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Our PARANOIA CLASSIC offer has ended

Our PARANOIA Classic Bundle offer ended on April 4, 2016 at 2:00PM EDT (GMT -04:00).

Your friend The Computer authorized this collection of brand-new .PDF scans of the original 1980s West End Games line featuring PARANOIA, the SFRPG of a darkly satirical future, and the early adventures that made the game great. These titles will be made available outside this offer after appropriate review by The Computer's loyal servants in Central Processing Unit, Technical Services, Internal Security, and other service groups not available at your clearance.

  • PARANOIA First Edition (1984) and the 1E GM Screen and insert booklet
  • The Acute Paranoia rules supplement
  • All the classic 1E adventures: Vapors Don't Shoot Back, The YELLOW Clearance Black Box Blues, Send in the Clones, Orcbusters, HIL Sector Blues, and Clones in Space
  • PARANOIA 2nd Edition (1987), including The Compleat Troubleshooter, and the 2E Excessory Pack
  • The best adventures from the 2E era: Alpha Complexities, The People's Glorious Revolutionary Adventure, and the Form Pack

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