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Our Operation Unfathomable Bundle offer ended on July 1, 2024 at 11:59PM EDT (GMT -04:00).

Operation Unfathomable is a gonzo Underworld wilderness campaign setting by Jason Sholtis (The Dungeon Dozen) for FRPG retro-clones. Your fledgling 1st-level adventurers explore a vast and incomparably bizarre cavern-world of civilized fungoids, bat-winged dwarves, two-headed giant ape mummies guarding franchise temples, decapitante soldiers, psychephages, death-ray revolvers, the ruins of the now-extinct Genocide Beetle civilization, the Fizzy Drink of Ocular Autonomy ("causes eyeballs to leave their moorings and levitate freely"), and Shaggath-Ka the Worm Sultan. In most circumstances, fragile beginning characters would be doomed. But explorers with good sense (and a willingness to hide) can hope to gain great treasure and speedy advancement.

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