The trove is spent

Our Indie Treasure Trove 2022 has ended

Our Indie Treasure Trove 2022 offer ended on September 5, 2022 at 11:00PM EDT (GMT -04:00).

This all-new offer gathered a wide range of top-quality small-press RPGs.

  • Dueling Fops of Vindamere by Greg Stolze (Crankshaft Constellation): Boast, show off, wager, conspire, fight, elope, wed, rise in society, and boast some more in a scandal-plagued city. Cool your ardor, swain!
  • .dungeon by Batts: This tabletop RPG casts you as Players in an online fantasy game. Wait, what?
  • Girl Underground by Lauren McManamon and Jesse Ross (Hedgemaze Press): A low-prep Apocalypse Engine RPG of a young girl and her Companions travelling a semi-sinister Wonderland.
  • Hunt the Wicked by Ben Dutter (Sigil Stone Publishing): Galactic bounty hunters keep the peace to protect humanity from extinction.
  • Mage to Order by Joie Martin (Drowning Moon Studios): The Municipal Order of Technomantic Engineers keeps the lights on in the magitech city of Thelema.
  • Over Arms by Cory Burns (Rookie Jet Studio): Awaken your psychic Anima and learn to understand its abilities and purpose in this rules-light RPG based on Japanese manga and videogames.
  • Save the Universe by Don Bisdorf: Create a galactic menace and the heroes that defeat it in this simple, story-focused space opera.
  • The Spider and the City by Thomas Manuel: A solitaire journaling game of a criminal mastermind in a city wracked by rebellion.
  • The Well by Peter Schaefer (Shoeless Pete Games): In this "dungeon climb" you head upward through a miles-deep shaft to fight undead and loot abandoned tunnels.
  • Wicked & Graceful by Rose Bailey (Fantasy Heartbreaker): In the waning days of the Atlantean Empire, you work (or not) to avert the coming Fall. The prequel to Bright & Terrible.

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