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Our Honor + Intrigue Quick Deal offer ended on May 17, 2023 at 11:00PM EDT (GMT -04:00).

Honor + Intrigue from Basic Action Games is set in the Baroque Era of the 17th Century, when highwaymen menace the coach-roads, musketeers protect the king, and buccaneers cross swords on the high seas. Amid tangled webs of intrigue friends become betrayers – enemies make fleeting allies – rival nobles who smile cordially at court plot in secret – and high-flying heroes laugh at danger, swing into action, and meet foes with flashing steel and a sharp tongue. Based on the simple and fast-playing Barbarians of Lemuria system, Honor + Intrigue is a standalone game with rules for dueling (in many unique fencing styles), social combat, black powder weapons, alchemy, sorcery, and Fortune points that help you beat overwhelming odds. You can swing from a tapestry, crash through the window, lunge at your enemy, and parry his attack all in a single turn!

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