From June 2014, the 2004 Mongoose edition of the classic SF tabletop roleplaying game


PARANOIA is fun. Other games are not fun. Play PARANOIA.

RED Starter Collection - $9.95

  • Criminal Histories
  • Service, Service!
  • PARANOIA GM Screen & Mission Blender

ULTRAVIOLET Bonus Collection

  • Flashbacks
  • Extreme PARANOIA
  • The Traitor's Manual
  • Crash Priority
  • The Mutant Experience
  • WMD
  • STUFF 2 - The Gray Subnets

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Paranoia rulebook 2004 edition from Mongoose PublishingCitizen! Terminated in June 2014 but now returned wet and dripping from the Technical Services tanks, our newly cloned PARANOIA Bundle once again brings you the 2004 Mongoose Publishing edition of PARANOIA, the tabletop science-fiction roleplaying game of a darkly humorous future. This bargain-priced revival once again gives you everything you're cleared for to become a Troubleshooter and endure a short but eventful career of light-hearted backstabbing in the underground city of the future, Alpha Complex.

For just US$9.95 you get all five titles in this revived offer's RED Starter Collection (retail value $30) as DRM-free ebooks, including the complete 256-page PARANOIA rulebook (2004 "Service Pack 1" version), the character-creation rules supplement Criminal Histories, the service group sourcebook Service, Service, the STUFF equipment book, and the GM Screen and Mission Blender.

Flashbacks scenario collection for the Paranoia roleplaying gameAnd if you pay more than the threshold price of $20.38, you'll also get this revival's entire ULTRAVIOLET Bonus Collection with seven more titles worth an additional $40, including the must-have 256-page mission collection Flashbacks; the enlightening supplements The Traitor's Manual, Crash Priority, and The Mutant Experience; the Straight-style mission collection WMD; and STUFF 2 - The Gray Subnets.

You have not yet purchased this offer, citizen. Why not? Are you mistrustful of The Computer's generosity? Perhaps this Internal Security agent can encourage you. Buy with certainty! And immediately thereafter, reconnoiter our re-cloned June 2019 Paranoia Red Clearance Edition Bundle with the current Mongoose Publishing edition.

PARANOIA ® & Copyright © 1984, 2004, 2016, 2021 Eric Goldberg & Greg Costikyan. All Rights Reserved. Mongoose Publishing, Ltd., Authorized User.

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By mandate from The Computer's loyal servants in Central Processing Unit, ten percent of your payment (after gateway fees) will be donated to these two PARANOIA revivals' pandemic-related charity, Direct Relief. Direct Relief sends protective gear and critical care medications to health workers, with emergency deliveries to medical facilities across the US and Canada and to regional response agencies around the world.

RED Starter Collection

Pay the minimum price to get these titles:


The 2004 Mongoose Publishing edition of the darkly humorous SFRPG
  • Creator(s): Allen Varney, Dan Gelber, Greg Costikyan, Eric Goldberg, and many more - illustrated by Jim Holloway
  • Mongoose Publishing, 256 pages
  • Retail price $24

Criminal Histories

A whole felonious background for your Troubleshooter, and ways to uncover your teammates' felonies
  • Creator(s): Bill O'Dea
  • Mongoose Publishing, 64 pages
  • Retail price $9

Service, Service!

An official-sounding supplement about all eight Alpha Complex service groups
  • Creator(s): Traitor Recycling Studio
  • Mongoose Publishing, 128 pages
  • Retail price $9


Weapons, equipment and other items to make your life easier and/or harder
  • Creator(s): Traitor Recycling Studio
  • Mongoose Publishing, 128 pages
  • Retail price $9

PARANOIA GM Screen & Mission Blender

Generate an entire mission by rolling dice until your wrist breaks
  • Creator(s): Many traitors
  • Mongoose Publishing, 32 pages
  • Retail price $9

ULTRAVIOLET Bonus Collection

Beat the threshold price to LEVEL UP and get this entire collection of BONUS titles:


The classic 1980s West End adventures, updated for this edition
  • Creator(s): Various designers
  • Mongoose Publishing, 256 pages
  • Retail price $24


Gnawing anxiety at all clearances from ORANGE through VIOLET
  • Creator(s): Traitor Recycling Studio
  • Mongoose Publishing, 128 pages
  • Retail price $9

The Traitor's Manual

The dirt on all the secret societies of Alpha Complex
  • Creator(s): Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan
  • Mongoose Publishing, 96 pages
  • Retail price $9

Crash Priority

A high-speed mission collection
  • Creator(s): Traitor Recycling Studio
  • Mongoose Publishing, 64 pages
  • Retail price $9

The Mutant Experience

Creatively mutated new rules and powers
  • Creator(s): R. Eric Reuss
  • Mongoose Publishing, 64 pages
  • Retail price $9


Four Straight-style missions of darkly humorous naked overweening ambition
  • Creator(s): Traitor Recycling Studio
  • Mongoose Publishing, 82 pages
  • Retail price $9

STUFF 2 - The Gray Subnets

Contraband from illegal data networks that can get you Erased
  • Creator(s): Eric Minton and the Traitor Recycling Studio
  • Mongoose Publishing, 96 pages
  • Retail price $9

You are cleared to purchase ebooks worth US$138

...for an almost treasonously low price! [Note: Not in fact treasonous.] Pay just US$9.95 to earn RED Security Clearance and get this re-cloned June 2014 offer's RED Starter Collection with the 2004 PARANOIA rulebook (in its corrected "Service Pack 1" version), the GM Screen and 32-page Mission Blender booklet, the 64-page Criminal Histories rules supplement, and the STUFF equipment book. And if you pay more than the current threshold price ($20.38), you'll also be cleared to receive all seven titles in this revival's ULTRAVIOLET Bonus Collection, including the stellar 256-page mission compilation Flashbacks, The Traitor's Manual, WMD, STUFF 2 - The Gray Subnets, and more.

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