Palladium Horror

For Week 2 of the October Horrors, fright-filled tabletop roleplaying games from PALLADIUM BOOKS

Palladium Horror


Starter Collection - $9.95

  • Beyond the Supernatural™ 2E
  • Nightbane®
  • Dead Reign®
  • Dead Reign: Civilization Gone

Bonus Collection

  • Nightbane: Between the Shadows
  • Nightbane: Nightlands™
  • Nightbane: Through the Glass Darkly
  • Nightbane Survival Guide
  • Dead Reign: Dark Places

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Adventurer! This all-new Palladium Horror Bundle, part of our annual "October Horrors" sequence," presents tabletop roleplaying games of contemporary terror from Palladium Books. Whether you play the everyday heroes touched by forces Beyond the Supernatural, the superhuman otherdimensional shapeshifters called the Nightbane, or the hapless survivors of the zombie apocalypse where the Dead Reign, all the standalone RPGs and their supplements in this bargain-priced collection work well with every game based on Palladium's Megaversal rules system.

For just US$9.95 you get all four games and supplements in our Starter Collection (retail value $45) as DRM-free .PDF ebooks, including Beyond the Supernatural™ Second Edition (2005), Nightbane,® Dead Reign,® and the Dead Reign sourcebook Civilization Gone.

And if you pay more than the threshold price of $21.39, you'll level up and also get our entire Bonus Collection with five more titles worth an additional $50.50, including four Nightbane World Books (Between the Shadows, Nightlands,™ Through the Glass Darkly, and the Nightbane Survival Guide) as well as another Dead Reign sourcebook, Dark Places.

Learn more about our offers at our official blog, Beyond the Bundle. "Palladium Books," "Nightbane," "Dead Reign," and "Megaverse" are registered trademarks, and "Beyond the Supernatural," "Nightlands," and other names, titles, game terms, characters, character likenesses and slogans are trademarks owned by Kevin Siembieda and Palladium Books Inc.

The Good Fight

Ten percent of your payment (after payment gateway fees) will be donated to the charity selected by Kevin Siembieda of Palladium Books, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Starter Collection

Pay the minimum price to get these titles:

Beyond the Supernatural™ 2E

Fight back against a world of horrors
  • Designer(s): Kevin Siembieda
  • Palladium Books, 262 pages
  • Retail price US$14


Discovery, power, horror, and conspiracy
  • Designer(s): C.J. Carella, Kevin Siembieda
  • Palladium Books, 246 pages
  • Retail price US$13

Dead Reign®

The zombie apocalypse
  • Designer(s): Kevin Siembieda, Josh Hilden, Joshua Sanford
  • Palladium Books, 226 pages
  • Retail price US$11.50

Dead Reign: Civilization Gone

Your next step into the world where the dead reign
  • Designer(s): Kevin Siembieda
  • Palladium Books, 64 pages
  • Retail price US$6.50

Bonus Collection

Beat the threshold price to LEVEL UP and get this entire collection of BONUS titles:

Nightbane: Between the Shadows

The Spook Squad, the Astral Plane, and the Dreamstream
  • Designer(s): C.J. Carella, Kevin Siembieda
  • Palladium Books, 152 pages
  • Retail price US$11

Nightbane: Nightlands™

Eternal twilight beyond a darkening mirror
  • Designer(s): C.J. Carella
  • Palladium Books, 144 pages
  • Retail price US$11

Nightbane: Through the Glass Darkly

A side of magic you have never considered
  • Designer(s): Kevin Hassall, Kevin Siembieda
  • Palladium Books, 158 pages
  • Retail price US$11

Nightbane Survival Guide

Conspiracy, secrets, and adventure
  • Designer(s): Mark Oberle, Irvin Jackson, Kevin Siembieda
  • Palladium Books, 160 pages
  • Retail price US$11

Dead Reign: Dark Places

Secrets of survival in the zombie apocalypse
  • Designer(s): Steven Dawes, Kevin Siembieda
  • Palladium Books, 64 pages
  • Retail price US$6.50

A frightful RPG collection worth US$95.50....

...But you pay just $9.95 for our Starter Collection of four complete .PDFs, including three standalone roleplaying games -- Beyond the Supernatural Second Edition (2005), Nightbane, and Dead Reign -- plus the first Dead Reign sourcebook, Civilization Gone. And if you pay more than the current threshold price ($21.39), you'll level up and also receive all five supplements in our Bonus Collection, with no less than four Nightbane World Books and the Dead Reign sourcebook Dark Places.

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