handouts, props, an art book, maps, pregenerated characters, and more (plus Monte Cook Games' free Consent in Gaming pamphlet)
  • Secrets of Silent Streets: An in-depth tour of Satyrine, the conflict-ridden city at the heart of the Invisible Sun setting.
  • Book M: New forte, long-form magic, and character and house secrets, plus 200 new cards for spells, incantations, ephemera, and objects of power.
  • Teratology: Hundreds of creatures, spirits, and other entities that inhabit the realms of Invisible Sun, plus new locations and insights to the Path of Suns.
  • Enchiridion of the Path: Notes, maps, journal clippings, and tons of other print-and-play handouts for your table.
  • Invisible Sun Prop-Crafting Kit: Make your own menus, handbills, tickets, brochures, and business cards to convey official letters, secret messages, or hidden clues.


This all-new offer presented the 2019 Second Edition of Fellowship, the Apocalypse Engine FRPG from Liberi Gothica Games. (We presented Fellowship First Edition in the November 2016 Indie Cornucopia 4.) In Fellowship one player is the Overlord, a maniacal being who has become a Threat to the World. A character like everyone else, the Overlord controls the forces of evil in service to a master plan. The other players form a coalition of heroes to stop the Overlord. The Overlord plays by rules different from the other players, and makes sure saving the world is an epic challenge for everyone. Fellowship focuses on the journey you take and the communities you meet as you strive to save the day. This offer also included many popular Dungeon World playbooks.

Dark Eye Kingdoms

This all-new companion to our January 2018 The Dark Eye Bundle added new English-language expansions and regional sourcebooks for Germany's leading FRPG, The Dark Eye -- specifically the Warring Kingdoms campaign setting funded by publisher Ulisses Spiele in a June 2017 Kickstarter campaign.

Legendary Ultimate 5E

This all-new offer presented the Legendary Games Ultimate Plug-Ins line of campaign sourcebooks for Fifth Edition. These 5E expansions let your player character leave the dungeon and found (or conquer) your own kingdom. Tame the wilderness to establish new cities, and fill them with loyal citizens and monuments to your realm's glory. Engage in diplomacy, trade, espionage, and everything a ruler must manage to keep a nation prosperous and happy. Construct towering fortresses both magical and mundane -- navigate the hazards of sea battles and court intrigues -- build relationships that last a lifetime.


Fate of the Norns

Fate of the Norns: Ragnarok is Pendelhaven's FRPG of epic Viking action in the Twilight of the Gods. The sun and moon have disappeared, devoured by the wolves Skoll and Hati. Fimbulwinter envelops the worlds of the cosmic tree Yggdrasil. In this Age of the Sword, new heroes arise who command the power to shape the outcome of Ragnarok. The innovative and well-tested Runic Game System in Fate of the Norns governs your character's destiny using, not dice, but Futhark rune stones. And Fate of the Norns is a mythic journey for both your character and you yourself: When your character dies, the Valkyries may carry him or her away to Valhalla -- and you, the player, gain access to new game features to bestow on your next character.

Apocalypse Engine 4

This was our all-new fourth offer of indie RPGs Powered by the Apocalypse -- that is, based on Vincent Baker's landmark game Apocalypse World.


Cthulhu Confidential

This comprehensive collection presented the GUMSHOE One-2-One game lines from Pelgrane Press. One-2-One is a fast-paced head-to-head version of the popular GUMSHOE system by Robin D. Laws. Guided by a Game Moderator (GM), you become the sole protagonist in suspenseful investigative adventures -- noir nightscapes right out of the Cthulhu Mythos and superspy espionage.

Star Trek Adventures

This all-new collection featured the licensed 2d20 SFRPG from Modiphius Entertainment, Star Trek Adventures.


