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EVERYTHING YOU NEED to start adventuring in the primeval forest of Davokar

Starter Pack - $49.95

  • Symbaroum
  • Symbaroum Advanced Player's Guide
  • Symbaroum Monster Codex + Locations
  • Symbaroum GM Screen

Symbaroum RPG Core Rule Book coverAdventurer! This Symbaroum Starter Pack features Symbaroum, the tabletop roleplaying game of dark fantasy from Free League Publishing. Inspired by the films Princess Mononoke and Pan's Labyrinth and the Witcher computer games, Symbaroum conjures the wintry primeval forest of Davokar, a rich setting of ancient ruins and barbarian clans, Iron Pact elven wardens and Blight Beasts, princes and rogues, treasure and corruption, all beautifully illustrated in full color -- check the spectacular Imgur gallery.

This bargain-priced Starter Pack of English-language .PDF ebooks includes the complete rules, monsters, maps, and game aids -- everything you need to start exploring the depths of Davokar. For just US$49.95 you get DRM-free .PDFs of the full-color 264-page Symbaroum Core Rulebook (plus its Map Set), the Advanced Player's Guide, the Monster Codex (plus its Adventure Locations), and the GM Screen -- a total retail value of !

Starter Pack

Get all these titles (total retail value US) for just $49.95:


Dark fantasy in a primeval forest
  • Designer(s): Mattias Johnsson Haake, Mattias Lilja
  • Free League Publishing, 264 pages
  • Retail price $22

Symbaroum Advanced Player's Guide

New races, occupations, abilities, rituals, Boons, Burdens, and more
  • Designer(s): Mattias Lilja, Mattias Johnsson Haake
  • Free League Publishing, 136 pages
  • Retail price $15

Symbaroum Monster Codex + Locations

Includes Adventure Locations
  • Designer(s): Mattias Lilja, Mattias Johnsson Haake
  • Free League Publishing, 230 pages
  • Retail price $22

Symbaroum GM Screen

Beautiful artwork and useful charts
  • Designer(s): Martin Grip
  • Free League Publishing, 8 pages
  • Retail price $5

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