Second of TWO offers of the Shadowrun 5E tabletop RPG

SR5 Runs & Guns

More combat, magic, and creature ebooks to keep runners alive -- or not

Starter Collection - $14.95

  • Run & Gun
  • Forbidden Arcana
  • Bullets & Bandages
  • Aetherology

Bonus Collection

  • Howling Shadows
  • Dark Terrors
  • Shadow Spells
  • Gun H(e)aven 3

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Hoy, chummer! This SR5 Runs & Guns Bundle is the second of two offers now in progress featuring .PDF ebooks for Shadowrun 5E, the 2013 Fifth Edition of the classic cyberpunk-fantasy tabletop roleplaying game from Catalyst Game Labs. Our first offer, SR5 Essentials, presents the core rulebook and key rules supplements; if you're new to Shadowrun, start there. Then return here to build out your SR5 campaign with this companion collection of supplements about combat, magic, and more on the mean streets of 2081.

For just US$14.95 you get all four titles in this offer's Starter Collection (retail value $63) as DRM-free .PDF ebooks, including Run & Gun (advanced combat rules), Forbidden Arcana (advanced magic), Bullets & Bandages (medicine), and Aetherology (the astral realms).

And if you pay more than this offer's threshold price of $27.44, you'll also get this offer's entire Bonus Collection with four more titles worth an additional $60, including Howling Shadows (the SR5 critter bestiary), Dark Terrors (horrors of 2081), Shadow Spells (more magic), and Gun H(e)aven 3 (more weapons).

Remember, if you don't already have our SR5 Essentials, start there first!

Learn more about our offers at our official blog, Beyond the Bundle.

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Ten percent of your payment (after gateway fees) will be donated to these two Shadowrun 5E offers' designated charity, the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Starter Collection

Pay the minimum price to get these titles:

Run & Gun

The SR5 combat expansion
  • Designer(s): Various designers
  • Catalyst Game Labs, 216 pages
  • Retail price $25

Forbidden Arcana

The advanced magic rules for Shadowrun 5E
  • Designer(s): Various designers
  • Catalyst Game Labs, 218 pages
  • Retail price $25

Bullets & Bandages

Medicine under fire in the Sixth World of 2081
  • Designer(s): Joseph Monfre
  • Catalyst Game Labs, 23 pages
  • Retail price $5


A treatise on metaplanes
  • Designer(s): Adam Large
  • Catalyst Game Labs, 39 pages
  • Retail price $8

Bonus Collection

Beat the threshold price to LEVEL UP and get this entire collection of BONUS titles:

Howling Shadows

Sixth World critters for SR5
  • Designer(s): Various designers
  • Catalyst Game Labs, pages
  • Retail price $25

Dark Terrors

A Shadowrun 5E book of horrors
  • Designer(s): Various designers
  • Catalyst Game Labs, 186 pages
  • Retail price $20

Shadow Spells

More highlights from the universe of magic
  • Designer(s): Peter M. Andrew, Jr.
  • Catalyst Game Labs, 24 pages
  • Retail price $7

Gun H(e)aven 3

33 weapons from holdout pistols to machine guns
  • Designer(s): Peter M. Andrew, Jr.
  • Catalyst Game Labs, 38 pages
  • Retail price $8

US$123 of Sixth World street cred....

...But you pay just $14.95 for this offer's Starter Collection of four complete .PDFs, including Run & Gun, Forbidden Arcana, Bullets & Bandages, and Aetherology And if you pay more than this offer's current threshold price ($27.44), you'll also receive all four additional titles in this offer's Bonus Collection, including Howling Shadows, Dark Terrors, Shadow Spells, and Gun H(e)aven 3.

(Remember, if you haven't yet seen our SR5 Essentials offer, start there first.)

Bundle of Holding titles are always absolutely free of DRM, so you can move and copy them freely among all your tablets, laptops, and smartphones.

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