The tabletop science fantasy roleplaying world by M.A.R. Barker


EMPIRE OF THE PETAL THRONE, maps, histories, and resources

Starter Pack - $32.95

  • Empire of the Petal Throne
  • 2 Tékumel histories
  • Notes From the Thursday Night Group

Adventurer! This Tékumel Starter Pack is your first step into the astonishing science fantasy tabletop roleplaying campaign setting Tékumel created by Professor M.A.R. Barker (1929-2012). Unmatched in its depth and intricacy, Tékumel is a far-future world of 14 intelligent species, inventive and flavorful cultures, ancient technology, psychic powers, a history spanning 30 millennia, and several constructed languages. The Tékumel Foundation has authorized this bargain-priced introduction to Barker's magnificent world.

Any gathering of published Tékumel material is really a "starter pack," but for just US$32.95 you get all eight titles in this particular Starter Pack (retail value $37) as DRM-free .PDF ebooks, including the complete Empire of the Petal Throne RPG; maps of the Five Empires and the city of Jakálla; the histories The Ever-Glorious Empire and Deeds of the Ever-Glorious; and a compilation of lore from Professor Barker's own long-running campaign, Notes From the Thursday Night Group.

(Most of these files are .PDF image scans of the original 1970s and '80s hardcopies. The text is crisp and readable, but no optical character recognition has been applied.)

Tékumel resources

Starter Pack

Get all these titles (total retail value US$37) for just $32.95:

Empire of the Petal Throne

The 1987 Different Worlds reprint of the 1975 original
  • Designer(s): M.A.R. Barker
  • The Tékumel Foundation, 140 pages
  • Retail price $22

2 Tékumel histories

The Ever-Glorious Empire - Deeds of the Ever-Glorious
  • Designer(s): M.A.R. Barker
  • The Tékumel Foundation, 168 pages
  • Retail price $10

Notes From the Thursday Night Group

Lore from Barker's own campaign
  • Designer(s): Giovanna Fregni, M.A.R. Barker
  • The Tékumel Foundation, 13 pages
  • Retail price $5

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