This all-new offer presented Godbound, the Sine Nomine FRPG, designed by Kevin Crawford (Stars Without Number), of divine heroes forging a new world from the ruins of the old. In Godbound you play demigods in a crumbling world. In ancient times the kingdoms of humanity stormed Heaven and fought through angelic armies to the Throne of God Himself -- only to find the Throne empty. The mortal kingdoms decided to make gods of their own. Each Made God that attempted to sit on the Throne was reduced to ash. As abominable titans waged the Last War, reality crumbled in a universal Shattering. Now, in the Uncreated Night, new divinities have arisen. Some mortals, seemingly at random, have become bound to the Words of Creation that give control of the fabric of reality. Will the Godbound save the world from destruction, or hasten its demise?


Dungeons on Demand

Dan Coleman's Dungeons on Demand are instant 5E dungeons you can drop into your campaign. Each dungeon is designed for four- or five-player parties of specified levels and can be played through in one or two sessions. This offer presented a complete sequence of 21 modules that can take player characters from level 1 to 20.

Solo Games

This new offer presented solitaire roleplaying, board, and miniatures games -- a timely idea as the world entered lockdown to slow the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.

We also included a free game, one of the best solitaire RPGs ever: Shawn Tomkin's Ironsworn.

Blue Rose

Green Ronin Publishing's Blue Rose Second Edition is an AGE-system RPG of romantic fantasy. Tell stories of heroic envoys of the Sovereign's Finest as they protect their homeland of Aldea from threats like the shadowy Kingdom of Kern and the fanatical Theocracy of Jarzon, as well as monsters and artifacts from the cruel reign of the Sorcerer Kings. Aided by the rhydan, their psychic animal allies, the champions of the Kingdom of the Blue Rose safeguard the light of the world against the Shadow.

Knights of the Dinner Table - More Trouble

This all-new companion to our May 2018 Knights of the Dinner Bundle added more collections featuring the long-running gaming comic series Knights of the Dinner Table by Jolly R. Blackburn from Kenzer and Company.


2020 Birthday Bundle

We marked the site's seventh anniversary with this new charity collection. Our generous customers paid money for games you can otherwise download free elsewhere on the web (links below) -- all to help The DOTS RPG Project, a 501(c)3 nonprofit founded in 2017, makes roleplaying games accessible to visually impaired players and other people with disabilities. DOTS has created 3D-printable Braille polyedral dice and Fate dice models, transcribes rulebooks in Braille, and works with publishers to address screen-reader accessibility.

Necrotic Gnome

Eww! This all-new offer presented the Old-School Essentials retro-clone FRPG and its Dolmenwood campaign setting from the colorfully named publisher Necrotic Gnome. Funded in an April 2019 Kickstarter campaign, Old-School Essentials (formerly B/X Essentials) emphasizes clarity, layout, and ease of use at your table. And Dolmenwood is a flavorful and delightfully creepy weird-fantasy forest steeped in occult energies, riddled with fungus, and haunted by fairies both wicked and kind.

Judge Dredd and More

This new companion to our March 2018 WOIN OLD and NEW Bundle added the Judge Dredd & the Worlds of 2000 AD licensed RPG powered by WOIN, the What's OLD is NEW set of crunchy, tactial RPG system toolkits from EN Publishing.


Classic Hits

This collection gathered many top-quality indie RPGs originally presented in half a dozen Bundle offers in 2013 and 2014.

Stygian Fox Cthulhu

This all-new offer presented recent Call of Cthulhu sourcebooks, investigations, and play aids from Stygian Fox Publishing. These fiercely imaginative (and uncomfortable) scenarios of realistic horror range beyond the Cthulhu Mythos and across many times and locales.

Rifts Minion War

This new companion to our July 2017 Rifts® Essentials presented the Palladium Books Megaversal crossover saga of demonic annihilation on Rifts Earth and beyond. The sequence in order:


City Designer

This all-new companion to our April 2018 Campaign Cartographer Bundle added the City Designer 3 expansion and many maps, floorplans, and style packs for Campaign Cartographer 3+ from ProFantasy Software.

Infinity RPG

Based on Corvus Belli's popular Infinity miniatures skirmish game, the Infinity RPG from Modiphius Entertainment casts you as Bureau Noir law enforcement agents undertaking missions on a dozen worlds in the style of Appleseed and Ghost in the Shell. Track pirates amid the shattered planetoids of Human Edge; delve the oceans of Varuna; duck gunfire in the twisted emerald jungles of Paradiso; pursue rogue AIs through Nomad motherships. Meanwhile, from beyond the Human Sphere, the alien Combined Army has invaded, threatening to destroy humanity.

