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Starter Collection - $7.95

  • OneDice Universal (Revised)
  • OneDice Fantasy + Urban Fantasy
  • OneDice Cyberpunk + Steampunk
  • OneDice Pulp

Bonus Collection

  • OneDice Space
  • OneDice Pirates & Dragons
  • OneDice Airship Pirates
  • OneDice Supers
  • OneDice B Movies
  • OneDice Robin Hood

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Adventurer! This OneDice Bundle features the quick and flexible universal tabletop roleplaying system by Cakebread & Walton (Renaissance, Clockwork & Chivalry). With a OneDice rulebook, a solitary six-sided die, and just a few minutes of prep time, you can create characters and start running an adventure in any genre -- fantasy, science fiction, pulp, steampunk, superheroes, you name it. OneDice is an ideal pickup system for novices and old hands alike.

Each OneDice title is a standalone rulebook, complete in itself, with the concise OneDice system, campaign settings, and special rules tailored to its genre. This bargain-priced bundle gives you a dozen rulebooks, each a springboard into a new genre -- or mix-and-match the rules for your own setting. For just US$7.95 you get all six games in our Starter Collection (retail value $47) as DRM-free .PDF ebooks, including the OneDice rulebooks for Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Cyberpunk, Steampunk, and Pulp, plus the OneDice Universal rules to create your own worlds and backgrounds.

And if you pay more than the threshold price of $15.71, you'll level up and also get our entire Bonus Collection with six more OneDice rulebooks worth an additional $55, including Space, Supers, B Movies, Robin Hood, and the OneDice versions of two Cakebread & Walton RPGs we've presented before in their Renaissance D100 System editions: Pirates & Dragons and the steampunk fantasy Abney Park's Airship Pirates.

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The Good Fight

Ten percent of your payment (after payment gateway fees) will be donated to the charity designated by OneDice publisher Cakebread & Walton, Doctors Without Borders.

Starter Collection

Pay the minimum price to get these titles:

OneDice Universal (Revised)

Quick and easy roleplaying rules for any genre
  • Designer(s): Peter Cakebread
  • Cakebread & Walton, 84 pages
  • Retail price US$8

OneDice Fantasy + Urban Fantasy

Elves and dragons, rock stars and Rosicrucians
  • Designer(s): Peter Cakebread, Nick Clements
  • Cakebread & Walton, 240 pages
  • Retail price US$16

OneDice Cyberpunk + Steampunk

Sprawls and steam, post-apocalypse and gothic horror
  • Designer(s): Peter Cakebread
  • Cakebread & Walton, 176 pages
  • Retail price US$15

OneDice Pulp

Adventure and horror, swords and sorcery
  • Designer(s): Nick Clements, Peter Cakebread
  • Cakebread & Walton, 100 pages
  • Retail price US$8

Bonus Collection

Beat the threshold price to LEVEL UP and get this entire collection of BONUS titles:

OneDice Space

Every kind of starfaring adventure
  • Designer(s): Peter Cakebread, Ken Walton, Adrian Jones
  • Cakebread & Walton, 140 pages
  • Retail price US$9

OneDice Pirates & Dragons

Treasure and glory, fell beasts and swashbuckling fantasy
  • Designer(s): Peter Cakebread, Ken Walton
  • Cakebread & Walton, 134 pages
  • Retail price US$10

OneDice Airship Pirates

Someone screwed the timeline up
  • Designer(s): Peter Cakebread, Robert Brown, Ken Walton
  • Cakebread & Walton, 172 pages
  • Retail price US$10

OneDice Supers

Costumed heroes of every style and era
  • Designer(s): Talon Waite, Peter Cakebread
  • Cakebread & Walton, 132 pages
  • Retail price US$10

OneDice B Movies

Giant space amoebas with strange cravings
  • Designer(s): David Underwood, Peter Cakebread, Ken Walton
  • Cakebread & Walton, 96 pages
  • Retail price US$8

OneDice Robin Hood

From Sherwood Forest to Australia and beyond
  • Designer(s): Nick Clements, Peter Cakebread
  • Cakebread & Walton, 100 pages
  • Retail price US$8

A dozen RPG ebooks worth US$102.00....

...But you pay just $7.95 for our Starter Collection of six complete .PDF rulebooks, including OneDice Universal (the 2017 Revised edition) along with Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Cyberpunk, Steampunk, and Pulp -- each a standalone game, complete in itself. And if you pay more than the current threshold price ($15.71), you'll level up and also receive all six games in our Bonus Collection, including Space, Supers, B Movies, Robin Hood, OneDice Pirates & Dragons (previously in our August 2015 Bundle of the Ages +2 in its version for the Renaissance D100 System), and OneDice Airship Pirates (we presented the Renaissance version in the September 2016 Steam-Powered Bundle).

Bundle of Holding titles are always absolutely free of DRM, so you can move and copy them freely among all your tablets, laptops, and smartphones.

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