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Our Historica Arcanum Bundle has ended

Our Historica Arcanum Bundle offer ended on September 4, 2023 at 11:00PM EDT (GMT -04:00).

Historica Arcanum is a series of alternate-history Fifth Edition fantasy campaign settings from Turkish publisher Metis Creative. The Historica Arcanum timeline spans many centuries. In the alternate 13th Century of Empires of the Silk Road, magic is dangerous, unstable, and tightly controlled. North of the Silk Road, the Khanate of the Eternal Blue Sky is rising; to the west, impoverished Crusader Kings covet the Road's treasures; between them, in the Sultanate of Persia, the warlock Hasan Sabbah and his Hashashin Order pit kingdoms against one another in a deadly game. Then jump forward to the alternate 19th-Century Istanbul (not Constantinople!) of The City of Crescent. In this capital of the crumbling Ottoman Empire, rooftop chases atop coffee parlors lead adventurers to bustling bazaars, through mighty palaces, and down to deadly catacombs. In magical counterparts to real landmarks, you'll solve mysteries, intrigue among factions, fight legendary monsters, and shape the arcane history of the Historica Arcanum universe.

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