Red Markets

The disaster-capitalism roleplaying game

Red Markets

The rulebook, VEBLEN GOODS, and 3 enclaves

Market Collection - $12.95

  • Red Markets
  • Veblen Goods
  • 3 Red Markets portfolios

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Red Markets core rulebookEXTENDED! This Red Markets Quick Deal presents the Red Markets tabletop roleplaying game of cutthroat economic horror from Hebanon Games. During an unevenly distributed zombie apocalypse, the world is divided: infected and clean, living and dead, haves and have-nots. The mercenary entrepreneurs called "Takers" live on the wrong side of that divide -- the Loss, where even the apocalypse offers no escape from the everyday grind. You and your crew hustle, scheme, and fight to profit from humanity's imminent extinction. If actual monsters don't consume you, debt will, and the cycle of poverty is harder to escape than hordes of undead.

This Quick Deal gives you everything you need to tell stories of disaster capitalism and knife-edge survival on the wrong end of the economy. For just US$12.95 you get all five titles in our Market Collection (retail value $45) as DRM-free ebooks, including the complete Red Markets core rulebook (plus the free Quickstart Guide), the conspicuous-consumption equipment guide Veblen Goods, and three portfolios of human survivor enclaves: Le Corbusier, Trabajo, and Elevation.

Learn more about this offer and the Red Markets "Profit System" at our official blog, Beyond the Bundle, and at the r/bundleofholding subreddit.

Market Collection

Pay just US$12.95 to get ALL these ebooks:

Red Markets

Economic horror where the world has ended and the rent is still due
  • Designer(s): Caleb Stokes
  • Hebanon Games, 497 pages
  • Retail price $20

Veblen Goods

Show off your prosperity in the Loss
  • Designer(s): Sean Farris, Matt Campen
  • Hebanon Games, 29 pages
  • Retail price $5

3 Red Markets portfolios

Le Corbusier - Trabajo - Elevation
  • Designer(s): Caleb Stokes, Ross Payton, Sean Farris
  • Hebanon Games, 105 pages
  • Retail price $20

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