KoDT Trouble 3


KoDT Trouble 3

KoDT BUNDLES OF TROUBLE #21-30 for a great price

Ten Bundles of Trouble - $19.95

  • KoDT Bundles of Trouble V21-30

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Knights of the Dinner Table Bundle of Trouble Volume 21Hoody-hoo! This all-new KoDT Trouble 3 Quick Deal is our third collection of Jolly R. Blackburn's long-running comic about tabletop roleplaying, Knights of the Dinner Table from Kenzer & Company. In every issue of KoDT, the players in B. A. Felton's HackMaster campaign find so many devious new ways to torment their Gamemaster, you'll say "They're just like my players!"

Knights of the Dinner Table Bundle of Trouble Volume 22For many years Kenzer has reprinted back issues of KoDT, two to four issues at a time, in its Bundle of Trouble compilations. We presented the first ten volumes in our May 2018 Knights of the Dinner Bundle, then Volumes 11-20 in KoDT More Trouble (March 2020). We have a lot of catching-up to do, because the compilations have already reached Volume 71! Let's make headway with this bargain-priced "bundle of Bundles" that brings you DRM-free .PDF ebooks of Bundle of Trouble Volumes 21-30 – collecting KoDT issues #69 through #100 (2002-2005) – a total retail value of $100 for just US$19.95. Even if you're new to the Knights' dinner table, these collections make it easy to pull up a chair and enjoy the longest-running and most successful comic strip in RPG history.

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Ten Bundles of Trouble

Pay just US$19.95 to get ALL these digital comics:

KoDT Bundles of Trouble V21-30

Knights of the Dinner Table issues 69-100
  • Creators: Jolly Blackburn and friends
  • Kenzer and Company, 1140 pages
  • Retail price $100

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