Crown and Skull

The new tabletop roleplaying system from RUNEHAMMER GAMES

Crown and Skull

The DIGITAL BUNDLE with rules, maps, VTT assets, and music

Crowned Skull Special - $7.95

The Crown and Skull corebook,
maps, virtual tabletop assets,
and 23 original music tracks!

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Runehammer Crown and Skull logoAdventurer! This all-new Runehammer Crown and Skull Bundle presents Crown and Skull, the newest tabletop fantasy roleplaying rules system from Index Card RPG designer Brandish "Runehammer" Gilhelm at Runehammer Games. Crown and Skull puts the players at center stage: Players can build their own custom equipment and spells, roll all the dice in combat, and discover new setting locations, inhabitants, and events – and the Game Master is right at the players' side, discovering all this with them, and using the game's inventive no-prep tools to improvise legendary adventures across the North Holds. Characters earn hero points in play and grow their own way, eventually making the fateful choice: Crown (service to the kingdom) or Skull (independent destiny)?

Want to know more? Download the free 78-page Crown and Skull Player's Guide at the Runehammer Games website.

Runehammer Crown and Skull dragon illustration page 115For just US$7.95 you get the complete Crown and Skull Digital Bundle (sold on the Runehammer Games website for $30) with the 356-page, DRM-free Crown and Skull core rulebook, the North Holds setting map in hexgrid and no-grid versions, 30 image tokens suitable for virtual tabletop (VTT) platforms, and 23 atmospheric MP3 music tracks to enhance your game sessions.

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Crowned Skull Special

Pay just US$7.95 for this complete bundle:

Crown and Skull

Includes the rulebook, VTT assets, and music tracks
  • Designer: Brandish Gilhelm
  • Runehammer Games, 356 pages
  • Retail price $30

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