13th Age Adventures

This new companion to our December 2015 13th Age Bundle added recent 13th Age supplements from Pelgrane Press, including all three collections of Battle Scenes connected to the 13 icons of the Dragon Empire.


Indie Cornucopia 7

This seventh annual collection of top-quality small-press RPGs gathered one of the strongest lineups in the Cornucopia's (or, indeed, the entire Bundle site's) history.

Worldbuilder's Toolkit 6

This was the sixth all-new installment in our annual series of gamemastering texts and world creation tools -- the Bundle site's most successful sequence of offers.

Necropolis 2350

Necropolis 2350 is the campaign setting of grimdark 24th-Century horror from Triple Ace Games for Savage Worlds. On Salus, humanity's last habitable world, knights of the Third Reformation Church and soldiers of the Union of Corporations battle an onslaught by the undead Rephaim. Take the roles of Impalers, Incinerators, Preachers, and Templars in a desperate struggle against extinction. This offer helped Triple Ace's prolific Creative Director and Necropolis 2350 designer Paul "Wiggy" Wade-Williams (Hellfrost, Slipstream, 50 Fathoms, and many more) after he had a serious stroke in October 2019.

Bundle of Fate 5

This was our fifth collection of campaign settings that use the popular Fate roleplaying rules. In contrast with past offers, all the titles in this collection came from Evil Hat Productions. The fountainhead of Fate, Evil Hat launched the system in 2003 as a collection of house rules for FUDGE, then used it to underpin Spirit of the Century (2006) and many subsequent games. Fate RPGs use Fudge Dice, available from Evil Hat Productions (as "Fate Dice"), at hobby gaming stores, or from Amazon (affiliate link).


Our first-ever offer of titles for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition came from the AdventureAWeek.com line published by AAW Games. AAW's long-running subscription plan has produced hundreds of titles for 5E and Pathfinder/Starfinder.

Cities of Cthulhu

This new companion to our May 2014 Trail of Cthulhu Bundle added recent supplements and scenarios of urban Mythos horror for Trail of Cthulhu, the bestselling RPG of occult investigations using the GUMSHOE system from Pelgrane Press.

Clockwork & Cthulhu

Clockwork & Chivalry from Cakebread & Walton takes you to the English Civil War of 1645, but fought with witchcraft and basilisks, with Francis Bacon's alchemy and Oliver Cromwell's war machines. And in the horror campaign supplement Clockwork & Cthulhu and the standalone companion game Dark Streets, the stars align for the return of the Old Gods -- the creatures of HP Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos. Using the percentile-based Renaissance System adapted from OpenQuest (itself derived from Mongoose Publishing's RuneQuest), these RPG ebooks transport Investigators and historical game fans to a wild and Sanity-draining past-that-never-was.

Deadlands: Hell on Earth

Hell on Earth is the standalone 1998 sequel to Deadlands: The Weird West from Pinnacle Entertainment. In the centuries after Deadlands Classic's alternate history of 1876, horrific other-dimensional entities called the Reckoners fomented warfare and destruction across the American West and the world. In 2081 a devastating Last War released evil spirits and arcane energy, making the entire world a Deadland -- but the Reckoners's own machinations trapped them here on the toxic, irradiated Earth. Now, in 2094, the heroes of the Wasted West try to reclaim the land and destroy the Reckoners.

Delta Green Operations

This new companion to our July 2018 Delta Green RPG offer added recent supplements and scenarios from Arc Dream Publishing for the modern-day Cthulhu Mythos conspiracy-horror standalone RPG Delta Green.


Marc Miller's Traveller was the 1996 Fourth Edition of Traveller. Originally published in 1996-97 by Imperium Games, the T4 line is set in "Milieu 0," the earliest years of the Third Imperium interstellar empire. This all-new offer presented the best books in the line -- everything you need to venture out from Core Sector in your scout ship (or your battle squadron) to recontact the Pocket Empires lost in the Long Night.

