DG Asset Packs

Graphics sets for DELTA GREEN tabletop roleplaying handouts

DG Asset Packs

Create convincing prop documents with these high-res images

Asset Collection - $17.95

  • DG Asset Pack: Classified 1
  • Known Vectors Pack 1
  • Law Enforcement Pack 1
  • Public Interest Pack 1
  • Private Sector Pack

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Delta Green Known Vectors Asset Pack 1 page 8Agent! This all-new collection of Delta Green Digital Asset Packs, featuring high-res logos and graphics from Arc Dream Publishing that enhance your Delta Green RPG tabletop roleplaying campaign, is a companion to our Delta Green RPG Megabundle in progress. THIS IS NOT THE DELTA GREEN MEGABUNDLE. This is a companion offer with just graphics sets, not RPG ebooks. For the Delta Green RPG game rulebooks, supplements, and scenarios, go here: Delta Green RPG Megabundle.

Operatives in the conspiracy called Delta Green use their positions in government and law enforcement to battle the perils of the Cthulhu Mythos. Agents uncover classified dossiers, confidential memos, police and autopsy reports, alien blueprints, and transcripts of disturbing interviews with disturbed people. Use these Asset Packs to create convincing prop documents and handouts from government bureaus, law enforcement agencies, and private think tanks. Then stamp your handouts CLASSFIED or TOP SECRET, print them out, and let your players go crazy studying them – assuming Lovecraftian horror hasn't driven them crazy already.

Each Asset Pack includes 15-30 corporate or government logos and document stamps ("Confidential," etc.) in transparent .PNG format. Each image is presented in both "clean" and "dirty" (faded, discolored) versions, so you can make handouts that plausibly came from a burned Area 51 lab or a wrecked Chechen smuggling depot. Each Pack includes brush sets with all the images in Photoshop and Procreate formats.

Delta Green Law Enforcement Asset Pack page 5For just US$17.95 you get all four Asset Packs (plus one freebie) in our Asset Collection (retail value $60) as DRM-free graphics sets:

  • Classified Pack 1: Document stamps for Approved, Confidential, Declassified, Evidence, Insane KIA, MIA, Microfiled, Top Secret, etc.
  • Known Vectors: Fictitious DG entities such as the Benthic Company, Breckenridge Corporation, Center for the Missing Child, Club Apocalypse, March Technologies, M-EPIC, Phenomen-X, the PX Penumbra, Red Hook Social Club, and logos and symbols for Delta Green itself. [.SVG images not included.]
  • Law Enforcement Pack 1: Logos for the ATF, Border Protection, DEA, Department of Justice, FBI, Immigration, Naval Criminal Investigative Service, Treasury, US Marshals, US Postal Inspectors, the Secret Service, and the New York City police department. Includes .SVG versions.
  • Public Interest Pack 1: Logos for AmeriCorps, the IRS, NIH, Nuclear Security, the Tennessee Valley Authority, and many US cabinet departments. Includes .SVG versions.
  • And as a convenience to our customers, we add the free Private Sector Pack: Logos for Blackwater, Boeing, Booz Allen Hamilton, CACI, Constellis, DynCorp, G4S1, GardaWorld, Lockheed Martin, MITRE, Pinkertons, RAND Corporation, and Wackenhut. Includes .SVG versions.

Learn more about this offer at our official blog, Beyond the Bundle, and at the r/bundleofholding subreddit.

The good fight

Ten percent of your payment (after gateway fees) will be donated to these two Delta Green offers' designated charity, Direct Relief. Direct Relief sends protective gear and critical care medications to health workers, with emergency deliveries to medical facilities across the US and Canada and to regional response agencies around the world.

Asset Collection

Pay just US$17.95 to get ALL these graphics sets:

DG Asset Pack: Classified 1

Official-looking document stamps
  • Creator: Rachel K. Ivey
  • Arc Dream Publishing, 62 megabytes
  • Retail price $15

Known Vectors Pack 1

The sinister organizations of the Delta Green setting
  • Creator: Rachel K. Ivey
  • Arc Dream Publishing, 157 megabytes
  • Retail price $15

Law Enforcement Pack 1

Federal, state, and local agencies with police powers
  • Creator: Rachel K. Ivey
  • Arc Dream Publishing, 216 megabytes
  • Retail price $15

Public Interest Pack 1

Cabinet departments and national institutions with investigative powers
  • Creator: Rachel K. Ivey
  • Arc Dream Publishing, 108 megabytes
  • Retail price $15

Private Sector Pack

Security services for hire
  • Creator: Rachel K. Ivey
  • Arc Dream Publishing, 248 megabytes
  • FREE

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