Re-cloned from March 2016, the original West End SF tabletop roleplaying game


TWO editions of the darkly satirical SFRPG plus the greatest adventures, 1984-89

RED-Clearance Collection - $17.95

  • PARANOIA First Edition (1984)
  • PARANOIA 1E GM Screen and Adventures
  • Orcbusters
  • Clones in Space
  • Vapors Don't Shoot Back
  • PARANOIA Form Pack

ULTRAVIOLET-Clearance Collection

  • PARANOIA Second Edition (1987)
  • Acute PARANOIA
  • The YELLOW Clearance Black Box Blues
  • Send in the Clones
  • HIL Sector Blues
  • The People's Glorious Revolutionary Adventure
  • Alpha Complexities
  • PARANOIA 2E Excessory Pack

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Citizen! Your friend The Computer has authorized the re-cloning of our March 2016 PARANOIA Classic Bundle, a commendation-worthy revival featuring the First (1984) and Second (1987) Editions from West End Games of PARANOIA, the satirical science-fiction tabletop roleplaying game of a darkly humorous future. Previously available only in pirated versions of varying quality, these DRM-free, non-watermarked image scans, created for this offer's original run and approved by the game's original designers, are the books that made PARANOIA great.

This collection includes some of -- actually, most of -- the funniest writing in the history of roleplaying. For just US$17.95 you get all six titles in our RED-Clearance Collection (retail value $35) as DRM-free .PDF ebooks:

  • PARANOIA First Edition (1984): The original three-book set, including the complete Player, Gamemaster, and Adventure Handbooks, about Troubleshooters in a future underground city in service to an insane Computer.
  • Gamemaster Screen and Adventures for First Edition: The 16-page insert booklet includes the classic introductory adventures "Robot Imana 665-C," "The Trouble with Cockroaches," and "Das Bot."
  • Orcbusters: Ken Rolston’s much-loved 1986 sendup of fantasy RPGs.
  • Clones in Space: The late Erick Wujcik (Amber Diceless Roleplaying) wrote this space-operatic exercise in explosive decompression.
  • Vapors Don't Shoot Back: The first full-length PARANOIA mission (1985), written by Curtis Smith (with Geoff Valley), sends the Troubleshooters into a covert contest between rival High Programmers.
  • Form Pack: Three forms (the Equipment Request Form, Equipment Complaint Form, and Form Request Form) and a three-page "Code 7" bureaucratic-runaround mini-adventure guaranteed to make new RED-Clearance Troubleshoooters use all the forms.

And if you pay more than the threshold price of $27.53, you'll rise in clearance and also get our entire ULTRAVIOLET-Clearance Collection with eight more titles worth an additional $45:

  • PARANOIA Second Edition (1987): The complete 128-page rulebook and the 16-page supplement The Compleat Troubleshooter (the one with the Mandatory Bonus Duties).
  • Acute Paranoia: The First-Edition rules supplement with longtime fans' best-loved adventure, "Me and My Shadow Mark IV." ("Something falls off.")
  • The YELLOW Clearance Black Box Blues: A virtuoso 1985 work by the late World Fantasy Award- winning author John M. "Mike" Ford. One of the most highly regarded scenarios in roleplaying history.
  • Send in the Clones: The one with the Funbot.
  • HIL Sector Blues: Ken Rolston's sprawling high-clearance Internal Security campaign supplement/mission/thingy.
  • The People's Glorious Revolutionary Adventure: Comrades! Now to be visiting Comrade Edward Bolme's Alpha State, glorious Communist Controlled Complex Population (CCCP) ruled by Tovarich Computer where every comrade is being RED Clearance. Is nyet true some comrades are more RED than others.
  • Alpha Complexities: Edward Bolme's 1988 extravaganza of invisible Commies, bloodthirsty scrubots, and the return of the Mark IV warbot.
  • Excessory Pack: The Second Edition GM Screen plus forms, a character sheet, and Cardstock Commies.