Savage Battlefield

This collection of Savage Worlds campaign settings from Battlefield Press helped Battlefield owner Jonathan Thompson and his family after an arsonist burned their house.

Old School Revival 6

This was the sixth installment in our annual (well, mostly) celebration of the Old School Revival and the spirit of roleplaying's earliest days.

Torg Eternity

The 2018 Eternity edition of Torg, the multi-genre adventure RPG originally published in 1990 by West End Games (and presented in two past Bundle offers, January and March 2015), was funded in a spectacular May 2017 Kickstarter campaign by Ulisses Spiele. This all-new offer presented everything you need to reboot the Possibility Wars using the revised rules and updated cosms.

Legacy: Life Among the Ruins

In Legacy: Life Among the Ruins, the Powered by the Apocalypse SFRPG, you're rebuilding a new world in the ruins of the future, and controlling both a family and its individual members across generations. As your story skips forward decades or centuries, your actions change the world, and your family adapts to survive.


Goodman Gems

Goodman Games publishes a stellar series of entertaining and inspirational system-neutral supplements that have become works of the Old School Revival. The venerable Dungeon Alphabet, its companion The Monster Alphabet, and other Goodman titles help OSR gamemasters rethink their games at a fundamental level.

Mythras Worlds

This new companion to our April 2018 Mythras Core Bundle added recent sourcebooks and scenarios for the d100-based FRPG (previously published as RuneQuest 6) from The Design Mechanism.

War on Everything!

This was a collection of print-and-play science fiction board wargames that let you battle on Earth and in space. Each of these small games includes just 100-200 counters, so you can assemble them in less than an hour. Most of them are for one or two players, and a game lasts two hours or less.

Darkfast Dungeons and Save the Day

This collection featured designer-artist David Okum's fast-playing dungeon-crawl boardgame Darkfast Dungeons, its compatible Save the Day superhero RPG, and tons of paper minis from Okumarts Games. The Okumarts Games YouTube channel has Actual Play videos and crafting tips.

ArM5 World of Magic

This new companion to our August 2014 Ars Magica 5 Bundle added world-spanning Ars Magica supplements and sourcebooks that ranged far beyond Mythic Europe. With this, our fourth ArM5 companion offer (after More Magic, Wizards & Power, and Mythic Europe), we completed our presentation of the entire Atlas Games ArM Fifth Edition line.


This offer presented the 1994 Zeta edition of Mekton, Mike Pondsmith's anime-mecha RPG from R. Talsorian Games. Mekton conjures worlds of Macross-style high adventure and Gundam-like mechanized combat in a far future where science fiction meets Japanese anime. At stake: the survival of entire civilizations, entrusted to the skilled few who can master the giant robotic war machines of this future age.

Savage Heroes

This collection presented no less than four complete product lines for Savage Worlds from Pinnacle Entertainment, based on the long-running comics Fear Agent™, The Goon™, and The Sixth Gun®, and on Robert E. Howard's pulp wanderer Solomon Kane. And as we often do with these Savage Worlds offers, we included the Savage Worlds Deluxe Explorer's Edition rulebook

Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of

Robert E. Howard's Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of from Modiphius Entertainment is the 2d20 RPG based on the legendary sword-and-sorcery creations of Robert E. Howard.

Tiny Dungeon

Funded in a September 2017 Kickstarter campaign, the Tiny Dungeon RPG uses the streamlined, minimalist TinyD6 universal system from Gallant Knight Games for a fast-playing fantasy game that's easy to learn and teach, and ideal for convention games, one-shots, and novice roleplayers. Player characters -- heroic adventurers, daring treasure hunters, imperious magicians, and more -- have statistics that fit on a 3x5" notecard. Designer Alan Bahr has adapted the TinyD6 rules for standalone games in other genres. This offer presented the current editions of Tiny Dungeon, Wastelands, Frontiers, and Mecha (tiny, uhhh, giant robots?), along with a tiny boatload of freebies.

