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Starter Collection - $14.95

  • Troika! Numinous Edition
  • Axes & Orcs Compendium
  • So You've Been Thrown Down a Well

Bonus Collection

  • Acid Death Fantasy
  • Fronds of Benevolence
  • House of the Red Doors
  • Terror of the Stratosfiend

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Adventurer! This Troika Bundle presents the Troika! tabletop fantasy roleplaying game from Melsonian Arts Council. You are a wizard, a warrior, or maybe a macrame owl, dimension-hopping in your golden barge among the crystal spheres strung like pearls across the hump-backed sky. The simple Troika! rules, inspired by the 1980s Fighting Fantasy gamebooks, let beginners and jaded roleplayers alike go wild in crazed cross-planar pursuits. Whether you're pruning a Floral God, infiltrating the Palace of Tigers, or helping His Moist Magnificence, the slug monarch King Juniper Jupiter Lexx-Hafwall IV, Troika! lets you trip the light fantastic, or maybe just trip out, in visionary adventures fueled by hallucinatory creativity.

For just US$14.95 you get all four titles in our Starter Collection (retail value $59.50) as DRM-free .PDF ebooks, including the complete Troika! Numinous Edition (plus the Troika Initiative Cards); the Axes & Orcs Compendium of additional character backgrounds; and the descriptively titled adventure So You've Been Thrown Down a Well.

And if you pay more than the threshold price of $27.17, you'll level up and also get our entire Bonus Collection with six more titles worth an additional $56, including the desert pointcrawl campaign Acid Death Fantasy; the adventures Fronds of Benevolence and House of the Red Doors; and the science-fantasy campaign setting Terror of the Stratosfiend.

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Starter Collection

Pay the minimum price to get these titles:

Troika! Numinous Edition

Includes the Troika Initiative Cards
  • Designer(s): Daniel Sell
  • Melsonian Arts Council, 56 pages
  • Retail price $36.50

Axes & Orcs Compendium

A potpourri of Troika science-fantasy backgrounds
  • Designer(s): Ian Woolley
  • Ian Woolley, 24 pages
  • Retail price $13

So You've Been Thrown Down a Well

What will you find Down Below, and how can you return?
  • Designer(s): Madeleine Ember
  • Ember + Ash, 31 pages
  • Retail price $10

Bonus Collection

Beat the threshold price to LEVEL UP and get this entire collection of BONUS titles:

Acid Death Fantasy

Desert adventures in Surupak and the Thousand Sultanates
  • Designer(s): Luke Gearing
  • Melsonian Arts Council, 52 pages
  • Retail price $14

Fronds of Benevolence

Duke DeCorticus is dying!
  • Designer(s): Andrew Walter
  • Melsonian Arts Council, 48 pages
  • Retail price $14

House of the Red Doors

A symbol-heavy dreamland Troika adventure for two
  • Designer(s): James A. Pozenel Jr.
  • Horse Shark Games, 22 pages
  • Retail price $8

Terror of the Stratosfiend

Three issues that describe a new space-fantasypunk setting
  • Designer(s): Sean Richer
  • Orbital Intelligence, 122 pages
  • Retail price $20

US$115.50 of RPG psychedelia....

...But you pay just $14.95 for our Starter Collection of four complete .PDFs, including the Troika! rulebook in its current Numinous Edition, the print-and-cut Troika Initiative Cards, the character expansion Axes & Orcs Compendium, and the adventure So You've Been Thrown Down a Well, which is exactly what it sounds like. And if you pay more than the current threshold price ($27.17), you'll level up and also receive all six supplements and adventures in our Bonus Collection, including Acid Death Fantasy, Fronds of Benevolence, House of the Red Doors, and three punk-rock issues of the serially published campaign setting Terror of the Stratosfiend.

Check the Axes and Orcs list of Troika! resources.

Bundle of Holding titles are always absolutely free of DRM, so you can move and copy them freely among all your devices.

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