The Be-All has Ended-All

Our EABA Bundle has ended

Our EABA Bundle offer ended on April 22, 2019 at 10:00PM EDT (GMT -04:00).

The universal RPG system EABA ("End-All, Be-All"), designed by Greg Porter (Corps, TimeLords), represents the "Simulationist" school of RPG design, which aims for accurate, fine-grained modeling of a campaign universe that operates sensibly. With EABA's scaling rules you can build anything from a zipgun to a battleship, and run any kind of conflict from a schoolyard fight to a superhero slugfest. The campaign settings in this collection ranged from steampunk to space opera, all using the same coherent, deeply thought-out system.

  • The complete EABA v2.01 core rulebook
  • Stuff!, the comprehensive equipment construction supplement that lets you build anything from a penknife to an orbital bombardment platform
  • Aethos: Hard-sf space opera, espionage, and political aboard a colossal alien worldship
  • Agency and Agency 1957: Modern magickal intrigue in a campaign where only you are Real, and everyone else is just Scenery
  • Eschaton, a superheroic setting that's more realistic than most in assessing the effects of superhumans on society
  • grep: A post-scarcity nanotech setting
  • Verne (a steampunk-Martian-dinosaur extravaganza) and the Verne Maps set of beautiful Victorian-era maps

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