Traveller Little Black Books

Start exploring the Imperium in the original SFRPG by Marc W. Miller

Traveller Little Black Books

All three 1981 Little Black Books and the essential early supplements

Starter Pack - $24.95

  • Traveller B01-03 (1981 editions)
  • S01 1001 Characters
  • S02 Animal Encounters
  • S08 & S11 Library Data 1-2
  • S12 Forms and Charts
  • Classic Traveller Orientation Pack

Explore the Imperium, the galactic empire of Humaniti's far future, with the classic "Little Black Books" from the Golden Age of Traveller, the original science fiction tabletop roleplaying game published by Game Designers' Workshop, 1977-1982. For just US$24.95 this Starter Pack gives you nine ebooks (retail value ), including the three original Traveller manuals (in their corrected 1981 editions), several supplements, maps, useful forms, and much more -- everything you need to start your travels across the far-future Third Imperium.

A few Traveller web resources

There are more Traveller pages on the web than worlds in the Spinward Marches. A few starting points:

Starter Pack

Get all these titles (total retail value US) for just $24.95:

Traveller B01-03 (1981 editions)

The landmark SFRPG (1981 edition), the 'Lost Rules' supplement, maps, and more
  • Designer(s): Marc W. Miller
  • Game Designers' Workshop, 170 pages
  • Retail price $14

S01 1001 Characters

Fully generated and ready to run
  • Designer(s): Marc W. Miller
  • Game Designers' Workshop, 44 pages
  • Retail price $4

S02 Animal Encounters

A thousand alien beasts
  • Designer(s): Marc W. Miller
  • Game Designers' Workshop, 48 pages
  • Retail price $4

S08 & S11 Library Data 1-2

S08 (A-M) and S11 (N-Z)
  • Designer(s): Frank Chadwick, John Harshman, Marc W. Miller, and Loren K. Wiseman
  • Game Designers' Workshop, 96 pages
  • Retail price $8

S12 Forms and Charts

Useful personal, ship, mapping, and miscellaneous record sheets
  • Designer(s): Marc W. Miller
  • Game Designers' Workshop, 48 pages
  • Retail price $4

Classic Traveller Orientation Pack

Introductions to the Imperium setting and the Classic game line
  • Designer(s): Marc W. Miller, Loren Wiseman, Don McKinney, and others
  • Far Future Enterprises and others, 277 pages
  • Retail price $1

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