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Engine Collection - $9.95

  • Eureka
  • Focal Point
  • Masks - 1000 NPCs
  • Never Unprepared
  • Odyssey
  • Unframed

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Eureka Adventure Plots to Inspire GamemastersGamemaster! This Engine GM Guides Quick Deal gathers ebooks from Engine Publishing that help improve your skill in running tabletop roleplaying games. Written by the experienced GMs at the widely read gamemastering blog Gnome Stew and by many of the field's leading RPG designers, Engine's system-neutral guides show how to prepare and run a game session, conjure interesting characters and storylines, manage an ongoing campaign, and (ahem) improvise when your players gleefully destroy your sessions, characters, storylines, and campaign.

Odyssey the Complete Gamemaster Guide to Campaign ManagementEach of these terrific guides has appeared in one of five past Bundle of Holding offers, 2013-2020. If you missed any of those, or if you're new to the collected wisdom of the Gnome Stew bloggers, this Quick Deal gives you the complete six-book collection for less than the retail price of one guide. For just US$9.95 you get all six complete gamemastering guides in our Engine Collection (retail value $78) as DRM-free ebooks:

Check the free .PDF previews of all six books at the Engine website.

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Engine Collection

Pay just US$9.95 to get ALL these ebooks:


501 Adventure Plots to Inspire Gamemasters
  • Authors: Various designers
  • Engine Publishing, 314 pages
  • Retail price $17

Focal Point

The Gamemaster's Guide to Running Extraordinary Sessions
  • Authors: Phil Vecchione, Walt Ciechanowski, John Arcadian
  • Engine Publishing, 232 pages
  • Retail price $12

Masks - 1000 NPCs

1,000 Memorable NPCs for Any Roleplaying Game
  • Authors: Various authors
  • Engine Publishing, 338 pages
  • Retail price $17

Never Unprepared

The process of prepping to run a session
  • Authors: Phil Vecchione
  • Encoded Designs, 134 pages
  • Retail price $10


The Guide to Campaign Management
  • Authors: Phil Vecchione, Walt Ciechanowski
  • Engine Publishing, 212 pages
  • Retail price $12


The art of improvisation for gamemasters
  • Authors: Martin Ralya (ed.)
  • Encoded Designs, 116 pages
  • Retail price $10

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