Our fifth collection of Cthulhu Mythos tabletop roleplaying scenarios

Tentacles 5


Starter Collection - $6.95

  • The Things We Leave Behind
  • Contemporary Magical Things
  • Old Ones Rising
  • Medieval and Renaissance Libraries

Bonus Collection

  • Fear's Sharp Little Needles
  • Lovecraftesque
  • Hudson & Brand

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Investigator! This Bundle of Tentacles 5 is our fifth collection of tabletop roleplaying supplements and scenarios for Chaosium's Call of Cthulhu RPG inspired by H. P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos. Muster your Sanity and investigate this all-new offer with big collections from Stygian Fox Publishing and Arc Dream Publishing, plus the Black Armada story game Lovecraftesque.

For just US$6.95 you get all four titles in our Starter Collection (retail value $50) as DRM-free .PDF ebooks: the Stygian Fox modern-day scenario collection The Things We Leave Behind (plus its 104-page collection of play aids, The Mark of Evil) and its modern magic supplement The Book of Contemporary Magical Things; Arc Dream's Old Ones Rising (reprinting four issues of the seminal Mythos magazine The Unspeakable Oath); and for fun we're throwing in the free Dicegeeks reprint of the 1894 Cambridge University lecture on Libraries in the Medieval and Renaissance Periods, a fact-filled resource for Keepers and gamemasters who prize authentic historical detail.

And if you pay more than the threshold price of $17.85, you'll level up and also get our entire Bonus Collection with three more titles worth an additional $48:

  • Lovecraftesque (Black Armada): No gamemaster needed for this no-prep storytelling game where the players generate all-new horrors in a slow-building suspense tale.
  • Fear's Sharp Little Needles (Stygian Fox): A star-studded collection of 26 short scenarios for one-shot investigations and convention games.
  • Hudson & Brand, Inquiry Agents of the Obscure (Stygian Fox): Your Cthulhu by Gaslight player characters inherit this Victorian-era consulting detective agency. Includes the free play aids A Lens of Darkness, Spirits of London, and The Thirteen.

Learn more about our offers at our official blog, Beyond the Bundle.

The Good Fight

Ten percent of your payment (after payment gateway fees) will be donated to the Mythos-appropriate charity American Veterans Archaeological Recovery, a nonprofit that rehabilitates disabled military veterans through goal-oriented, team-centered excavations with a community of archaeological researchers. AVAR CEO Steven Humphreys says, "We don't find many cursed artifacts (some...), but doing this stuff gets about as close as most of us really want to be to the type of adventures we create in roleplaying games."

Starter Collection

Pay the minimum price to get these titles:

The Things We Leave Behind

Six modern scenarios for Call of Cthulhu
  • Designer(s): Brian M. Sammons, Scott Dorward, Simon Brake, Oscar Rios, Jeff Moeller
  • Stygian Fox, 242 pages
  • Retail price US$15

Contemporary Magical Things

Modern objects with supernatural secrets
  • Designer(s): Darren Pearce, Stephanie McAlea, Colin Dunn
  • Stygian Fox, 134 pages
  • Retail price US$15

Old Ones Rising

Collecting The Unspeakable Oath issues 18 -21
  • Designer(s): Shane Ivey (ed.)
  • Arc Dream Publishing, 280 pages
  • Retail price US$20

Medieval and Renaissance Libraries

The 1894 Cambridge lecture -- a great Keeper resource
  • Designer(s): John Willis Clark
  • Dicegeeks, 34 pages
  • Retail price FREE

Bonus Collection

Beat the threshold price to LEVEL UP and get this entire collection of BONUS titles:

Fear's Sharp Little Needles

Twenty-six one-shot scenarios for Call of Cthulhu
  • Designer(s): Various designers
  • Stygian Fox, 200 pages
  • Retail price US$20


Mythos minus Gamemaster
  • Designer(s): Joshua Fox, Becky Annison
  • Black Armada, 180 pages
  • Retail price US$13

Hudson & Brand

A consulting detective agency for Cthulhu by Gaslight
  • Designer(s):

    Robert Grayston, Stephanie McAlea, Hans-Christian Vortisch, Tyler Omichinski, Helen Yau, Simon Brake, Stuart Hall

  • Stygian Fox, 300 pages
  • Retail price US$15

Sanity-shattering menace worth US$98.00....

...But you pay just $6.95 for our Starter Collection of four complete .PDFs, including two collections from Stygian Fox Publishing (The Things We Leave Behind and The Book of Contemporary Magical Things) and Old Ones Rising, a compilation of four issues of the Mythos magazine The Unspeakable Oath. And if you pay more than the current threshold price ($17.85), you'll level up and also receive all three titles in our Bonus Collection, including two more Stygian Fox books (Fear's Sharp Little Needles and Hudson & Brand) and the Lovecraftesque storytelling game.

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