The heroic journey is over

Our Heroic Maps Bundle has ended

Our Heroic Maps Bundle offer ended on July 11, 2022 at 11:00PM EDT (GMT -04:00).

Since 2013 Joseph and Sarah Bilton at Heroic Maps have produced full color digital battlemaps and tiles featuring castles and villages, dungeons and crypts, temples and caverns. Funded by a strong Patreon campaign, Heroic has published hundreds of unique landscapes, of which this all-new collection presented a wide-ranging sample.

  • Heroic Maps GM Starter Pack
  • Under Caves and Under Caves - Chambers
  • The Discover: Villages series, depicting the same rural hamlet in four seasons: Villages - Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter
  • Villages - Interiors, a companion set for the Discover maps
  • The complete nine-set Hellscapes collection depicting the Nine Levels of Hell, starting with Hellscapes - Level 1: A ravaged and war-torn land, cut in half by the Styx
  • Level 2: A flat featureless plain winds its way past stagnant rivers to the walls of the City of Iron
  • Level 3: A desolate swamp, with stinking marshes and oozing mud as far as the eye can see
  • Level 4: A plane of fire and ash, with pits of fire hot enough to burn devils
  • Level 5: A frozen ocean, cold enough to freeze your soul
  • Level 6: A corrupted and perilous place, full of rotting bones, pits of tar, and harsh coppery scents
  • Level 7: A devastated ruined city, filled with decay and despair
  • Level 8: A frozen wasteland, permanent blizzards and perilous ice
  • Level 9: A barren red wasteland, cut by impossibly deep chasms

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