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Our Rifts Coalition Wars offer has ended

Our Rifts Coalition Wars Bundle offer ended on June 11, 2024 at 12:00AM EDT (GMT -04:00).

This new companion to our December 2022 Rifts Core Megabundle added supplements and sourcebooks about the Coalition States, a dominating presence across the central United States of Rifts Earth. A militaristic high-tech human-supremacist dictatorship ruled by Emperor Karl Prosek, the CS brands itself a defender of humanity in a stand-or-die war of survival against wizards, psychics, mutant animals, and D-Bees (Dimensional Beings). Seeking new land and resources, and the eradication of all magic from the Earth, the Coalition States invade the Techno-Wizard stronghold of Tolkeen. The magical superstate responds with a blitzkrieg counterattack, and soon darker forces on both sides join the conflict. The Siege on Tolkeen campaign proceeds across six large sourcebooks, plus a final Aftermath postscript that tours the changed world after war's end.

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