The empires have fallen

Our Starfinder Empires offer has ended

Our Starfinder Empires offer ended on December 1, 2020 at 11:00PM EST (GMT -05:00).

This new offer presented third-party supplements compatible with Paizo Publishing's Starfinder space-fantasy RPG. Starfinder launches the Pathfinder rules system into a high-energy universe of futuristic fantasy adventure. Paizo's corebook takes a straight-faced approach closer to Star Frontiers than Gamma World, with envoy characters, mechanics, technomancers, solarians -- humans, androids, reptilians, ratfolk, bugfolk -- system-spanning megacorporations, space stations five miles wide, Death's Head Necrogliders, and entire worlds run by Cthulhoid cults. These third-party supplements from Rogue Genius Games, Legendary Games, and Fat Goblin Games expand the game in all directions, with guides to stellar piracy, robot companions, owning your own star system, celebrity careers, gigantic mantis shrimp, and mutated weregorilla criminal mastermind Tarq Grazza.

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