Paranoia RED Clearance

The revamped 2016 edition of the classic satirical SFRPG Paranoia was funded in a tremendous October 2014 Kickstarter campaign from Mongoose Publishing. The card-based Paranoia RED Clearance Edition has all-new rules, many devious setting updates, and enhanced backstabbing techniques to test on your fellow Troubleshooters. Everything is different, but everything is still perfect. Your friend The Computer says so.

More Fighting Fantasy

Advanced Fighting Fantasy is the Arion Games RPG based on the bestselling Fighting Fantasy gamebooks by Steve Jackson (UK) and Ian Livingstone. This new companion to our March 2017 Advanced Fighting Fantasy Bundle added recent supplements and adventures, three of which debuted in this offer.


Tékumel is an astonishing science fantasy campaign setting. In the roleplaying hobby, home to the Forgotten Realms, Hârn, Glorantha, Jorune, and other detailed settings (to say nothing of Middle-earth), Tékumel has no parallel. Tékumel is the tabletop peer of computer games like Dwarf Fortress and EVE Online -- not so much a pastime as a field of study, a lifestyle. Its lore beggars comparison. The setting mixes influences from Mesoamerica, Moghul India, Egypt, China, and Arab cultures to create a setting that is exotic, bizarre, intensely flavored, and incomparably intricate.

The Mutant Epoch

This offer presented William McAusland's gonzo post-apocalyptic RPG The Mutant Epoch from Outland Arts. In the twisted future of 24th-Century America, engineered humans form "dig teams" with Aberrationist mutants, free-willed android mercenaries, and self-aware robots to uncover relic treasures in Ancient ruins. Through force of arms these excavators survive against barbaric skullocks, warmorts, moaners, reptili, and bipedal rats. Grab your gasmask, knee pads, crossbow, and junk armor, and answer the pleas of hard-pressed humanity in a world of post-apocalypse adventure.

Fantasy Hero 4E and 5E

This double offer presented the HERO System Fourth and Fifth Edition Fantasy Hero lines from Hero Games, 1990-2009. The HERO System underpins Champions, The Super Roleplaying Game. These endlessly flexible rules work equally well with every kind of fantasy: high, low, urban, sword and sorcery, and everything you can imagine.


Corporation is the Brutal Games SFRPG about corporate war in a future dystopia. Centuries from now, five monolithic Corporations dominate the world. From grimy alleys to trading floors to sumptuous hotels, biomechanically augmented Agents travel the world's Spire cities on clandestine missions. Their enemies: rival Agents, war machines, corporate telepaths, Shi Yukiro assassins, and the augmentation addicts of the Cult of Machina. Corporation's simple and versatile rules let superhuman Agents mow down opponents in high-caliber gunfights right out of The Fifth Element, Equilibrium, Ghost in the Shell, and The Matrix.

The World's Largest Bundle

Yeah, that's right! We called this collection "The World's Largest Bundle" because it featured The World's Largest Dungeon and World's Largest City, two massive d20 System supplements from Alderac Entertainment, along with many other Alderac d20 System sourcebooks and adventures.

The Last Parsec

This space opera campaign setting for Pinnacle Entertainment's Savage Worlds is a loving homage to TSR's Star Frontiers. Player characters can be humans, cat people, walking plants, precognitive Serrans (space elves), dome-headed robots, four-armed Kalian swordsmen, or any of five more races, zooming all over the universe together as bounty hunters, explorers, merchants, security, diplomats, mercenaries, salvagers, entertainers, surveyors, scientists, engineers, or spies. ...And the Savage Worlds Deluxe Explorer's Edition rulebook.

Seven Worlds

Seven Worlds by Luis Enrique Torres is a space opera setting with a hard-sf flavor for Pinnacle Entertainment's Savage Worlds. Its world-shattering campaign across seven star systems is an epic on the scale of Battlestar Galactica or The Expanse. Trying to avert the fall of Humanity, you'll traverse known space from edge to edge and beyond. View and navigate the setting's 3D digital starmap, coded in VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language), as a free download from SevenWorldsRPG.com. (Requires the Savage Worlds Deluxe Edition rulebook and the Savage Worlds Science Fiction Companion, not included in this offer.).