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PARANOIA TM & Copyright © 1984, 1987 Eric Goldberg & Greg Costikyan. All Rights Reserved. Allen Varney, Authorized User

The Good Fight

Your friend The Computer has instructed its loyal servants in Central Processing Unit to assign ten percent of your payment (after gateway fees) to the charity selected by Famous Game Designer Allen Varney, Human Rights Watch.

RED-Clearance Collection

Pay the minimum price to get these titles:

PARANOIA First Edition (1984)

Stay alert! Trust no one! Keep your laser handy!
  • Designer(s): Dan Gelber, Greg Costikyan, Eric Goldberg
  • West End Games, 148 pages
  • Retail price US$10

PARANOIA 1E GM Screen and Adventures

Robot Imana 665-C, The Trouble with Cockroaches, and Das Bot

  • Designer(s): Ken Rolston
  • West End Games, 16 pages
  • Retail price US$5


Wizards? Lizardmen? A dungeon? In PARANOIA?
  • Designer(s): Ken Rolston
  • West End Games, 38 pages
  • Retail price US$5

Clones in Space

The one with the Explosive Decompression Table
  • Designer(s): Erick Wujcik
  • West End Games, 51 pages
  • Retail price US$5

Vapors Don't Shoot Back

From 1985, the first full-length PARANOIA adventure
  • Designer(s): Curtis Smith
  • West End Games, 36 pages
  • Retail price US$5


Three forms and the scenario they rode in on
  • Designer(s): Steve Gilbert
  • West End Games, 7 pages
  • Retail price US$5

ULTRAVIOLET-Clearance Collection

Beat the threshold price to LEVEL UP and get this entire collection of BONUS titles:

PARANOIA Second Edition (1987)

Even more perfect than before
  • Designer(s): Dan Gelber, Greg Costikyan, Eric Goldberg
  • West End Games, 175 pages
  • Retail price US$10


Something falls off
  • Designer(s): Greg Costikyan, Ken Rolston, and many others
  • West End Games, 82 pages
  • Retail price US$5

The YELLOW Clearance Black Box Blues

Mike Ford's benchmark adventure, one of the most honored in RPG history

  • Designer(s): John M. Ford
  • West End Games, 52 pages
  • Retail price US$5

Send in the Clones

Sewerworld! Bureaucracyworld! Entertainmentworld!
  • Designer(s): Allen Varney, Warren Spector
  • West End Games, 52 pages
  • Retail price US$5

HIL Sector Blues

ADM-12, we got a Code 39-07, intruder with a tactical nuclear device

  • Designer(s): Ken Rolston
  • West End Games, 70 pages
  • Retail price US$5

The People's Glorious Revolutionary Adventure

All comrades are being RED. Is nyet true some are being more RED than others.

  • Designer(s): Edward S. Bolme
  • West End Games, 46 pages
  • Retail price US$5

Alpha Complexities

An invisible Commie in a sealed confession booth -- and that's just the start

  • Designer(s): Edward S. Bolme
  • West End Games, 54 pages
  • Retail price US$5

PARANOIA 2E Excessory Pack

The Second Edition GM Screen, forms, and Cardstock Commies
  • Designer(s): Steve Gilbert
  • West End Games, 11 pages
  • Retail price US$5

You are cleared to purchase US$80.00 of PARANOIA ebooks....

...for an almost treasonously low price! [Note: Not in fact treasonous.] Pay just $17.95 to earn RED Security Clearance and get our Starter Collection of six complete .PDFs, including the complete First Edition PARANOIA rules (1984), the First Edition GM Screen and adventure booklet, and three complete adventures. And if you pay more than this offer's current threshold price ($27.53), you'll rise in clearance and also receive all eight titles in our ULTRAVIOLET-Clearance Collection, with the 1987 Second Edition rulebook (and Compleat Troubleshooter bonus booklet), Acute PARANOIA, and lots more adventures.

Per advisories from Central Processing Unit, these DRM-free, non-watermarked image scans are authorized, designer-approved, entirely legal .PDF versions of these classic titles. You can move and copy them freely among all your tablets, laptops, and Personal Digital Companions. (Sorry, these books are not OCRed; the text cannot be copied and pasted.)

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