The frontier closes

Our Weird Frontiers Bundle has ended

Our Weird Frontiers Bundle offer ended on November 14, 2022 at 11:00PM EST (GMT -05:00).

The Lovecraftian Weird-West RPG Weird Frontiers from Stiff Whiskers Press is set in an alternate 1865 when a cabal of Nyarlathotep cultists awakened long-dormant Elder Gods. Like a creature fighting a sickness, Earth responded by activating long-dormant ley lines brimming with arcane energies, "kissing" common folks with extraordinary supernatural abilities. You are one such trailhand, fighting an ever-growing evil in a wounded country still recovering from the bloodiest war in American history. You can turn tail or take the fight to the night, and you ain't about to be called yeller! Saddle your horses and clean those irons, trailhand, 'cause there's something slithering across the dark frontier and it's dead set on making vittles out of you and your ragtag posse.

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