The breaking of the Fellowship

Our Fellowship offer has ended

Our Fellowship Bundle offer ended on July 6, 2020 at 11:00PM EDT (GMT -04:00).

This all-new offer presented the 2019 Second Edition of Fellowship, Jacob Randolph's Apocalypse Engine FRPG from Liberi Gothica Games. (We presented Fellowship First Edition in the November 2016 Indie Cornucopia 4.) In Fellowship one player is the Overlord, a maniacal being who has become a Threat to the World. A character like everyone else, the Overlord controls the forces of evil in service to a master plan. The other players form a coalition of heroes to stop the Overlord. The Overlord plays by rules different from the other players, and makes sure saving the world is an epic challenge for everyone. Fellowship focuses on the journey you take and the communities you meet as you strive to save the day. This offer also included many of Jacob Randolph's popular Dungeon World playbooks.

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